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    As I said Snap, I could care less what you think of me. I thought it was funny as hell that in the process of being a smart ass and ripping someone for spelling errors you made an error yourself. I was not ripping you for the error itself, in fact I have never have ripped anyone for grammar or spelling errors because I imagine most people are busy doing other things and their main focus in life is not this board. Some people like me actually multi task and have a life. I am glad I brought your rude remarks to others attention so now when you make more rude comments for no reason people will see you as the blow hard you are.
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    Ginger snaps, You are a b. board bully and try your best and put down others for only giving opinions. If someone wants to post a few paragraphs and you think it is too long to read here is a little tip. Skip it, don't read it, try that instead of ripping them for the length. Maybe someone else want's to read their post. I could care less what you think about me but you seem to be the type that thinks you are one of the very few people who have anything worth saying. I find you quite boring, not very bright and a homer. A homer is someone that rationalizes all the views they support with biased judgment and is not at all objective. Why don't you have another bag of chips or ginger snaps or powdered doughnuts but move the lap top off your chest and rotate every few hours so you don't get a bed sore. Your opinion does not count anymore than anyone else
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    LMAO Too funny that in an attempt to rip people about their spelling you make yourself look like a condescending idiot. Good Job Snaps, I needed a laugh and it's on you.
  4. I admit I have not seen all the seasons but April annoyed the living sh_ _ out of me. I can read others interviews but when I read her words I can only hear her annoying voice and snippety attitude. Her husband must not have been able to see past the fake Ds. What a nightmare.
  5. Kaysay was not in anyway about to strike Ivette He was saying with non verbal communication -Shut the hell up you stupid raciest ghetto Bit&%! and If I remember right I think it was quite effective. OUCH
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    Ivette is nucking futts

    To have April, Ivette and Maggie in this game they must have done a lot of psychological testing to find such messed up people. I mean what the Hey were they looking for? Thousands and thousands of applicants and those three were chosen along with Eric. How does that happen? BB6 producer must be an extremely boring person to find any interesting qualities in that crew. Janelle single handedly salveged this season.