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  1. 11:02PM BBT Brandi gets teary eyed talking about Ari's loyalty and how sad she is that Ari won't have someone like her in the house after Brandi leaves. 11:03PM BBT Ross tells Brandi what he will do going forward. He will stay in the middle ground. Brandi tells Ross that he needs to get James out of the house. James can do the physical stuff, but Ross can do the puzzles. 11:07PM BBT Omarosa comes into the GBR while Brandi starts packing her suitcase. In the BR, Ross tells Marissa about their conversation and how he feels less awful. 11:08PM BBT James and Ari chat in a RBR bed about the BB game. 11:10PM BBT Brandi gets in the bed with James and Ari and cuddles Ari. James goes into the KT. Brandi gets up and talks with Ross and Ari about how cute their butts are. 11:13PM BBT Mark is upstairs listening to music in the HOH room. Ari, Marissa, Ross, O, and Brandi are in the GBR while Brandi packs. They all joke around and the mood is much lighter. 11:22PM BBT James talks to the camera about not knowing what they're talking about with Brandi and motions with his hand that she's crazy. 11:24PM BBT Ari models her bustier. 11:28PM BBT James tells Ross that he "towel changes" on the beach all the time, but that's different than having people watching online and take screen shots. He hopes that there are no compromising pics out there. 11:35PM BBT Ross tells Marissa and James that in 19 seasons, they've never shown someone in the shower. He also says he's not worried about it because it's in their contract that they won't show anything. He jokingly says "actually I hope they do, because then I could sue them". 11:37PM BBT Ross, James and Marissa in the LBR starts talking about the dates "before and after" and will practice more in the morning.
  2. 10:32PM BBT It's just Brandi and Mark in the KT now. They talk about living with someone and how it's not always easy, and that they have dealbreakers with hygiene, etc. 10:35PM BBT Brandi says that her boys have a code phrase "safety no bear", but she doesn't know what it means. They're at Eddie's house right now. The feeds go to fish while she finishes the personal convo. 10:41PM BBT Brandi tells Mark that he should not be sitting against James at the end. She advises that he should be against O because nobody will vote for her. Brandi tells Mark that he will not have her vote. Mark tells her how much Ross had her back more than anyone in the house. 10:42PM BBT Brandi said that Ross not getting her vote is personal. She tells Mark that he's grumpy sometimes, and he tells her that she is too. Brandi says that he's been very nice the last couple of days, and never arrogant - he said it's because he's been sleeping. 10:45PM BBT Mark says that he can't win against Ross, Ari or Marissa. He had gigs that he almost kept this weekend because he never thought he'd be in the house this long. 10:47PM BBT Mark and Brandi talk about how perfect Ariadna is. She never speaks bad anybody and they can't win against her. 10:48PM BBT Brandi and Mark talk about the press after the show is over. They feel that the winner will be going on the late shows, but not as the first guest of the night. (second guest is less important) 10:51PM BBT Brandi has 900k Twitter followers, and 300k Instagram followers. She said she can make her rent with this. Ross goes to the restroom and then to sleep. Mark goes up to say good night to everybody. 10:52PM BBT In the BR, Ross asks Brandi if she needs help with anything. She closes the BR door and he says goodnight. 10:55PM BBT Ross and Brandi are in the GBR. Brandi asks if the "little one" was upset with her because she was acting a little manic upstairs. Ross says no. Ross tells her he feels awful. Brandi says "good". 10:58PM BBT Ross apologizes for being so naive in making a deal with her that he couldn't uphold. He asks Brandi for a favor in not saying anything mean about him during the show because his mom is watching. 10:59PM BBT Brandi says to Ross that she is loyal to a fault and just didn't understand the game. They say that there's still love between them and that they expect to be at happy hour together in a week. He says he'll pay.
  3. 10:04PM BBT Ross is called to the DR. In the KT, Brandi tells Ari and Omarosa that they can go lie down, but she's going to stay up and pack. O offers to stay with her and help pack, but she says she doesn't need it. 10:06PM BBT Mark makes fun of Marissa's use of the word "like". He started counting how many times she would say it in a sentence. He also said that Marissa snores. Mark said that O can't have a guy in the room where she sleeps. [must be in her contract?] 10:08PM BBT Brandi said that she broke up with a guy once because of his snoring. She's a light sleeper, and he would wear ear plugs for his own snoring. 10:10PM BBT The HG talk about how they travel with the Clear system. They use biometrics so that you don't need ID. Mark said that they're adding this to stadiums, etc. 10:16PM BBT Ross and Marissa are in the RBR. Marissa says that she's had an easy going approach. Ross says that he hopes Brandi doesn't say anything horrible because his mom is watching. 10:22PM BBT In the KT, Ari, Omarosa, and Brandi talk about places they've lived. O said she moved into her husband's house, and that his man cave is bigger than her Culver City apartment. 10:26PM BBT Brandi said that she's given up and knows she's going home. O tells her that someone else will be going with her with the double eviction. Mark still doesn't believe that two will be evicted. 10:27PM BBT Brandi switches over to the red wine. Marissa, Ross and James still talking about Brandi's game play. Marissa says that Brandi thinks that she still has Ari's vote. 10:30PM BBT Mark said that he's not a floater, he's just non-committal, and "the competitions are only 15% of this game". Brandi says if she could go back in time, she would change some things. She understands the game now, but wishes that she understood it more coming in.
  4. 9:33PM BBT The HG start giving shoutouts to the evicted players. Marissa is in the RBR with James, placing her items in a trash bag. She tells James that Brandi had O swear on the bible that she would vote for Marissa if she could get Ross to change his vote. 9:36PM BBT Marissa has a sip of Ross's wine. He tells her to get a glass, but she said she needs to keep her wits about her when Brandi's meds kick in. 9:36PM BBT Marissa and Ross talk about how they could either go home tomorrow night as well as Brandi because of the double eviction. "Omarosa could win HOH and put us both up". 9:38PM BBT James had a glass of white wine as well, leaving Brandi with even less. She called him an a-hole. 9:40PM BBT Marissa and Ross head upstairs to use the HOH BR. James goes up to hang in the HOH room as well. 9:42PM BBT In the KT, Brandi says "it's just a game". Omarosa says she's just happy to meet the others. Brandi pours Ross more wine. 9:45PM BBT Omarosa asks them to use one word to describe their time in the house. Ross - intense, Ari - drama, Brandi - lucky, Mark - incredible, Omarosa - complicated. 9:46PM BBT Omarosa said she cried for 3 days the first week. The others said they didn't see her cry. She said she wouldn't let them see that. 9:48PM BBT Brandi feels that there would be more game talk if there weren't so many friends. 9:50PM BBT Brandi starts to talk about the irony, and then stops and says she'll save that for Julie. Omarosa tells her to make sure she tells Julie how good her roommates were. 9:51PM BBT Omarosa said that she was in the Miss DC USA pageant, and that had she won she would've moved on to Miss USA, but she didn't win. She said she won a lot of scholarship money through the Miss America pageant system. 9:55PM BBT Omarosa tells the others that there's a website where you can list your trees where people can come pick the fruit that is growing.
  5. 9:04PM BBT Pop TV is on, so they start giving shout outs. Brandi takes out some of her hair extensions. 9:08PM BBT James does some heavy breathing ab work in the RBR. 9:09PM BBT Omarosa joins Ross, Ari, Brandi and Marissa upstairs in the pool area. Brandi continues to just stare at them awkwardly. Omarosa talks about her allergies and how the house is affecting her. 9:11PM BBT Mark comes by in his HOH robe and heads down to the BR. Brandi said that she can't pack (no suitcase) and can't drink (no opener). She thinks that it was left in the BY a few nights back. 9:18PM BBT The HG are hoping that they get a visit fron Zingbot. 9:19PM BBT Brandi goes downstairs to get Benadryl, carrying her hair extensions. 9:23PM BBT Brandi asks Ross to come downstairs. Production told her that the wine opener is in the house, so they start searching. 9:26PM BBT Marissa tells Brandi that she wants a glass of wine. Brandi says that she's being a f'n b. They're all down in the KT now. 9:28PM BBT Marissa, Mark, Ari and Omarosa talk to the camera explaining how Omarosa made her dip. The camera keeps turning away from Marissa and she feigns being offended.
  6. 8:32PM BBT The camera zooms in on the wine opener behind the pink Himalayan salt. 8:34PM BBT Marissa follows Mark into the other side of the house to let him know that Brandi is ready to put on a show at 9BBT and that she is going to bed. Mark said that he's going to be up in his HOH room. Ross is in bed. 8:36PM BBT Marissa goes in to talk with Ross in the LBR and tells him that Brandi is going to ask for another opener. Ross says that they should all take a glass. Mark tells Marissa and Ross that they're welcome to come up to HOH. 8:38PM BBT Mark tells Marissa and Ross that if for some reason there's a tie, he will vote Brandi out. 8:40PM BBT Ross tells Mark that he needs more time to think of what he'll say to Brandi in his goodbye message. 8:44PM BBT All of the HG are back in the KT. They start to predict how the show will go tomorrow night. Brandi heads to the DR to ask for another bottle opener. 8:46PM BBT Marissa says that she's had some really fun times in the house, but also on the flip side of that, shes's also been strung out and sad. 8:47PM BBT Brandi organizes her cosmetics, etc. in the BR while the HG start to joke and laugh in the KT, talking about the "what ifs" if they had an America's Player in the house. 8:53PM BBT Ross goes upstairs to play pool, but looks and listens to the KT. Marissa goes up to play with him. 9:00PM BBT Brandi joins Marissa, Ari, and Ross upstairs. She's very quiet while Marissa and Ari are fairly loud.
  7. 8:02PM BBT Marissa tells Ross in the SR that Brandi is getting ready to put on a show in an hour when the Pop TV is live. Her hair and makeup are going on now. 8:05PM BBT Brandi heads to the KT with Ari to eat because she's feeling a little nauseous. 8:08PM BBT Ross, Brandi, James, Ari and Marissa are in the KT making pizza and garlic bread. Brandi heads back to the WA or SR. You can hear her in the background asking BB for wine. 8:13PM BBT Mark is also now in the KT with the others. It's fairly quiet and somewhat awkward. 8:14PM BBT Marissa says she's going to bed at 9. Mark says he will sleep at 10. Ross said earlier that he will head to his room at 9 to avoid Brandi during Pop TV. 8:19PM BBT Marissa says she needs to study the days because she's confused. Omarosa is now in the KT as well. Not much talk - just a lot of blank stares. 8:23PM BBT Marissa says that she wishes they had their cell phones. Marissa to Mark "you all right, McGrath?" "Just chillin". Ari does her nails, Brandi and James cook, Marissa eats. 8:27PM BBT Marissa reads off the nutritional info from the feta cheese container. [this is how desperate they are for conversation] 8:30PM BBT Brandi finds a bottle of wine in the SR. But she can't find the wine opener.
  8. 10:30PM BBT Ross reminds them that there are only 4 days left in the house. They don't think they could make it in the house for 3 months while constantly gaming. 10:31PM BBT Brandi brings up the jury and who's pissed off at them when voting. She says you can't get through this game with integrity. They all agree that you can't win without being deceptive or misinformation. Mark says "that's just how it works" 10:33PM BBT Mark says that he'll have an Angry Orchard at 11PM BBT, that it'll give him something to look forward to. Brandi is wearing plastic gloves that have a lotion concoction in them. 10:35PM BBT Ross and Ari tell Brandi that she should consider going brunette because it looks good on her and that she looks younger. 10:39PM BBT Mark talks about how his "turn" recording for the opening of BB shows is awkward, that he didn't like doing that for the show Xtra either. Omarosa said she had to have a fan and to put gel on the lighting when recording hers. 10:41PM BBT Brandi and Ari talk about giving Chuck a makeover with his nails and a green mask, and then how much fun they used to be. Mark says that the house has aged him 10 years at least. 10:42PM BBT The HG know that they will be asked about the show for the next 6 months and should be prepared for the people telling them what they should've done differently, and how they will react. 10:43PM BBT James says that he doesn't want to spend his time after eviction watching the show at home preparing for his vote. They feel like they will learn quickly who has been talking smack about them. 10:45PM BBT "Free Marissa" - they are sad for Marissa, who's missing the outdoor time while in the DR. They wonder how disgusting the KT and BR would be with 16 people who've never lived on their own and don't clean dishes. 10:48PM BBT The HG talk about how many people they'll meet at the wrap party. Ross said he'll stay for about 5 minutes and then he'll leave. Mark "all we can do is speculate and talk sh*t in here". 10:52PM BBT Ross tells the story about how Metta whispers to him "I wanna go home" before the first comp even started - 45 minutes after walking into the house. Metta then told him on day 7 "remember that thing told you before? spread it around!" 10:53PM BBT Brandi goes into the KT to get some candy and then heads back outside. Marissa is still in the DR. 10:54PM BBT The HG wonder if BB showed Metta really wanting to leave the house on the episodes. Brandi tells them the time and even though they want to go inside, they stay because they know they won't have the opportunity again. 10:56PM BBT Mark goes into the KT to get a soda. (he foregoes the Angry Orchard - "I'm not in the mood for booze"). James also goes in to eat something because he'll have to go in the DR soon. 10:59PM BBT Brandi says in the BY that she wishes she was better at kissing a$$, like when people she doesn't like are in power. 11:00PM BBT James eats the chicken from yesterday and Ross brings a sandwich out to the BY. They again talk about how cold it is outside. Omarosa, Brandi, Ari and Ross are in the BY saying that they'll just go to bed early when they're stuck inside.
  9. 10:01PM BBT Mark goes up to HOH while Marissa and Ross chat in the RBR. Ross fills Marissa in on what Mark just told her. They say that they have to make a choice, and then O walks into the room and the stop talking. 10:05PM BBT Ross tells Marissa to find time to talk tonight. Ross tells her about his earlier conversation with Brandi and how Brandi said that she was upset that he didn't keep his F2 with her. 10:07PM BBT Brandi said that they have "a thing" tomorrow morning, but they'll be up late with long DRs. Mark said that they asked "a million questions". 10:08PM BBT Mark joins Brandi and Ross in the BY, saying that it's their last night outside. Mark doesn't believe that there will be a double eviction on Friday, that they'll bring 6 HG to the finale. 10:10PM BBT Brandi says "we're all going to need a lot of therapy after this". Ari brings chips outside. Mark in the KT tells O that Ari is so much more fun when Brandi isn't around her. 10:12PM BBT Mark says that he thinks he'll be "more present" after leaving the house, taking more time with his kids. He likes that this is a takeaway from this experience. 10:13PM BBT James said that he would have a hard time taking a long weekend just to go visit his sister in FL, but yet he's taken a month to be in the BB house. They are now all around the fire in the BY. 10:15PM BBT The HG talk about the differences between regular BB and celebrity BB, both physically with the house and the people in the house. (i.e. open BY hours, smokers, etc) 10:17PM BBT They all say that they've never been smokers. Mark said that his parents were smokers, which was a turn off. James asks if there are any good shows in LA, that he saw Cirque before coming in the house. 10:18PM BBT The HG give a shoutout to Metta and ponder what he is doing right now. Brandi talks about how gross the KT was and that it was dirty and hard to cook in, but that it's clean now. 10:22PM BBT Brandi pours a beer into her wine glass and asks Production for a bottle of win, and that she'd share it. "Instead of drinking 3.5 glasses, I'll only drink 2". She rejoins the others in the BY. 10:25PM BBT They confirm that veto ceremony will be done mid-morning tomorrow. They wonder how they will eliminate so many people in 2 hours on Friday. "Double eviction - double on Saturday? Or Thurs, Fri, Sunday?" They are thinking out loud the different possibilities. 10:28PM BBT Brandi says that the wig she's wearing is Marissa's, and that while it keeps her warm, it is really itchy. Mark talks about Paul wearing the pink flamingo "Trejo" into the DR with no shirt. 10:29PM BBT They flashback to Victoria being on the block 9x, which was from Season 16. They all were given that season to watch as a reference to what to expect in the house.
  10. 9:31PM BBT Ross is asked what celebrity he's made out with. He says that he was going a segment and the woman kissed him with tongue in his mouth. The cameras then go to James making tea, so we don't get the name. 9:34PM BBT Ross asks Marissa which actor's performance was the best she's seen on Broadway. "Patty Lupone in Gypsy" 9:35PM BBT Marissa asks James how old he was when he got his first job. San Diego children's choir, doing La Boheme. (wasn't clear on the age) 9:37PM BBT James dares Omarosa to put her hand in the fish tank, and she does. Ross brings up the pedicure fish that eat the skin off your feet. 9:42PM BBT Bottle lands next on Ari, who takes truth. "how old is the oldest man you've ever dated"...."50, but he doesn't look like 50". 9:43PM BBT The bottle lands next on the owl, who picks Truth. Ross "Owl go first. What ruffles your feathers?" "I don't like when people rip my seams open". (Brandi plays voice of owl) 9:45PM BBT Ross asks Brandi what celebrity she'd like to date if given the opportunity. "Lenny Kravitz" She's met him briefly and that he's nice. 9:46PM BBT Bottle lands next on James, who takes Truth. "How old were you when you first had sex?" He doesn't want to answer on camera. Then asked oldest lady he's had sex with "she was older, and I was younger - she was 18 years older". 9:49PM BBT Ross is asked who he's never had the chance to interview. "Adele, I've never met Adele". Mark is out of the DR and they fill him on the game they're playing. They're trying to kill time until 10, when the BY opens. 9:51PM BBT Ross is asked who "dead" he would like to have interviewed. "Bea Arthur or Michael Jackson". 9:52PM BBT Brandi is next and chooses Dare. Ross tells her to do the cinnamon challenge, and then retracts it. Marissa is called to the DR. 9:53PM BBT Game is over, Brandi never gets her dare. They decide that the game would be more fun outside of the house. 9:54PM BBT Mark cleans up in the kitchen, drying and putting away the dishes. Omarosa comes into the kitchen and throws away her paper plate. James says that it's hard to not sing in the house and that he sings in the DR all the time. 9:57PM BBT The BY is now open. James wants to do a small load of laundry. Mark says that the BY is cold. Ross talks to Mark and asks who's going up as replacement nom. Mark says "most likely Omarosa" 9:59PM BBT Mark tells Ross in the KT that he's in a weird spot. Mark said that it was "nice getting off campus today", Ross said he didn't get to.
  11. 9:02PM BBT Brandi and Ross are talking upstairs. He is telling her where she went wrong and not being faithful to the F4 when she voted for Shannon to stay. Also, her blowing up at James didn't help. 9:05PM BBT Ross says that he didn't make a deal with Marissa, and that he'd like to vote for Brandi to stay, but he appears to be trying to let her down easy. 9:06PM BBT Ross tells Brandi that if it's a tie, she'll go home. 9:08PM BBT Brandi tells Ross that he won't get her vote in the end. He says he's not even thinking about the end. 9:10PM BBT Ross tells Brandi that it's not up to him. Their conversation is a bit awkward as Brandi appears to be guilting him. They realize that Pop TV is on and pep up. 9:15PM BBT Marissa and Ari are with Omarosa and James in the LR going down memory lane. First question is "who did you talk to first when coming into the house?" 9:17PM BBT Ross and Brandi head downstairs and Ross finishes up their conversation with "we have time". Brandi joins the others in the LR. 9:19PM BBT The HGs play "Ends on A$$" word game. 9:24PM BBT Marissa asks the others to do her makeup since she still has to do the DR tonight. 9:27PM BBT The HGs play Truth or Dare. 9:28PM BBT They spin the Coke bottle to see who's next up in the game. It points to Ross and he is jokingly asked by Ari if he's straight in the house and gay outside.
  12. Introducing Roz Matthews!! (Marissa gives Ross a hair makeover around 11:30AM BBT)
  13. 10:31PM BBT Ari comes out of the DR and James is called in. Ari brings marshmallows out to the BY. It's time for s'mores. 10:33PM BBT Marissa works on the laundry. Brandi walks through the KT and gives a shout out to Metta. Brandi was given more wine and brings it out to the DR. 10:36PM BBT They pretend to be on a group date and they have a rose to give out. Ross try to come up with a name other than The Bachelor so that it can be aired on the show. 10:37PM BBT The show is called "The Last Call" and the HG have to pass the rose around and make a last call for love. Omarosa professes her love for Mark and passes the rose to him. He then goes on to Ross. 10:41PM BBT James returns to join them in the BY. Ross chooses to give the rose to Ari. Brandi takes the rose and rips off the petals, pretending to be jealous. The roses burn in the firepit. 10:46PM BBT The game they just played was changed to "Last Call, B*tches". The HG make fun of Ari wearing Ross's bright green sweatshirt - she finally takes it off. 10:50PM BBT In the BY, the game turns to "It Ends on A$$" where they go around to make up a song. Marissa puts on Ross' green sweatshirt, so she is now the one glowing. 10:57PM BBT Mariss heads to the bathroom, where Omarosa and Ross are talking. Back in the BY, Brandi said that it's almost time for bed. Ross and Marissa are now in the SEL where Marissa is tweeting. 11:00PM BBT Omarosa joins Marissa and Ross in the SEL and they talk about how Ari could be a comedian because she's so funny with her timing and says what you're not supposed to say.
  14. 10:00PM BBT Mark checks the back door and then heads upstairs to HOH room. He takes the pillows off the bed and then heads back to group. The BY is now open. 10:03PM BBT Apparently the BY is a mess, most likely caused by the winds. Ari and Brandi straighten it up while the others go get their bathing suits. 10:05PM BBT They change their minds about swimming because it's cold outside, and instead of swimsuits, they put on sweatshirts. 10:07PM BBT Ari looks through the KT for stuff to make s'mores. Ross asks if Brandi really drank all the wine. Ariadna is called to the DR. 10:09PM BBT Brandi asks for more wine because she can't drink beer and tells production "I'm way more fun on wine". 10:11PM BBT In the BY, Mark feels that he looks like a vampire and is emaciated since being in the house. 10:14PM BBT They compare the house as like going through a portal and that it really feels like they're in a "house", and not a set. They then discuss what it was like as each HG came up on stage before going in. 10:19PM BBT Mark, James, Ross, Marissa and Omarosa ask Brandi about the UK version of BB. She tells them how bad it is to be boo'd. They talk about how cold it is outside, but they plan on staying out there until they go to bed. 10:24PM BBT They talk about how special it was to see their family videos on the live show and how emotional it made them.
  15. 9:36PM BBT Marissa is called to the DR. Omarosa jokes that "well see you in about 45 minutes" 9:48PM BBT While playing pool, they wonder if Pop has lost viewers because they're so boring. They feel that Thursday will be the last day of "crushing boredom" while in the house. 9:51PM BBT They compare comps and who was worst at which ones. 9:53PM BBT Brandi, Omarosa and Ari talk about going into the hot tub when the BY opens up. They then talk about the courses of junior college that Brandi took while modeling. 9:57PM BBT Feeds go to fish. 9:58PM BBT Feeds are back and all on Mark taking meds in the SR.
  16. 9:03:54 PM BBT Ari, Marissa and Brandi are deep cleaning the kitchen. 9:06PM BBT Ross gets up from his nap, just in time for Pop TV. Ross and James are admiring the clean KT. 9:08PM BBT James goes to the HOH room to use the restroom. Mark is listening to his music with the sunglasses on. 9:10PM BBT Marissa, Brandi, Ari, Ross and Omarosa talking in the KT. They'll be able to go outside in less than an hour. Brandi tells the others how she was writing profanities while cleaning the mirrors/windows. 9:14PM BBT James tells Mark in the HOH that they have wine downstairs, and then heads down. They start mocking the production recordings, and how they won't miss them at home. 9:16PM BBT The HG joke about getting evicted and then coming back for the finale, and how they'll have a tan/lost weight/be manicured. 9:18PM BBT James is called to the DR. Brandi pours Ross a glass of wine. He notices that it's the last of the bottle and she says "that's what you get for taking a nap". 9:22PM BBT Ari and Omarosa pick up a game of pool. James, Brandi, Marissa and Ross join them upstairs. 9:24PM BBT Mark comes out of the HOH room to join the others upstairs. They're telling stories of earlier days in the house. 9:29PM BBT Ari wins at pool, and the HG decide to play doubles.
  17. 11:32PM BBT Marissa says that they'll see their families in 7 days, and then the HG discuss which flights they'll be taking. Marissa, Ross and Ari head to the SR. Ross tells them to put Omarosa on ice. 11:35PM BBT Mark talks with Omarosa in the KT that the next comp will be endurance. Ross joins them, Mark is happy that he at least was HOH. They think that James should get the next one. 11:38PM BBT Marissa and Ari join the KT. James has his feet up on the counter. Marissa moves items around in the fridge. Jame says that they haven't had a group breakfast in a while. 11:41PM BBT Ross and Mark talk in the LBR. Mark tells Ross not to worry about Omarosa, that they have the numbers. Ross says if Mark puts O up, that it would be a 4-0 vote and he wouldn't have any blood on his hands. Mark says that Brandi is a big target for him. 11:42PM BBT Marissa joins the Mark and Ross in the LBR, and Mark tells her not to get sucked into Omarosa's drama. He says that O lied about him tonight and he's not worried about it, because that's what she does. 11:44PM BBT Ross says that he will go along with whatever Mark chooses. They talk about putting up Ari/Brandi, and then if one of them wins the veto - up goes O. Omarosa is called to the DR. 11:46PM BBT Brandi is out of the DR and happy to see the wine. Marissa whispers to everyone while O is in the GBR that O is going to lie and to just expect it and ignore it, and to definitely not believe it. 11:48PM BBT The HG give a shout out to Metta and start chanting his name. Ross and Brandi chat in the WA, recanting Omarosa's wish that the girls stick together. They decide that they should poke the bear so that the guys will see that side of O. 11:54PM BBT James, Mark, Ari, Brandi, Marissa and Ross are in the KT. James says that he would sing at the finale if they asked him to. Production played the HG' own songs when they were waking up this morning. 11:56PM BBT Ross asks the others to go upstairs tonight. They agree since it's comfortable up there. They want to go in the BY, but it's logged. Ross goes to the DR to see what time they'll unlock it. 11:57PM BBT Brandi and Ari make Mac and Cheese. They ask Marissa and Ross to stop whispering in the kitchen when they're with the other HGs. Mark says that a lot went on today with a range of emotions. 11:59PM BBT Marissa talks and demonstrates to the camera about how she puts her hairpiece on. In 1994 she cut her hair really short and hated it, and went into a wig shop to buy some hair and has worn them ever since.
  18. 11:02PM BBT The feeds are back and Mark is the new HOH. 11:06PM BBT Ross in the LBR takes off the clothes from the comp. He says a message to Salvadore in the camera "if you're watching, I'm still here". 11:08PM BBT In the kitchen, Mark says to the other HG that the comp was a team effort. Brandi is called to the DR. They all appear to be very hungry and are eating. 11:10PM BBT Ross and Marissa chat in the RBR. Ross tells her show the others that she is mad and to plant the seed about what Omarosa said so that they know O was lying to them. 11:16PM BBT Mark, O, Ari, Ross, and James in the kitchen - the SR is locked and they need water and Diet Coke. 11:17PM BBT Marissa wants to do something fun tomorrow. They start giving shout outs to Pop TV. SR is now open, so Marissa, Ross and James head in. Marissa tell James that Mark and James wanted to put her up. 11:19PM BBT James explains to Ross and Marissa in the SR that they did throw around various scenarios. Ross brings the wine out to the kitchen. 11:22PM BBT James grabs a change of clothes in the RBR and stops in the kitchen on his way to the bathroom for a shower. James shouts over to Mark in the KT that he's earned a beer. 11:28PM BBT Mark is looking forward to pictures of his kids. Omarosa asks Ari if she wants to chill for a little bit before Brandi gets out.
  19. 10:15PM BBT We now have bunnies. Hopefully the feeds will be back up soon.
  20. 11:02PM BBT Marissa is in the BY with Mark, Brandi, and Omarosa and they again talk about the possibility of twists. Marissa says that she wants some Tylenol and to go to bed. She laughed herself into a headache. Metta wonders where the Pop TV's office is.
  21. 10:31PM BBT Marissa looks for Brandi as well. The two of them discuss that they really believe that James is America's Player. 10:34PM BBT Ross says now that he doesn't think James is AP after all, that he's not doing strange enough things. Marissa tries to convince him. 10:36PM BBT Back in the BY, Metta, Mark and Omarosa praise James for the ability to flip the house and come back from the dead when he was on the house. 10:37PM BBT Brandi joins Metta, O, and Mark in the BY. In the LBR, Ross and Marissa go through the scenarios if Brandi wins POV, which they say they hadn't considered before. 10:43PM BBT In the LBR, Marissa assures Ross that he is not going home tomorrow. Ari comes in and says that they talk to her in the DR about Mark not being on the block. 10:46PM BBT Ross, Marissa and Ari reminisce about their first days in the house and their impressions of each other. Marissa said that she was so excited that she couldn't shut up, and was a spazz. 10:53PM BBT Ari, Ross and Marissa are making up funny signals when they ask each other if they are America's Player and are laughing hysterically in the LBR. Ross makes a face at the camera. Ari fell off the bed laughing. 10:58PM BBT Ross tells Ari that he's ready for tomorrow, that this past few minutes have been fun, but not the rest of the day. Ross tells her that she could be going to bed tomorrow night without him in the house. 10:59PM BBT Ari and Ross say that they have always trusted Marissa. And with the exception of Brandi voting for Shannon to stay, they trust her as well.
  22. 10:09PM BBT They discuss being in group texts and how many texts they think they'll have when they get home. Omarosa said that she had a group of her 9 bridesmaids in a group when she was getting married. 10:10PM BBT Omarosa mentions that she needs to move out of the HOH room. All HG except for Mark (in the bathroom) talk through the schedule of the days to come. Ari brings her clean laundry into the house. 10:12PM BBT Omarosa practices her resting bitch face, while Marissa re-enacts her saying "bye bye!" to O when mentioning not being about to play HOH tomorrow. They all laugh at what good tv that will make. 10:21PM BBT Omarosa asks Marissa how long she's actually gone without talking in the house, not including sleeping. She said they wouldn't like her when she stops talking and starts thinking. 10:22PM BBT Marissa says that she's never smoked pot or done drugs, but wonders if they would be allowed to do it with it being legal. Ross doesn't smoke pot, but does have CBD oil that he uses at night. 10:23PM BBT Brandi is walking through the house and heads upstairs to the HOH bathroom. (after walking to the downstairs bathroom and saying "gross") 10:28PM BBT Ross walks through the house looking for Brandi. He then looks through his suitcase and puts on a robe because he's cold.
  23. 9:34PM BBT Metta says they should put a speakers and a mic and let James do some songs for Pop. Marissa will be a backup dancer. 9:38PM BBT Metta would like Shannon and Chuck to do Dancing With The Stars at the same time. Metta and James both had Peta as their dance partners. They give a shout out to her. 9:42PM BBT In the LR, they all tease James about being America's Player. He winks every time they say it. 9:44PM BBT Omarosa joins Metta, Ari and James in the LR. The patio is open, so they head outside. 9:46PM BBT In the SR, Omarosa coaches Ari in how to make a deal in case James wins HOH. She tells Ari that she needs to win the POV, but if one of the HG that's on the block comes down, she will not put Ari up. She wants Ross to go home. 9:55PM BBT They all came alive with the fresh air, after being half dead in the house. They haven't seen the sun in 20 days - the ceiling over the BY is painted blue skies. They compare their hotel rooms that they were each in prior to entering the house. 10:01PM BBT Brandi is called to the DR.
  24. 8:59PM BBT Brandi, Ari and Omarosa are in the LR talking about how much they've learned and how different/more patient after life in the house. 9:01PM BBT Brandi says to Ari and O that she's not going to go back and watch the feeds or shows. Just get the check and go away. Ari says that the fish that aren't moving are sleeping. 9:02PM BBT Mark, Marissa and Ross talk in the LBR about how Metta has warn funny things into the DR. They then talk about a possible twist and how they hope it messes with O's plan. 9:04PM BBT Mark and Ross try to figure out Omarosa's plan. It appeared that she tried to get an ally of hers out of the house, so she must have something up her sleeve. 9:05PM BBT Ross and Mark want to get O out of the house while she can't play for HOH. 9:06PM BBT Ross is going to play hard for the POV, which will take place during the live show Monday night. Mark said he'll play hard as well. They then walk through the LR and say "I think we're live, hi Pop!" 9:07PM BBT Metta and Ross are in the bathroom reminding each other that they're live. Brandi comes in and asks Metta to work on her back because her neck is compressed. James comes to sit in the WA with them and they walk out. 9:10PM BBT Mark is playing pool by himself upstairs. 9:11PM BBT Omarosa joins Mark upstairs for a game of pool. They thank Pop for their margarita party last night. Brandi joins them and is to play winner. 9:12PM BBT Metta , Ari and Ross are in the LR. Ari wants s'mores and says there is no word in Spanish that translates. Ross joins the game area upstairs. 9:15PM BBT Marissa joins Metta, Ari, Metta and James in the LR. Marissa says she'll miss Ari doing her makeup after they leave the house. Ari paints one of James' nails. 9:16PM BBT James said he grew up with a sister and never had a painted nail. He gives a shout out to his sister and niece. Ari paints one of Metta's nails as well. 9:18PM BBT Ari says that she couldn't beat James in the end while talking with Metta, Marissa and James. Upstairs, Ross and Brandi play a word game. 9:21PM BBT Metta, Marissa, Ari and James give shout outs to all of the HG family members. Brandi is against Omarosa (winner of the game against Mark) 9:23PM BBT Metta talks to Ari about being Miss Columbia and asks questions about how hard it was. Ari said it was "very mean" 9:26PM BBT They are waiting for the backyard to open up, at 10:00 (bbt) 9:33PM BBT The HG think about what to talk about since they are on POP. "what else can we talk about?" They discuss possible twists. "There are 8 people in the house and a week left - will there be 3 people to leave tomorrow night?"