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    Phil's Son

    Just read that the kid at the end of the arizona leg of TAR is actually host Phil's real life son.
  2. wqrt

    Best Prize Ever!

    It's a great prize but what happens if the gas stations are sold to a different company in the future? Will they still honor the prize? I think way gas prices are these days it's like wining gold!
  3. wqrt

    Is it just me...

    or dealing with people who don't speak english, bartering items they have to get $ and fighting with cabbies over their fare.
  4. wqrt

    Is it just me...

    Or is this turning out to be the most boring season of TAR ever. I was falling asleep during last nights episode. What a Roadblock, find the spy with the matching briefcase? Come on CBS! Where's the challenge? I think the family edition could have worked if CBS put alittle more thought into it. One thing mentioned in an earlier post was have all team members over 21. That way they could make the challenges alittle more challenging. I'm still a fan of TAR and will keep watching hopeing things get better.
  5. wqrt

    The 2 guys and the frank stand

    I noticed them right away too. Do you think they where disappointed that more teams didn't know who they where? Each time a team got there they seemed like they wanted to say "Hey it's us, Kevin and Drew!" but each team grabed the clue and took off except for the kid from the Palao family who reconized them.
  6. wqrt

    The Paolo Family

    They had the clue but dropped it. I remember in past races where a team didn't stop and get a clue but just followed other teams to the pit stop, they where sent back to get the clue. Last season one of the teams lost their clue and went back and took a second one then where penalized at the pit stop. But I don't know the official rules for the Palao family, technecly they already got the clue.
  7. or will they just race through amish country in the U.S.? I don't care much for the family edition. I agree with an earlier post that the challenges will have to be scaled down to acomidate the small children. I don't see them jumping out of planes anytime soon. But I'm still a fan of TAR and will contiue to watch each week.