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  1. Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Still no official word? Will they wait and let Julie announce something on the live show? If indeed he was disqualified maybe we will hear from him soon.
  2. BB13 Houseguests

    Okay, I need a good excuse for why I am getting to work late tomorrow morning after staying home to see the new house guests!
  3. Which Season Was Worse?

    For the first time in BB history I did not watch the show last night. Totally bored with this season. Have been fed up in the past, but I can not ever remember a season that completely had no lack of interest for me, this close to the final.
  4. Matt - Week 5 (HoH)

    Matt Could you please put on a shirt under your jacket? Don't know what era you are trying to reproduce, but the look just isn't coming off.
  5. Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    I think her "goodbye" messages to the evicted houseguests are what made me feel less charitable towards her. And the fact that she is the Botox queen.
  6. Live Feed and BBAD 8/6

    If he doesn't put up Brenda and Rachel and his brigade is stupid enough to fall for it, then this entire season is over as far as I am concerned.
  7. Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    As long as Brenchel are on the block and one of them leaves , hoping for the giggling Rachel, I will be happy.
  8. Lane Elenburg - Preseason

    Hope he doesn't present a threat to the other guys and they keep him around for awhile. Gotta love our Texas men.
  9. We're ready!!!! Bring it on!!!
  10. Was just on the Big Brother facebook messages and had to get out of there. The season has not even started and the name calling and foul language is already taking over. I have to put up with that everyday from my boss and don't want to read it on BB sites!!
  11. BB12 Houseguests Revealed

    I guess they consider a couple of guys in their later 30's and a 40 year old gal our "older" houseguests. Pulling for them until they convince me otherwise!
  12. BB 12 excitement level, 1-10

    I agree!! Maybe there will be a couple of houseguests with some maturity.
  13. Big Brother Countdown

    Just curious as to what happened to our "member numbers". It was interesting to see just how members are signed up here.
  14. BB 12 House

    Sounds like there aren't going to be that many beds available this year. Maybe the house guests will stay awake more.
  15. Past HGs Updates

    Janelle was a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing the pictures!