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Found 1 result

  1. 1:14amBBT - Kevin has made several bets. He wanted to bet $1000 and the girls said he was crazy. He said he pays $80 for the kids to get ice cream. Then he called the HOH room the HOV room as in House of Virgins. He was wearing a purple towel on his head under a headband, like an Arab Sheik. Now he has his sunglasses hooked through headband hanging down the side of his head with the towel laying across the top of his head. 1:28amBBT - Alex and Jason are plotting in the Storeroom. Judging by Alex's interview with Jeff, I thought she didn't have a clue about Big Brother, but she has a great take on the other HG's. If she makes it through this week, she is a force to be re conned with. She also hung on for a long time on the first comp, so she could win comps too. It's gonna be interesting to see how she does for the POV comp since she was a replacement for the Block when Megan quit.The girls do not like Alex and want her out, but she is on the block with Jillian who is all upset because she was put on the block. 1:54amBBT - Didn't take long for the Showmances to start. It looks like Cody and Jessica are hooking up and Mark and Elena are a couple. Mark is laying on the couch in the BR with his head on Christmas's lap, but Elena is standing next to him rubbing him all over his chest arms and he is rubbing her hip and rear end. He is in seventh heaven.The girls aren't thinking about doing an all girls alliance this year, just showmances. Just Granny's Perspective.
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