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    The Linz Family

    I felt sorry for Nick. You can tell he is the outsider of the family, and the other 3 mostly ignored him and interacted among themselves. He kept a good attitude, and kept smiling though.
  2. creeks26

    The Bransen Family

    This was an interesting family. It must be strange for an older man to spend so much time with his 3 daughters and mantain his sanity. It was funny to watch the race and imagine what life at home must be like.
  3. creeks26

    Godlewskis make me SICK!

    I found them funny, they provided good entertainment. It is obvious they have some conflict between them. The part where one was being such a baby and running alongside the golf cart, while the other was driving and screaming at her to come back was one of the funniest parts of the show. Ultimately it led to their elimination though.