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    I just read that BB UK, is wrapping up their auditions. Does anyone know when the show starts?? I wonder if BB UK, is worth watching???
  2. I don't watch nearly as much as I use to. It gets a bit hard with the language barrier. I actually like the Russian Feeds better but I can't seem to find a connection to them these days. When I peeked in the other day, it was like 12:30am and half of the HMs were locked up in a room, surrounded by beans of different sorts. They were separating them by color. Go figure. I saw that she no longer looked PG. Gathering she had her baby and I missed it. I read online somewhere that they would not film the birth and the baby would only stay in the house for 8 days after birth. They would show baby once a day for an hour. That one of the Grandmothers would tend to the baby. Off camera. What have you seen????
  3. Roel was so drunk tonight that he was falling into the walls. The pregnant house guest in her panties was trying to guide him to the bathroom.
  4. One of the girl House Mates likes to suck her thumb. Which I found odd for her age. House Mates crossed dressed today and took pictures. Girls were dressed in slacks, top hats and bow ties. While the male House Mates dressed in sequence and boa's.
  5. I have been watching the DUTCH Feeds daily but here and there. Trying to get my fill since our BB is over. This is what I have learned since watching the Dutch Feeds. Rob has an artificial left leg from the knee down. He likes to juggle for one of his past times, as so does many of the other house mates. Dutch HMs like American music alot. I catch them singing our songs a great deal and they don't get cut. In fact Dutch Feeds don't time out. The screen is much larger and the feeds come in much clearer. The pregnant HM is due to have her baby in the next 2 weeks. They will not show the birth but will show the baby after its born. We will get to see the baby for an hour every day for 8 days then the baby will no longer be in the house. Oddly enough the HMs wear hats with a pin on it that says "NO SMOKING" yet they all smoke. The pregnant HM smokes as well and rolls her own cigarette's. Isn't that tabbaco harsh?? I saw 5 HMs eating raw onions like they were apples. Not sure if it was a bet, comp or for fun. LOL They are down to 11 house mates.
  6. sunSetsOnSELSa

    Big Brother Brazil 6

    I went to the above site you gave but I have no idea how to access the live stream???? Can ya help us out??? Thank you