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  1. Surfgirl

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Funny thing is ,I dont even think it's a original name.. I swear there was a group in the 80's called Supernova. But then again.. alot of the late 80's are still a blurr..( thank god..LOL) LMAO at Ted Nugent rolling on to the set.. can't you just picture Tommy Lee's face, 'specially if Ted brought out the cross bow! When I thought about Dave not being into this season as much, it was before I heard about the breakup. How sad that is.. marraige is falling apart and your job sucks. Seriously , I watched there Reality show on VH1 and thought they were a cute couple and seemed to really care for each other. It is sad it didnt last. A lot of good the flirting is going to do the girls.. In the promos for the show, If I am recalling it correctly.. Tommy was going on and on how a girl would never front HIS band.
  2. Surfgirl

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Ok, I loved last years Rock Star. It was a show I tuned into thinking it would suck. I was pleasantly surprised. I have been so looking forward to this season. So, of course .. IMHO... It sucks. There I said it.... ...boo and hiss me all you want. It just does not have the same vibe as last year. I admit, I was so hoping it would be VanHalen doing it this year, but when realized it wasn't, I was still hopeful. I love Guns and Roses, really liked Motley Crue. I respect Metallica I do not like the fact its a " new" group. I predict.. maybe.. the band SuperNova will have a one hit wonder.. just because of the show.. and honestly I don't even think that will happen. Egos will get in the way( Mainly Tommy Lee's ) and the band will diss-band. Already the show is more about the three " STARS" Also.. one thing I really liked about last year, for once , the contestants didn't turn on each other.. was a nice switch in a reality based Tv program. This year , it seems they are being pitted against each other. Just to stir up sh$t And.. is it just me ..or does it seem like even Dave Navarro isn't even into it as much this year? Like he is being scripted? It is just to wishy-washy for me this year. Band tells singer " be your-self.." the next week they are being criticized for not being more like the singer they are duplicating??Wtf?? As for who is being eliminated each week.. so much B.S. being flung around.I hate the fact some are being kept, knowing they suck, just for the drama aspect of the show. I am not blaming the contestants for this season sucking . I blame the producers for messing up a good thing , and I blame Supernova. I wish that last years contestants would of been on this one . You know Jordie would of set the sh$t straight...and told Tommy off by now! Also , I think if it would of been Vince Neil, instead of Tommy Lee , it might of actually worked. so of course we will all see a new VH1 show about Tommy whining and moaning about why it didnt work out..
  3. Surfgirl

    Diane - Evicted Week 4

    I really dont think there is a twin twist this year.. ( but how funny would it be if Diane's twin walked into the back yard with Drew's twin. .LOL ) Seriously, I like Diane , I think her game plan is to play it quite at first, stay under the radar, let others open there mouthes and piss every one off. Is a smart move. Flirting with the guys would also be smart, they all know what happened with Drew, so they might think, take this girl to the end.. but thats when she gets revenge and , this time, she gets first!
  4. Surfgirl

    Who do you want gone tis wk out of the 2 noms?

    Janelle Quote:Rachel you're so beautiful...Maggie you're such a bitch! or Give me that key bitch! Well when Janelle made them remarks , it was after being trashed by the nerd herd and lied to by Maggie, when she munipulated Howie into nominating James, and when Jennifer lied to Kaysar.. so yeah I say Janelle had every reason to respond that way.
  5. Surfgirl


    Yaehhh Danielle ! My finale 3 dream team : Danielle , Janelle, and Diane. oK now the hard part.. who would I want to be first second and third??
  6. Surfgirl

    Neb's Interview with Danielle

    Thanks for the great interview Nebartist ! I am just so happy Danielle is one of the 20. I thought for sure she wasnt doing it.
  7. Surfgirl


    I would love to see Janelle, Diane and Danielle team up together !
  8. Surfgirl


    Diane was the first one I voted for. I am half Indian and half Irish.. does that make me a American Indian Irish person.. nahh just means I can out drink most people.. Good luck Diane, dont trust anyone in the house, and please watch out for DR. WIll . If you win it all, you can always buy ya a " few" boys..
  9. Surfgirl

    Fun with Dick and Jane

    Loved the original.. so was really excited to see this.. was so let down it sucked. 2 thumbs down.
  10. Surfgirl


    Marcellas: Yes Marcellas! He was a fierce competitor. He was funny. He was human. He could strategize and brought fun and levity to the game. He also is the only House Guest to be referenced in every season since his. By not using the GPOV, he put the real in reality TV. Saint or idiot? Angel or devil? He is still debated about til this day. Will you be talking about CB, Jase, James or Kaysar 4 years after their season? If you don't remember the rubber duckies, the gnome, the inflatable shark, the showmance with Amy, you'll certainly remember the Veto. Love him or hate him, when you think of Season 3, he's who you think of. That's a star. An All Star. I deserve to be there. Please vote for me. M Ok now will begin my list why not to vote.... 1 . When one replys to one self in 3rd person.. no votes there.. 2. Lmao.. so we are supposed to vote you because you screwd up??? NOT! Was more like put the stupid in stupid TV. And.. ya.. know I will probally will be talking about Janelle and Howie and ( sorry Marcy) Beau more than I would about you. 3. When I think of season 3 I honestly think of Danielle. and Jason.. my favorites.
  11. Surfgirl


    Ok now that we no longer have qoute option.. I will reply to post.. in bold. fizzle : that was a long post... and interestingly, i read it all! (pats self on back) Lmao I am suprised I lasted that long typing a post without passing out.. "WannaBeBB7 PEOPLE- STOP PERSONAL BASHING. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BASH, BASH SOMEONES GAME PLAY, YOU DON'T PERSONALLY KNOW THESE HOUSEGUEST SO DONT BASH THEIR PERSON" Wow.. funny thing is .. I actually had some respect for Marcys game play.. yeah he was a little naive.. but was loveable. And yeah he may have been a little arrogant .. but I believe he was payed back for that arrogance. Why I have a beef with him now is his blantent rude attitude to posters here. I was extremely offended by some of his remarks. I see some have posted that are suprised that some of these replys have been allowed to stay posted here.. I am also shocked .. I had the fear I would log on here today and see I had been booted. I actually thought about that before I posted last night.. I like this site...would hate to be booted but could not resist posting how I feel. Marcellas: Fizzle why would I tell you those things? They would give up my strategy. And I do have a strategy... Sorry honey you just have to vote me in an watch my 1st diary room where I give you my initial impressions.. lmao....
  12. Surfgirl


    Ok.. after reading all this.. I probably should log off now and not stir the pot.. hell no, that ain't going to happen. And if Marcellas questions my spelling "ain't" is a word in the Texas dictionary. Honestly, I always kinda liked Marcy( specially when he was teamed up with Amy). I also really enjoy House calls. When I joined this forum a few months ago , I seen some of Marcellas's post and was a little surprised how defensive and bitter he was. After reading this tonite.. I really can't stand the guy. I can see why the point was made he only searches out post with his name in them then reacts. I am to lazy to go back and find the quotes, word for word.. but basically he said he has a life and can't post here all the time.. so I am assuming you think the regulars here have no life? That he acts like its all fun and games during house calls, but if you recall.. he bashes the crap out of the house guest he can't stand. Examples: just from last year alone.. Maggie , Cappy,Ivette, and especially Beau. Which, to be honest, is why I liked house calls last year.. loved the Nerd Herd bashing.. , but then I got pissed last year because he would talk all kinds of crap about them, but when push came to shove , once they were actually on the show, Marcellas either kissed there butt. or in Beau's case, filed his nails the whole time, instead of calling him out like he said he would do for weeks. So Marcellas , you can say what you want.. but you talked alot of crap but never followed thru. I can understand why, in a way, when it came to House calls, why maybe you couldn't actually follow thru.., but to come here, where it's a fan based forum and point fingers, well, you are so wrong and out of line. Not very smart if your wanting our votes to get in All Stars. As for Will W. hosting House Calls I personally would love it ! He is one of my all time favorites, I would rather see him back in the house than Marcellas, but if that isn't going to happen,I would love to see him do house calls. Personally, I think him and Gretchen would have way better chemistry than Marcellas, and I wouldn't be surprised if ratings for the show went way up! Hahaha..,the perfect scenario.. Will does House calls, Marcellas does All Stars , He is the first booted out, and no longer has a job on house calls because of the over whelming response to Will! Ok after posting this I went back and read again what Marcellas posted..I am posting in bold print my thoughts about his B.S ramblings.... read it or dont read it .. I just have to respond to his bullshit. "Post after post of homophobia and ignorance. House Calls is a funny and irreverent look @ a reality show. Nothing said there is meant to be anything but funny. I don't hate the House Guests. People constantly overlook how many times I said the HGs deserved respect and kindness for being brave enough to go on the show in the first place. And putting themselves in the position to have to listen to and see this kind of mean-spirited garbage written about them. I'm also the one that was criticized when I told people the show has ended and it's time to move on. lmao what bullsh#t you hated on Beau because he was your mini me..and honestly some thought he did a better job than you.. The biggest difference between my show and the haters on the Internet is me. I'm not hiding. I'm talking about people I met and will see again. I'm not some nameless, faceless coward trashing people I don't know, hiding behind a keyboard. We (the HGs) are the people giving you something to watch and write about. Well... before you insert your foot so far into your mouth.. you choke to death.. you should relize its the nameless, faceless, people behind the keyboards that will vote your ass back in.. and and while it might be the house guest who give us something to watch.. just remember it is us " cowards" who keep the show on the air( along with HouseCalls) Nebartist you got no balls. Hate on me all you want. Every time you write my name and diss me I say consider the source. What you put out in the World comes back to you. I look myself in the eye everyday and my conscience is clean. Turn that spotlight on your sorry self and write about what you see.TFF... ok here it comes.. soooo calling the Kettle black..all your job is to do on Housecalls is diss the guest.. but thats ok because you are "you" ??lmao And for the record I'm a member here @ Morty's. I come and I lurk when I can which sadly isn't often because I have a life. I came here today to answer some very nice messages and look around. Only to find you grinding some imaginary axe. You don't know me. So stop using my name and obsessing about me here and at other sites. Glad you used spell check this time. Thank you to all my friends who defended me in this forum. It takes a lot more strength and courage to be nice than to try to be snarky. One of the biggest reason I don't come here often and one of the reasons I lurk is because of this behavior. Gee maybe thats why you lost last time ..spent to much time being nice.. nahhh ..was just a stupid arragont move..and well isnt it your job to be " snarky" on house calls Marcy? Make up your mind.. like someone else said..you can't have your cake and eat it to..
  13. Surfgirl

    Spears Family Album Of Trash

    Here is the new Britney Spears Barbie doll..
  14. Surfgirl

    Let me know

    Ohh I could think of a few.. but probably not allowed to post 'em at Morty's.. Great job on the Diane and Beau interviews Yana!! I really enjoyed how Diane was open and honest with her answers, and ,like always ,Beau managed to turn paranoid and defensive and just a tad whiny... whole time during the interview I pictured him in his green shirt and pink pants with a permanent pout on his face.. ( yes it gave me night- mares lol )
  15. Surfgirl

    Interview With Danielle Reyes

    Ok.. oops now that I think about it ..was the season with the Mime with Jun and Allison? If so please ignore that question. Danielle, is Jason really as sweet and innocent as he came across on Bb , and if so ..can I have his phone number.. ?? Danielle, I noticed that you were at the BB 6 after party and that after-wards you hung out with Sovient 6 alot, do you still keep in touch with them? And who was your favorite from BB 6? Danielle, How has BB changed your life?