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  1. 8:35 pm BBT Brett asks JC in the BY if they're going to do a tour of the country going to gyms. He lowers the weightlifting bar for JC. 8:37 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are up in the HOHR taking selfies with the Snapchat glasses. She is wearing his HOH robe. 8:39 pm BBT Brett teaches Sam about weightlifting. He then asks her how she likes his hair best. 8:42 pm BBT Haleigh and Fessy talk about how both Sam and Scottie pitched that Haleigh go up as replacement nom. They realize that it's the only way Scottie could stay. She tells Fessy that if he puts her up, she will murder him. 8:48 pm BBT Fessy gets called to the DR, probably to give up his glasses. He and Haleigh take one last selfie with her kissing his cheek. 8:52 pm BBT Brett continues to coach Sam on working out her various muscles. Fessy is back up in the HOHR. 9:00 pm BBT Brett tells Scottie in the BY about the movie where there was a lady obsessed with a writer that he wants to finish his last book and kidnaps him. He's never heard of it. [Misery]
  2. 8:32 pm BBT A plane goes overhead and JC signals to it, yelling "SOS!! HELP!! I'm on eh-slop! Send me some food!"
  3. 8:08 pm BBT Angela is swinging in the hammock, talking to Brett about his hair and how versatile it is. She said she didn't really notice his hair when they first got in the house. JC said "I DID". 8:14 pm BBT Haleigh asks Scottie, Fessy and KC how they like their steaks cooked. Scottie "by you. it'll be delicious anything you do" 8:16 pm BBT Fessy got his Snapchat glasses and is walking around taking pics. He is getting some veggie burgers out of the fridge. 8:23 pm BBT Angela and Brett can't wait to see Winston at the end of the show. Brett says that he misses him, and Angela says that she misses the "small room of people Rachel". 8:25 pm BBT Ang and Brett discuss their GBM to Rockstar and how ruthless they were, and that she's not going to vote for them anyway. Production reminded them that they were going to jury, but they said they didn't care. 8:27 pm BBT Fessy tells Ang that he hasn't eaten beef since being in the house, but since it's been 60 days so why start now. He does miss a good steak though. 8:29 pm BBT Haleigh and Scottie are eating in the BY on the hammock. She gets up and heads in for a shower.
  4. 7:31 pm BBT Brett wasn't offended by his d*uche comment from Zingbot. He said it's not the first time and won't be the last time he's called that. Fessy said he is called that a lot too. Haleigh thought her zing would be more personal. 7:39 pm BBT Sam signals to the KT camera that she has a headache and then goes to the SR for meds. 7:44 pm BBT Haleigh is making dinner. She feels bad for the have nots, but started marinating before that happened. JC, Tyler and Sam are HNs. 7:50 pm BBT Haleigh and KC are talking in the KT while Haleigh cooks. They appear to be clearing the air about gameplay between them up to this point. 7:52 pm BBT Haleigh tells KC that she has the votes to stay this week, and that she has her vote for sure. "IF you go up" 7:57 pm BBT Brett is the last one left in the BY, and is lifting weights. 7:59 pm BBT Scottie to Tyler in the WA: "If I get what I want, you won't be on the block, and I'll be up next to a bigger target - yes, it's going to be..." and then he makes a mind blowing motion as he walks away.
  5. 7:06 pm BBT Brett is talking with JC, who tried to join the military and was turned down for his height. Tyler and Fessy are listening to Brett tell a story about his friend trying to enlist. Haleigh is running laps through the gathering. 7:09 pm BBT Scottie is by himself snacking in the back of the PBR. 7:14 pm BBT Scottie put on his shoes and is now pacing back and forth in the PBR, silently talking to himself. 7:18 pm BBT Fessy, JC and Brett are talking about how they've lost weight in the house, while Haleigh said that the girls have gained. Angela is doing stretches in the yard. 7:19 pm BBT Tyler and KC are talking in the WA about the possibility of her going up as a replacement nom, but having the votes to stay. Also that she would handle it the best. 7:23 pm BBT Angela and KC are in the WA discussing how sore they are. Ang is prepping for a shower.
  6. 8:34 pm BBT Fessy says he doesn't want to put Sam up because she's crazy and doesn't want to p*ss her off. They both want her gone. Haleigh says if she wins HOH she'll put up Brett and Sam, and if they win the veto she'll put up KC. 8:37 pm BBT Haleigh said "my HOH was a tragedy" Fessy laughs that her friend went home on her HOH. He says "I'm an idiot", she says "no you're not, you're a moron". 8:39 pm BBT Haleigh tells Fessy she's going to get her head mole removed. He said no, he'll be mad. She said she's doing it and he can't stop her. 8:40 pm BBT As he pets her hair, Fessy says Haleigh is just like a cat. She can fall asleep in 2 minutes, she just eats and sleep, she demands attention, and has a big ego. 8:50 pm BBT The HG are mostly laying around trying to sleep. Production says "no napping". KC reminds production that they were woken up at 7:30AM, "that ain't no 10 to 10" 8:54 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are still laying in the HOH bed. There's a lot of heavy breathing. 8:58 pm BBT Haleigh wonders if it would help convince Angela to work with them if they reveal their showmance. Fessy says he is not the least bit attracted to Angela, as he rubs Haleigh's back.
  7. 8:12 pm BBT Sam is eating at the kitchen table eating chips and pretending that her can of soda is a beer. Scottie continues to clean, KC sits at the counter and they discuss how the cereal boxes weren't affected by the search. 8:20 pm BBT KC, Scottie, Tyler in the KT talking about the mean zings. 8:21 pm BBT Haleigh is laying up in bed with Fessy that he wants to make a deal with Angela and Tyler for F4. 8:24 pm BBT Fessy is talking about putting up KC because she has the votes to stay. Haleigh agrees to vote out Scottie. 8:26 pm BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that he told Tyler that he trusted her "for the most part", and she doesn't like it. He thought she'd be happy with it, she says "well that's all great for you", but not her. 8:29 pm BBT Sam is folding clothes in the BBR. KC comes in and joins Angela and Tyler in there as well. They hope that the BY opens soon so they can do laundry.
  8. 7:31 pm BBT Tyler tells Fessy that this is Sam's worst nightmare, referring to either the kitchen or the game. Fessy walks through scenarios and Tyler just nods to everything. 7:32 pm BBT Tyler says that he needs to have a conversation with Angela and Fessy tells him what to say about the numbers getting smaller and that they need to establish trust. 7:33 pm BBT JC refers to his dad as being un-diagnosed bipolar. Brett changes the conversation to Zingbot. 7:36 pm BBT Haleigh, KC and Angela are in the BBR reminiscing about the POV comps. 7:38 pm BBT Brett tells JC that he thinks that the Fessy/Scottie argument after the noms was staged. 7:40 pm BBT JC says that Tyler has played in 7 out of 8 veto comps and won 3. 7:42 pm BBT The girls are in the BBR and splurge with some Reese's Pieces, each eating 1. 7:42 pm BBT Scottie is in the kitchen cleaning dishes. Angela goes to get something from the fridge, but they don't speak. 7:49 pm BBT Sam talks with the HG in the BBR about the milestone of this particular comp, but she doesn't understand why the destruction was necessary. 7:50 pm BBT Brett said that he wasn't looking for the folder during the comp, he was building barricades instead, and apparently having a blast while doing it. They all laugh. 7:55 pm BBT Production had a lot of rules for where they could hide their cards, the HG were given a rulebook prior to the comp. 7:59 pm BBT Fessy wears a facial mask and listens to music in the HOHR.
  9. 7:01 pm BBT Angela, JC, Tyler and KC are taking a break from cleaning and are eating pizza in the KT. Fessy is eating by himself in the HOHR. 7:03 pm BBT Brett is alone in the HNR laying on the beds that he been sleeping on. 7:06 pm BBT JC is in the PBR saying that if all of Rockstar's stuff had been still there, they would've been f'd. 7:07 pm BBT Haleigh is mopping and Angela is vacuuming the kitchen. Fessy is not helping at all, he's up in the HOHR. Tyler heads up to the HOHR with shoes, etc. KC and JC hug Brett in the HNR. 7:11 pm BBT JC tells KC and Brett that he doesn't know who's going up as a replacement. KC says it doesn't matter because Scottie is going home. 7:14 pm BBT JC finds all of the m&m's and nuts on the floor in the HNR and asks Brett if it that was him that messed it up. He said they were his, but he didn't do that - and says that he was studying with them before. 7:16 pm BBT JC says that Rockstar would talk about witchcraft and that he'd he'd have to leave the room. He's not religious, but has been to the Vatican. He and Brett talk about how amazing it is artistically. 7:25 pm BBT Brett, JC and Haleigh talk in the HNR about the zings from Zingbot, and how upset Sam is about the house being ripped apart. 7:26 pm BBT Brett is pretty sure that Fessy poured out the milk. Haleigh think he just messed up the sugar. Angela, Scottie continue to clean the kitchen. Fessy walks through and pretends to mop for a minute and then heads back upstairs. 7:29 pm BBT In the HOHR, Fessy tells Tyler that there's only 4 people that he could put up and that he's not sure what to do.
  10. #BB20 8:30 pm BBT Feeds are back, Scottie is walking upstairs talking to himself "I could play both sides. That would be fun". He sits down at the chess table by himself and plays both sides, moving back and forth from seat to seat. #BB20 8:32 pm BBT Tyler is talking to Sam in the BBR/PBR. "The healthiest food damn near killed me". She learned that she's allergic to hemp seeds, so those are out for her. Apparently they were Kaitlyn's. Sam said she's surprised she was allergic because she's smoked a lot of weed. #BB20 8:36 pm BBT Tyler and KC are laying in the BBR while Sam goes through her closet. It's quiet, other than JC yelling in another room. #BB20 8:36 pm BBT Brett, JC, Angela and Haleigh in KT. Brett is reading the ingredients on the Froot Loops box with a Spanish accent. #BB20 8:44 pm BBT Just as Angela gets comfortable in the BBR, she is called to the DR. Feeds go to fish.
  11. #BB20 8:25 pm BBT Brief few seconds of feeds after 45 minutes of fish. The HG were casually hanging out in the KT snacking.
  12. #BB20 7:31 pm BBT Scottie is playing with glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets in the KT and starts twirling it around. Sam says that it reminds her of a baby's crib mobile. Brett is fixing a plate of food for Sam. #BB20 7:32 pm BBT Haleigh is holding court by the foosball table couches, talking through various natural disasters and lives and properties that were destroyed. #BB20 7:37 pm BBT Sam and Brett are eating in the KT. Sam says that she's not very cultured, and is unworldly. He tells her that his favorite thing to eat is a cowboy ribeye. #BB20 7:40 pm BBT Sam had an allergic reaction to tuna and hempseed and said her lips were swelling up. The feeds went to fish.
  13. 7:01 pm BBT Scottie is cleaning dishes in the KT, Brett is making up a bed in the HNR, and Tyler/JC/KC/Haleigh are playing foosball, while Angela watches on while lying on the couch. 7:04 pm BBT Sam comes into the HN room and asks Brett why he's sleeping in there, and if he's just going to continue sleeping in there. She asks if he knew he was going up, he says no but he had a feeling. 7:06 pm BBT Sam tells Brett that he has her vote. "You're my husband. My fake husband". 7:06 pm BBT Sam tells him about the Fessy/Scottie fight and Brett asks if she thinks it was real. "No", and they wonder who it was staged for. Tyler, perhaps? They high five "one day at a time" 7:09 pm BBT Scottie comes into the BBR and tells Sam that for some reason Fessy isn't happy with him. She rolls her eyes and whispers "I know". He says "are you talking about the hive? Apparently it doesn't mean anything anymore". 7:13 pm BBT The group upstairs is done playing foosball and JC puts a plastic bag crown on Haleigh's head. They all are lounging around in that area. #BB20 7:22 pm BBT Upstairs, Haleigh said that she got Botox because she was getting bad headaches. She continues to point at her deep wrinkles on her forehead to show the other HGs. #BB20 7:23 pm BBT Brett is eating alone at the KT counter. #BB20 7:27 pm BBT Haleigh, KC, JC, Tyler, and Angela are discussing what celebrities have had for plastic surgery, especially the Kardashians/Kaitlin Jenner.
  14. 8:30 pm BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that nobody knows about their shomance, that Sam asked if she had one with Brett. He said "as she should" and looks at her funny since he's been a little jealous. 8:30 pm BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that they need to make deals this week. "I know". 8:30 pm BBT Kaycee and Angela are in the KT making dinner, while Tyler and JC watch on. 8:33 pm BBT Fessy said that JC thinks that Scottie is an emotional player and he has a crush on Haleigh, which is why he wants Fessy out. 8:35 pm BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that they need to go over the numbers and study tomorrow. 8:36 pm BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that Sam thinks he's gay. Haleigh tells him that Sam has a crush on Brett. Fessy tells her that she looks hot today. 8:40 pm BBT Fessy passes Scottie in the LR and they quickly whisper about Scottie being the one vote. He's going to test the house by asking who voted for RS, knowing it was Scottie. 8:48 pm BBT In the BBR, Sam says that she wonders if the shower is free yet. Brett says that Haleigh is in it now. Sam wonders why she isn't waiting for the HOHR shower, since that is basically hers now. 8:55 pm BBT Tyler comes out of the shower and Fessy goes in. Ang and KC continue cooking in the KT. Haleigh is sitting on the WA couch.
  15. 8:00 pm BBT Scottie, JC, Haleigh, Tyler and Fessy are talking about the comp. Haleigh tells Fessy that he was ahead by 9 laps. He said that he dropped the funnel once and fell twice. 8:02 pm BBT Scottie says that he feels there will be a double eviction next week. Fessy said he knew his vote would be canceled when nobody was talking game with him. 8:08 pm BBT Sam makes her bed up in the BBR and thanks RS for the extra mattress pad, that she may actually get some decent sleep now. 8:09 pm BBT Haleigh and Fessy are in the Jenga room and Haleigh reassures Fessy that Scottie was the one vote to keep RS. They discuss who they should put up and agree to talk later tonight. He doesn't want any one on ones until tomorrow. He said he wants one of the boys out. 8:11 pm BBT Fessy says Angela and KC are not threats to their game. He doesn't trust Scottie, but Haleigh does. While he said they'd talk about noms later, they continue to run through the what if's. 8:16 pm BBT Fessy is talking about putting up two guys and if one comes down, he'll put up Sam because nobody will stay in the house if they're next to her on the block. 8:25 pm BBT Angela and Kaycee are in the SR discussing how to play Fessy. They feel confident that they're not targets. 8:27 pm BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that he's not going to waste his HOH on some BS, that he's making a big move. She asks what that is. He doesn't know, but it'll be something.
  16. 7:48 pm BBT The feeds are back and the HG are either cleaning themselves up or snacking. 7:49 pm BBT Sam says that they need some dish soap in the shower to get the grease off of their bodies. She heads to the SR to get some. Angela and JC are in the shower. 7:50 pm BBT Haleigh is washing her shoes in the kitchen sink. 7:51 pm BBT Fessy is asking for some Advil in the SR, "my back is on fire". Scottie thinks he has some and is going to look. He came up with one pill. Haleigh had a bottle of Advil in her things. 7:56 pm BBT Haleigh is cleaning the sinks in the WA and says "we should cook a nice dinner tonight"
  17. 7:08 pm BBT The feeds are back up and the comp is being shown. Fessy appears to be in the lead, with Scottie a close second, followed by Tyler. Sam seems to be in last place. 7:10 pm BBT All of the HG are going for the large tube to fill, except for JC, who is going for the $5k and filling up the smaller tube. 7:14 pm BBT Fessy continues to be out in front of the others with his progress, followed by Scottie and Brett. 7:15 pm BBT Haleigh is cheering Fessy on, giving him pointers as he goes. Sam also cheers him on from the next lane. JC has filled about a third of his $5k tube. 7:18 pm BBT Fessy has won HOH for the week. JC continues to fill up his tube. 7:24 pm BBT The feeds have been on fish, WBRB, since 7:20 pm BBT
  18. 8:36 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are having a heart to heart in the Jenga room. He says he doesn't know what's real and what's fake, including them. She doesn't know how to help him, so says good night and goes back to the HOHR. 8:38 pm BBT While KC was packing, she brought out her rainbow suits. Apparently there was one for each player in case they got that punishment. JC, Brett, Angela, Tyler and Scottie all have one on. JC also wears a tutu. 8:53 pm BBT Haleigh is pouting in the HOHR, saying that she's uncomfortable with people wearing KC's clothes. Scottie (who is also wearing a suit) says "but it had my name in it". Fessy comes into the HOHR, also rather mopey. 8:55 pm BBT Angela said that Rachel didn't fully pack because she didn't believe she was going home. Kaitlyn didn't feel the need to pack either because she was just going to have to unpack it. She has been watching the feeds and when she sees something of hers, she tells production to get it back for her.
  19. 8:01 pm BBT In the BBR, KC is packing for being on the block tomorrow night. KC, Scottie, Ty, and Angela discuss how they weren't packed when Big Brother came to pick them up for the show. 8:03 pm BBT Haleigh and RS are waiting for Sam to get out of the shower because she's colored her skin blue for a tan (?). Scottie comes in with a cookie for Haleigh. 8:07 pm BBT Haleigh tells Scottie that she's stressing and relaxing at the same time, which takes equal amounts of focus and negativity. 8:09 pm BBT Haleigh is telling the story of how her parents' house built down and how they now live about 35 minutes away from her grandparents. Scottie is grilling her for details. 8:17 pm BBT Rockstar, KC and Haleigh are discussing how they spend New Year's Eve and how they've changed over the years. 8:23 pm BBT JC is laughing at KC's packing since she's only halfway full and the suitcase is full. She said she'll need a big trash bag for the rest of her stuff, and at least she doesn't have make up to pack.
  20. 7:33 pm BBT Rockstar talks with Sam while she takes a shower in the HOHR. Sam said that she usually has to take two showers after work to get all of the guck off of her. 7:42 pm BBT Rockstar is nervous because Scottie was wearing Angela's hoodie with her hat. Haleigh and Sam are talking her off the ledge. 7:48 pm BBT The kitchen is clean and Tyler, Fessy and JC are hanging out. Fessy tells JC that he is getting belly, and JC stands up and says Fessy wishes he looked half as good as him. They decide to play a prank and are figuring one out. 7:50 pm BBT JC and Fessy are starting to put laxatives in lemonade they're about to make. Production shut them down with "stop that!" 7:52 pm BBT Up in the HOHR, RS Haleigh and Sam talk about the HG's last names and that they don't know any of them. 7:58 pm BBT Tyler, Angela, KC and Scottie are in the BBR quietly thinking about tomorrow night's comp and if they'll get new shoes. They realize that tonight's show has already aired.
  21. 7:00 pm BBT Rockstar, Haleigh, Brett and Fessy are hanging in the PBR talking about how their friends will relax, and how RS can't believe she's someone's mom who is also on Big Brother with purple hair. 7:02 pm BBT KC and Angela are in the kitchen making dinner for the house. Fessy is called to the DR. RS asks him to cry a little for production. He teases "I can't cry three times in a row". 7:03 pm BBT JC helps with dishes in the KT, while Scottie takes out the trash. Tyler comes in to talk with them while they cook and puts the open crackers away. 7:06 pm BBT Haleigh and Brett talk in the PBR and Brett says he really wants to win and that he feels like a big loser. Haleigh said that she's cautiously confident about the vote. 7:07 pm BBT Haleigh and Brett wonder what Bayleigh is doing. Haleigh thinks she's eating dinner and watching Netflix. Brett thinks that he'd be surprised if they got Netflix. 7:24 pm BBT Fessy is on the ground in the Jenga room exercising and appearing deep in thought. RS is in the PBR bed by herself, also deep in thought.