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  1. 10:27AM BBT Cliff and Nicole are in the backyard, sitting on the couches. Cliff: Nick is worried about Jess. Nicole: I know. Cliff says he's almost positive Michie is keeping things the way they are (the block). Cliff and Nicole still can't believe they're on Big Brother. 10:30AM BBT Cliff tells Nicole that he and his other brother tried out for amazing race once but it never went anywhere. Sis goes into the target bedroom where Tommy and Nick are laying. Nick says if a nominee comes down, he hopes Jess goes up. Nick says that Cliff doesn't like Jess either. Sis leaves the room to get her mic. Tommy says whoever wins the next HOH, he will make a deal with them. Tommy doesn't know who he would want to go home next week. Nick doesn't know who he would put up next to Jess if he wins HOH next week. Tommy says Nick would just throw the HOH and Nick says he would because he wants Jess out. Tommy says, "are you sure you want to win? because whoever you put up next to Jess is probably going to go." 10:38 AM BBT: In the kitchen, Sis tells Christie she hates feeling nervous like this. She asks Christie if she wants to go to the target room and talk. They walk into the target room with Nick and Tommy. Christie says her talk with Jackson last night went well but she has no idea what he will do with the veto. She says it's out of her control. Christie basically told Jackson she will do whatever he wants, she will throw the HOH or anything he wants. 10:40AM BBT Christie says Jackson is scared of her being better than him in mental comps. Jackson comes in and says they have ten minutes- feeds cut.
  2. 1:47PM BBT: Jack and Nick are talking in the Boat room. Nick's complaining about comments people are making making it obvious that Bella's going home. Nick said he already knows who he would put up if he wins HOH. He said Jack's going to be upset about who Nick will put up but says it's not Jack.
  3. 1:40PM BBT Kat has been complaining to Jessica about Jackson. They both talked about how anytime he farts and gets called out on it, he gets really mad. Then Kathryn said, "the way he treats me makes me feel unsafe in the house." the feeds immediately cut and once they come back, all cameras are on Nick, Christie and Sam.
  4. 12:11PM BBT Holly and Sis have been talking about Kat while they put their makeup on. They say that Jackson said Kat has been flirting w/ him. Holly says just yesterday, Kat told Holly to be careful w/ Jackson but now she speculates that it's because she's jealous. Sis and Holly say that Kat hasn't been getting any attention from any of the guys.
  5. 11:44AM BBT: In the kitchen, Christie celebrates that she has her power for double eviction (talking to Tommy and Jackson). Jackson asks her how she knows. She simply replies, "I have my power for double eviction." indicating she's positive, she was told but can't say who told her (production).
  6. 10:07AM BBT Sam tells Nick and Bella that she would 100% put up Jack and Jackson if she got back in the house and won HOH. They're talking about how to throw comps without looking like you meant to- to look pissed and don't talk. 10:45AM BBT Nicole and Christi go to a bedroom alone to talk game. Nicole told her that she (Christie) knows Cliff has said he would put Christie up if he stayed. Christie tells her that she's been actively trying to get her people to vote to keep Nicole. Christie says she can't say for sure that Nicole is good to stay but she feels like it's close. Christie says she sees so much in Nicole that she loves and wants to work with her.
  7. 9:56AM BBT: Sam to Nick, "i was sitting up late last night with Nicole, actually enjoying it. And Kemi started having a melt down. Me, Nicole and Cliff, we heard her crying. Then the upstairs DR called her then she went in and came back out, crying. Cameras cut. All feeds are now on Nicole brushing her teeth. 10:02AM BBT Cameras are back on Nick, Bella and Sam. Sam's telling Nick and Bella how Nicole sincerely wouldn't go after Nick and Bella and that she's not upset with them and thought Nick's speech was funny. Bella tells them how she had given Nicole a dress and yesterday Nicole gave it back to her and Bella said no, no hard feelings, the dress is yours. Bella tells Sam he should stop talking so much s**t about people in front of people. Sam says, "well i don't go around talking game with people" and Bella tells him he does and she gave him an example and he agreed. Bella said she's just looking out for her boys.
  8. 1:42PM BBT: Nick talking alone in the HOH room. He tells the camera he's not even worried about the votes because he knows everyone knows he wants Nicole out. He said you don't blindside your alliance with the votes, you blindside them by getting them out. He says he will be pissed if they vote to keep Nicole but he hasn't been talking to anyone about the votes because he knows they know to vote Nicole out. Meanwhile, Sis and Tommy are talking about how they want to tell Kat about voting to keep Nicole, but Jackson has said a little while ago that he doesn't want to tell her because she has a bad poker face. He plans on telling her afterwards that they didn't tell her just for her own game and also so that Nick will still trust her.
  9. 1:38PM BBT: Tommy to Sys in the Target room: I think it's going to be tonight (the eviction) because they asked me in the DR "who do you think is going home tonight?"
  10. 11:10PM BBT: Nick and Sys are talking and she tells him that she had sex with jack. He asked how was it. She said she it was good and she was surprised how big Jack was. Nick said he's not surprised because you can see it when he walks around. Nick says Jack's packing heat. He asked if they got in the shower and she says yes. Cameras cut for a minute. 11:14PM BBT: Sys tells Nick it lasted for a long time. He asked 20 minutes and she said longer than that. I think he asked if she got off and she said yes. He said good for you. Nick asked if they f***ed or if they did other s**t. She said maybe and she giggles. Nick: Were you sitting down? He lifted you up and did it?? Sys: I was standing up. Cameras cut to the back yard for a minute. 11:23: Nick asks if they actually showered too. Sys says yes because i like to be clean. Nick asked where Jack finished. Sys: The first time, on the floor. Yesterday, like on my leg. Nick: on your leg? why not on your face?" Sys: because i was facing the wall. Cameras cut to the back yard.
  11. 1:37PM BBT Jackson and Jack alone in the boat room Jack: so what's up w/ what you said jackson: i told kemi stuff to see if she would repeat it jack: why, she's already dead jackson tells jack about his conversations. bella comes out and says that i said i was going to put bella up on the block next week if i win HOH. I explained to bella that's day 20, she's in gr8ful, why the f would i, on day 20, why would i tell kemi that i was going to put you up jack: so you never said that? jackson: no. straight up. jack: well it's been said that you confirmed that was said and you were testing her trust jackson: confirmed by who jack: bella said you confirmed it jackson: where's bella?? bella said she trust you but she's not able to trust you fully jack: WTF jackson: i told her for 15 mins how important it is that we stay together as an 8. there's no way in hell that i said that. jack: well i'll go handle it jackson: i'll talk to her too. jack says they need to stay calm. jack: but the story was that you told kemi that to see if you can trust kemi. i'm going to handle it. jackson: i'm not upset about it, i'm laughing about it. i'm not going to lose any sleep over it. 1:49PM BBT Bella goes to the hammock where cliff, jack, sys and nick are and she confirms that jackson did say that he said stuff to Kemi to test her. Jack said that there's a misunderstanding because jackson said that didn't happen. jack tells Bella to go talk to Jackson. Bella walks off. Jackson's in the kitchen showing David his injured foot. Bella's standing in the kitchen. 1:52PM BBT In the storage room: bella said we confirmed that you said those things that were already known jackson: but i never told her that i was going to put you up to test her. they agree there was a misunderstanding. All is good, they're on the same page.
  12. 1:27PM BBT: Christie filling Analyse in on stuff that happened this afternoon. I can't catch it all but Analyse says, "Is jackson f*ing ret***ed?" Sys: is jackson dumb? (i think about jackson telling people that jack has the power) Jackson's not only blowing up his own game, but he's blowing up ours. Christie says he's selfish. Christie said jackson's an egomaniac and wants to just be the one to deliver news to people. They agree there's no reason for him to tell the info that he shared. They both want to talk to Bella really bad.
  13. 1:20PM BBT: Kemi goes up to talk to Jack after she got upset w/ Bella for telling Jackson something that Jackson told Kemi, then Kemi told Bella (then bella told jackson that kemi told her but Bella tried to justify it to Kemi by saying he would respect it since he knows they're close). Kemi asks Jack where his head is for this week. Jack says this week was a tough week and he made his decision based off self defense. He said he thinks Kemi has been a rockstar on the block for being humble and not causing a scene like Jessica. Kemi: I'm not the type of person to lie. It's funny because you come into the game thinking you'll play heartless but i don't think i'm the type of person who can stomach lying. my question to you is if you were voting, who would you vote out? jack: to be honest, i'd vote to the house. kemi: but an individual vote- do you still see me as a threat jack: i absolutely see you as a threat. moving forward, you still have camp come back. i'm not going to sit here and lie to your face and tell you that jess is a bigger threat than you. kemi: as far as socially, i feel like i'm not- jack: i don't know dude, she doesn't know the game well kemi: but she talks to more people than i do jack: but she also buries more people than you do. there's votes that go best for the house and for people i care about in this game. i can absolutely protect myself and i could absolutely protect the people i care about in this house. so that's where i'm torn.
  14. 10:27AM BBT Kemi goes to talk to Jackson in the bulls eye room. After a few minutes, Jackson asks Kemi about the black widow thing. He's curious if it's one person stirring the pot and trying to plant seeds here and plant seeds there. Kemi says she wasn't in the room when the black widow alliance started, she was in the DR. She said nicole, jess and bella told her they have this idea of the black widow alliance. Kemi said she didn't think much of it because it was 3am and she was tired and it was the 2nd week of the game and it didn't make sense. Kemi said she decided that if someone came to her w/ an alliance, just to take it. Kemi said they never spoke about it after that because Nick started sleeping in their room. Kemi said Jess was the one who's been more vocal about making an all women's alliance. Jackson said he's noticed that. 10:39AM BBT: Sam's talking to Bella about why he's not using the veto- there's no reason for him to and it would draw lines in the sand. He said Jess is annoying and he can't deal w/ her for two months.
  15. 12:47 PM BBT Nick asked Christie if she's wearing a bra. Christie says no and asks if it's okay. He says he's excited. Then she asked him to stop looking at them. 12:55 PM BBT Jack tells Nick that his vote is Ovi. Jack tells Nick that Ovi keeps going around saying, "I have Jack, I have these people, but I want yall to know that he doesn't" (he tells this to Nick while around Bella, Tommy and Sam. Nick says he will tell Ovi, "you said I was a poker player so it's OVI-ous that i had to vote you out". Everyone's impressed with how great Bella's doing with cutting Tommy's hair because she's never done it before. 1:59 PM BBT: Jack says he saw Holly's boob while she was in the shower because he walked up too close. Nick says he saw Christie's boob too. Jack says he's going to tell Holly that he saw her boob. Jack to Holly: if i disobey Bella and Nick's trust anymore, they're gonna have it out for me. The talk stops because BB keeps telling Holly to put on her mic. Jack never told Holly that he saw her boob, he was just talking to her about Ovi/Nick/Bella. He walks back out to the kitchen and the guys asked if he told Holly he saw her boob. He said yeah she didn't care (he didn't tell her). 1:05PM BBT Jack quickly fills Nicole in about voting out Ovi and tells her it'll seem like they're not but they are. 1:19PM BBT Jack tells Holly that he saw his boob. She's putting on makeup with Analyse. Analyse gets up to go get more makeup. Jack tells Holly that if Ovi does stay, she can't tell the other girls about his power. She agrees.
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