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    Messages To The Hg's

    Praise the Lord :::::::::::::::::::::::cue organ music::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A Wonderful Light Thread to read. Order's been restored and I for one am happy to kick back and read these very entertaining posts!
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    Amber Week 4

    You're funny tonight Murf! I saw some of your other posts- lol
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    Ap Task #11

    agree uvp- kail
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    Amber Week 4

    Did anybody else notice that her forhead was a Completely different color from the rest of her face? She must have cried the rest of her makeup off and forgot to wash her bronzer off of her face before the DR session. lol.
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    Tuesday, July 31 Tv Show Discussion

    I know that there are camera's there.................it's just weird though when I see the shots of the bathroom. I think I would have a Very hard time going if a camera was on me. lol
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    Tuesday, July 31 Tv Show Discussion

    I thought it was kind of a lame set-up for the veto though
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    Tuesday, July 31 Tv Show Discussion

    I was just thinking the same thing mjcs. Were those toilet seat covers in the stall? Lol!
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    Tuesday, July 31 Tv Show Discussion

    Regardless of how others may or may not view Dick- JMO I thought what he just said about Jamika and the veto was really funny- LOL!
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    Tuesday, July 31 Tv Show Discussion

    LOVE the organ music that's playing when Jamika talks- LOL! :pray2:
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    Dick Week 4

    I was up a lot last night because of thinking about all of the posts that were written yesterday. I have Not read any of the posts since I went to bed last night. I am not going to weigh in (at least in this post) as to whether or not ED is an abuser or if other houseguests are being abused. I don't want my opinion to cloud things. However, I felt compelled to take this opportunity to say what was on my mind concerning everybody's reactions. The following is not meant to be "preachy" in any way- though I have a feeling it will end up sounding like that on paper-lol. People are feeling strongly about the harrassment/abuse issue. There have been a lot of good posts and this has become a very emotional issue for a lot of the posters and the others that are just reading them. I say we table the discussion (about BB) for a minute and think about what we could do in our day to day lives to help those in our communities that have been abused. There are a lot more out there than most of you realize. This has been a great discussion, but I'd like to see this discussion taken one step further: maybe it will persuade some of you Morty lovers to go out there and make the difference in other people's lives. The reason I think this is because I have "a friend" . This friend lived with a man who was physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive. This friend did not know what to do. She did not tell anyone for a long time because she felt trapped. She thought there was no way out Once my friend told a couple of people about what was happening, they helped. This friend was not judged. She was not even told what to do. The friends let her figure out what to do, yet offered her all of the support and resources that she needed in case she decided to leave her husband. And, let me tell you......those were some good friends that she had. She was never told what to do or leave by her friends (unless she asked their opinion). They gave her the dignity of making her own decision about staying or leaving. I know that was very empowering for her. One day, "my friend" decided that she had had enough after a particularly dangerous encounter. She confided to professionals and they helped as well. This is where the story turns a little dark. Because my friend was living in a county that was know to be a little backward in the legal system, she hit some trouble. The courts did not do everything they could to help. I could go on and on over all of the horrific events (with court appointed officials) that followed. At one point when my friend asked a court official out of frustration what she had to do to make this stop. She sarcastically said "What do I have to do, end up in a body bag?" The official replied "Pretty much". WOW! And that was just the beginning. My friend was also told at one point that "she made her bed and now she needed to lie in it". I could literally go on for hours about all of the horrible things that she went through when she asked the court for protection. I know that domestic violence advocates think one of the major problems that encourage the ongoing abuse of women in the courts are all of the "Father's Rights Groups" that are popping up (Note: This is not necessairly my opinion. I'm just sharing what I've learned through my friend). They encourage the ongoing mental abuse of women. CLASSES are taught on how to turn everything around on the victim. They tell men to tell the courts that They've been abused and advocate doing alot of other crazy things. I thought "WOW! We live in the 21st century. There must have been one mistake after another. This could not be a typical experience with the courts!" Sadly to say, as things unfolded over the years, we learned that there are thousands of women out there that have been abused that are continually victimized by the court. {Note: a lot of people assume (like I did) that women are automatically protected and stuff like what I've said above no longer occurs.} A lot of this is because of how we are as a society and how we treat domestic violence. As a society (key phrase-I'm not saying everybody) we allow women to be degrated. We objectify them. We hold poor attitudes about women who are abusive relationships. We allow women to be called names. I'm going to stop with the examples because I could go on and on about that, but I think a lot of you get the jist. Until some core ATTITUDES change, we will continue to perpetuate and excuse (some) abuse and violence that occurs against women. ::::::::::Cue:We Are The World::::::::::::::::: (lol) If individuals step up and change their attitudes and are vocal about it, slowly change WILL occur. It's a very slow process, but change will succeed. Reflect about these issues that have been brought up and how they pertain to YOU and Your life and Your Loved Ones. Educate yourselves. Learn about abuse and what women go through. Go volunteer at a shelter or give a financial donation. Update on my friend: She continues to move on with her life. She still has to deal with the courts and I assure you it is not pleasent, but she marches on and stands behind her beliefs that there are a lot of women out there who need a lot of help. She says that the only way she can truly repay her friends is to help other abused women. One day she hopes to dedicate more time to these issues and try to promote real change in the struggle to support and free abused women. Remember: Statistic : ONE OUT OF FOUR women will be abused at some point in their lifetime. I know I had a lot of other stuff to say. I did the best I could at summerizing a lot of information. I don't have time to re-read it- so I hope it's ok. Gotta run! One last thing: I've mentioned this many times here. I don't like to get involved in any controversy. But, after thinking about it so much, I decided to take a stand on the topic of abused women. I felt it was my duty to speak up and be the voice for my friend and all of the other women out there like her.
  11. Hi!! I'd give you 5 stars, but you already have them! :D


  12. Thanks for all the work you do. I think that most of us out there really appreciate it!


    5 stars! lol

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    Should Cbs Remove Evil Dick ?

    Catniptoy- look at my last post again- if you're interested. I added quite a bit to it.
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    Should Cbs Remove Evil Dick ?

    Thank You So Much CatNipToy! You're summary was very good. :) This is pretty up front for me, but I think it needs to be said: For the people who don't like to read the transcriptions the way they are written: get the feeds or transcribe the feeds yourself! Many people here are EXTREMELY generous with their time to help keep this website up and going. Morty's is the best place to talk about BB and it works because of everybody's hard work. IMO I think that people have to be very careful with criticism regarding the site, feed transcriptions, etc. I would be very upset if I felt criticized when I was doing my best to help others get the info that they want. {Note: BTW- The intention behind this message was out of kindness. Sometimes we all forget and need a reminder that there are people here that work tirelessly to get us the most accurate info in as fast as they can} :):)
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    Should Cbs Remove Evil Dick ?

    This is why I wish I had the live feeds.....................(I know WAH WAH WAH) I feel like I need to make my own assessment of what's going on there since there are so many conflicting statements, opinions, etc. (Hopefully there will be a BB9. Next year I will be home in the summer and able to get the feeds.