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  1. 8:49AM BBT Lolo and Tamar had been joking and talking to the live feeders. When Lolo leaves the room, Tamar says to the camera, "I'm also over this bullsh*t that's been going on in this house and that's been going on between (Ricky and Lolo). I don't know who they think I am. I ain't ever been known to take it lying down. They tried it. And you know that don't necessarily mean we ain't gonna be friends after this, but we ain't friends right now. Yeah. They gonna tell me last night I ain't got no choice and they gonna kick Kandi off. and don't tell her. Man." Lolo comes back in the room talking about how it'll be weird when the cameras go down. She's going back to flat iron her hair. She leaves the bedroom. Tamar's alone again and she says, "and it's hard to be cool with people who back stab you right before you go to sleep. I'm astonished at the greed and the lust for money that is in this house. It's the most craziest thing ever. I don't think I've ever been around this type of people before- that's so cut throat. And then my ass started playin-" Ricky walks into the room. Ricky: Pretty much packed up? Tamar: except for my wigs. They talk about it being cold. 8:52AM BBT Tamar's been staring at Ricky with her sunglasses on. Then she shakes her head and looks away. I don't know if Ricky saw her or not. No talking for a couple of minutes. Tamar: You said you didn't feel right after yalls conversation because she (Kandi) said she wanted to go down in history? *Tamar giggles* (Tamar's referring to Kandi saying she wanted to be the celebrity to be on the block the most so that next season, anytime a celeb is on the block more than once, people will joke about how they're trying to beat Kandi's number of how many times she was on the block) Ricky's silent for a second then he says yeah. And it wasn't just that, it was accumulations of different conversations but yeah that was one of them. Tamar: So you were feeling like that all day yesterday? Ricky: It wasn't until after i talked to her. and then, after I talked to her I started thinking about it more and more and i was thinking 'why?'. It's one of those things where it hit me as, it wasn't just one thing, it was a lot of different things. One after another. Why would we keep her here? It doesn't make sense. Ricky: It's not personal. I like Kandi. I think she's a sweet person. But not today (not meaning that Kandi did something wrong or mean today). Do you feel bad? I mean you saved her when you had the opportunity. Tamar: i don't know if it's bad, I'm just a little confused Ricky: about? Tamar: about how it all came about Ricky: i was upstairs and i was thinking about it and it didn't sit right with me. And i told Lolo that i don't feel good about this (keeping Kandi) and i told her. And Lolo said 'not again, you're changing your mind?' and i said just hear me out. she thought about it and told me to talk to you about it. in my experience, that's exactly how it came about. Tamar: you have to break down the strategy behind Dina because maybe that's the part that I don't understand. Ricky: There's no strategy. I mean my understanding was, in the beginning process it was flip of a coin- Kandi or Dina, Kandi or Dina Tamar: well how she (Lolo) broke it down to me was, and this is probably why i feel so uneasy about it Ricky: how did she break it down Tamar: di- Dina walks into the room and then walks out after mentioning something about a flat iron Ricky: She can't win anything Tamar: But she told me that she said she's going to take her with her. (she was pointing at Dina's room and Lolo's bed). Lolo told me that Kandi said she's going to take you with her. I am so confused right now. Ricky: To me, I don't think they can win so I don't care. I think if anyone had a chance to win, it would be Kandi. But Dina- Tamar: you trippin. Dina almost won the HOH. Ricky which one Tamar: the one Lolo just won. Ricky: no she didn't Tamar: Yes she did. Ask Lolo. She almost won the veto that Lolo won. Ricky says those were memory and this next game will be about the game. She doesn't know anything about the game. Tamar: I'm glad it feels right to you but it doesn't feel right to me. i didn't sleep at all. And that's the end of live feeds.
  2. 12:50PM BBT Dina tells Lolo production took her curling iron and moved it to the bathroom because they don't want a fire in the bedroom. 12:52 PM BBT Lolo goes into the washroom where Tamar is. Lolo: did Ricky have a problem with my speech earlier? Tamar: he said that veto was funny so i asked him what part was funny Lolo: i think he had an issue with me being graceful to both of them. what's funny about that Tamar: i don't know he didn't say anything to me. i wanted to know what part was funny. lolo: I've been thinking about a lot of things. i can't say it because i need to listen to the holy spirit and take time and pray and figure it out. 12:58 PM BBT Tamar goes into Kandi's room. Tamar: do not trust Dina, do not trust Dina. Dina walks in for a second then leaves. Tamar: she's getting in her ear. she was just in the room with Lolo lying to her. do not trust her. Tamar leaves and goes into the kitchen where Lolo and Dina are. 1:05PM BBT: Dina goes to talk to Ricky alone in his room. Dina talks about how hard it was to talk to Lolo because she was glued to Natalie but she still should have tried to talk to Lolo. Dina: i had a conversation with Lolo recently.. i know if it's you, Kandi, Tamar and Lolo left, Tamar and Kandi will take each other. Ricky: that's what you think Dina: that's what i know to think Tamar comes into the room looking for her mic. then she leaves. Dina: you have your thoughts and i have mine Ricky: you don't talk to people, i do. so mine aren't thoughts. Dina: but i watch people. Ricky: but I've been watching too but I've also been talking to people. and for the most part, I've known what's going on. you're basing your stuff on incorrect information. why don't you just tell me what you feel. because you telling me stuff that's not true, isn't helpful. Dina says who she thinks would put who up on the block next Ricky corrects her and says the person will get to pick which person they're taking to the end. Not putting someone up on a block. Dina tells Ricky why she thinks Tamar and Kandi will go to the end together. Ricky: i'm asking you in your mind, how can Kandi make herself be there in the final four Dina: she's a tough competeotir Ricky: have you seen her win anything? Dina:... no. you're right. but I've seen how bad she wants to win. in cards.. Ricky: it's cards Dina: it's cards.. it's pool.. Ricky: just because someone wants to win what does that mean? What's your end goal here? Dina: my end goal.... i never came in.... i mean.. everybody would like to win.. but if i know that's not the most important thing, i would want to be there for someone who wants to win Ricky: what does that mean to be there for someone who wants to win Dina: everybody is in a situation. i'm in a situation that i don't even talk about. *feeds cut for a few seconds* Meanwhile, Kandi and Lolo are talking. Kandi: i don't think i would win against Tamar lolo: kandi you don't think you'll win against anyone. you're playing a very Marissa game. They count the votes. Kandi shows her she only has 4 votes maybe against tamar. Kandi: i'm just going to be honest with you, i don't want it to be just me and tamar at the end. because i would play myself because i already know what the numbers are. i feel like hands down dina's gonna beat any of us. with me, tom and kato we're cool, but when dina's there, tom and kato are voting for her. 1:18PM BBT Lolo and Kandi go to the memory wall and talk about who would vote for who. 1:35PM BBT Lolo says tom's gonna watch the DR's and be pissed. 1:58 PM BBT Lolo and Kandi have a pretty good talk about who would vote for who. Lolo thanks Kandi for talking to her because she realized Dina's been lying. At the end of their conversation, Lolo says, "I can't believe I'm thinking this but i think I have a better chance with you than Ricky." Lolo and Dina go speak in the Tweet room where Dina tells Lolo about her conversation with Ricky. In the kitchen, Kandi asks Ricky if he has time to talk. They agree to go into his room to talk. Kandi tells Ricky that her conversation went really good. She said the cool thing about talking to Lolo is they keep it 100% with each other. Kandi: lolo asked me if i had a pact with tamar to have a final two. we absolutely do not have a final two. one, i've already done the numbers in my head and tamar would beat me. ricky: who do you think you wouldn't lose to kandi: it's a toss up between you and lolo. the reason being- ricky: you don't have to explain. just who would you have a better chance between me and lolo? kandi: you.. just being honest. ricky: why don't you think lolo? because she thinks she would lose to you kandi: i just showed her who would vote for her and she agreed.
  3. 12:50PM BBT Tamar talks back to the bathroom while Lolo passes by and asks if she knows where Ricky is. Tamar shakes her head. Dina's waiting in the tweet room to see if Lolo can find Ricky. Lolo goes back to the tweet room. Lolo says Ricky's still in the DR so they'll talk to him later. The girls leave tweet room. Dina asks Tamar if she has to go to the DR. Tamar says yes while she finishes her make up.
  4. 12:33 Lolo comes back to the tweet room to tell Dina she can't find Ricky. They go look for him. 12:36 Lolo and Dina are back in the tweet room talking about who would get whose votes. Lolo: the only other thing i can do is that i will plead with whoever stays- Dina: she's a great competitor Lolo: i just think ricky's not going to believe you when you talk to him. I've felt like a weird energy the last few days Dina: i think she wants it to be between her (Tamar) and Ricky. lolo: i thought Ryan and Jonathan like Ricky dina: no way. i'll give Jonathan a look. they count more votes. Dina says Tom and Kato would vote for Lolo if it's down to Lolo and Ricky. Lolo: what kandi said out there the other day is what hurt me because it made Tamar and Ricky not want to take me when kandi was telling me how many votes I'd get. now ricky and tamar have been offish towards me. Dina: when you and Natalie were both on the block, Tamar and ricky were rooting for Natalie. lolo says she was better at the social game because when Natalie wouldn't talk to tom, she would. Lolo: what exactly did they say? Dina: when she was talking to Tamar, kandi said she wanted to vote Natalie off. Tamar said 'i think we need Natalie because she's a stronger player than tom.' i saw it as backstabbing. because they said they were going to vote together and that yall were going to figure it out. lolo: i'm over that conversation. the most important thing is if you really want to stay, you need to talk to ricky. 12:44PM BBT Tamar stands outside of the Tweet room and listens in on Lolo and Dina's conversation as Lolo tells Dina what to say to Ricky about Kandi. Tamar listens for about 20 or 30 seconds then goes to the mirror in the washroom. Dina tells Lolo that she doesn't think Ricky has Lolo's back. Tamar's back at the door listening. Dina: ricky was the one we thought was pulling the puppet strings. tamar walks back to the washroom. tamar's back at the door listening to Dina and Lolo while this conversation happens: Lolo: even today i told ricky that dina's gonna go talk to everyone. so go talk to him. you have to let him know that it's no longer an option. not only does it remove kandi, but it also removes tay. so he needs to rely on either me or you. lolo: let's say it's ricky, kandi, tay and me in the final. he's go ttwo ppl not going to pick him, right? if it's me,you, tamar and ricky.. then who knows. dina just say, "your best odds are with lolo" tay goes back to the washroom. then runs past the tweet room to her room to blow her nose and sneeze.
  5. 12:22 PM BBT Dina says he can always tell when someone is lying or not. Lolo says she can't. Lolo: so when kandi was talking to tamar, what else were they talking about? bc kandi didn't vote for me. i like kandi because she's very straight. they talk about how tight tamar and kandi are. dina: tamar said things like, "i'm friends with her, we have each other's back." and i asked her if they have an alliance and she said no. lolo: do you think if kandi wins HOH that she'll take Tamar? dina: i don't htink she has a choice lolo: i wish i would have known that so i could have saved you today and then you could have been in the final 4. because the conversation i had with kandi .. i told ricky and tamar that kandi has a relationship with Tamar and she's played chess with Ricky.. so why would she take me to the final dina: i'll talk to ricky and see where he is lolo: i think you should tell ricky that kandi is obligated to tell tamar. if you tell ricky that.. then that means, why would we take her (Kandi) to the final dina: and tamar would take kandi. because it's bigger than this house. lolo: this is a conversation you need to have (with Ricky). and ricky's in a good place. he likes to talk about game. But dina you should have told me and i could have saved you today. dina: when? lolo: you should have pulled me to the side. i'll ask kandi later straight up if she's taking tamar dina: she's going to say no lolo: what's frustrating is kandi doesn't need the money. she makes more money in two episodes than I make in a year. i'm just frustrated because you should have told me this. dina: i didn't have time. lolo: so basically if i don't win (The next HOH) then i'm not going to the final. maybe have another conversation with kandi dina: i know what she's going to do. if i'm not here, it's tay. she knows those guys aren't going to vote for tamar. lolo: it sucks because ricky's probably going to keep kandi. the only way ricky's going to keep you is if you have that conversation with him. dina: i'm gonna go tell him right now. Lolo goes to get Ricky and Dina says she'll wait in the tweet room.
  6. 12:01 PM BBT Lolo and Dina go into the kitchen. Dina started talking but Lolo said they'll go into the twitter room. 12:03PM BBT Dina goes to the bathroom while Lolo waits for her in the twitter room. Lolo says to the camera "having coffee with dina.. even though i wanted to sleep. she wanted to talk and there's no way around it. gotta respect moms." Dina joins Lolo in the twitter room. She tells Dina that the twitter is working now. Dina says she couldn't think of Lolo's name last night (only the 4th most common last name in USA...) Dina tells Lolo she didn't know anything about the show until she came in besides watching some bb during sequester. She said everything was so fun in the beginning and then people got confused at their own games... Dina: and i was just floating. and when i saw that, it upset me. and i knew it wasn't real. i saw in your situation, when you would get angry, you couldn't go anywhere. you can't leave. i'm not the type of person to bust into a room. i give people their space. she talks about Ricky and being interested in his astrology. she said yesterday Kandi asked Ricky what he was thinking about. Dina said probably nothing, he's just thinking. he's a Gemini. She says she's observant.. (this conversation is going EVERYWHERE so it's hard to type what all she's talking about). Dina: you're very sensitive, like extremely. and so am i. Lolo: you handle yours better though Dina: you didn't see me crying. Dina talks about when Kato slammed his hand on the table twice. She talks about how scared she was. Dina: i wanted to get you alone so many times Lolo: what did you think of tom? Dina: tom really cares about you. he really cares about you Lolo: what did you think about his game play Dina: i wanted to see him without kato and you without Natalie. Lolo's just agreeing and saying yeah a lot. The conversation is insanely hard to follow because it's still going everywhere. Lolo: so you really think they were talking about me? Dina: i dont think they were talking about you. i was just making an educated guess. i just wanted to tell you, and i think that's why tom said to Tamar 'tamar you're lying' and she was trying to cover it. first Natalie and ricky came into my hallway, and Natalie was like what have you been doing. Ricky just said he didn't say anything. and i kind of get what he's thinking now, and I'm just a good reader of people. Natalie started saying, "Lolo doesn't have anyone to go home to and i have a husband" and I'm just listening. and Natalie said "and i told her that and i just want her to win." and then she said , well Tamar said to me "why are you saying that? why are you giving up?" and then Natalie changed her mind and wanted to win. THEN i'm upstairs and Tamar was up there w/ Kandi. i walked in. and then Ricky came pretty soon after. so i was like ok something's going on here. so then Tamar and kandi were talking and Kandi said, "well you know my decision." and i knew mine too but i wasn't going to say anything. bc it's my decision. Lolo: yea you've always voted with your heart Dina: and it was you. and i didn't think i owed it to Natalie bc i didn't know her. and my heart goes out to you. i don't know a lot but i've heard from other people what you've gone through. and people think "Oh i have millions of dollars and-" No. it's been real hard. dammit i had tissues. Dina fights back crying. lolo: don't cry. Dina: people think i live in LA.. i was here to work. i've always lived in NY. it's just such a misconception. lolo: i just wish i would have talked to you before. i knew if i saved someone (with the veto today) then Tamar would have went on the block. Lolo checks the door to make sure no one is at the door. Lolo: i kinda thought that's how you guys felt and you warned me and tom warned me Dina: he was being honest Lolo: i know. i didn't talk to anybody. Dina: well they were on you Lolo: they were. before tom left, i felt like we both needed to talk. Dina: a lot of guys felt that way about you. they wanted to talk to you but you were always with Natalie. you were focused in the games too. that's what you do and that's your mindset. Lolo: Ryan and Jonathan were the first ones to go. Ryan i didn't need to talk to as much because i knew his story. mooch i didn't get any time to talk to at all. kato and tom, especially tom, i had quite a few conversations with tom. i know Natalie had more conversations with people but i had conversations with the right people, the people i needed to have conversations with. Tom became a very powerful player.. had I spent my time with some of the other guys.. they were the ones who went home. i did spend a lot of time with my room(mates) and i did trust them and that was very hard to hear- Dina: i just wanted you to know what was up lolo: i still don't know what's up. we play in the final HOH tomorrow. and obviously tom said the same thing you said.. that ricky and tamar didn't want me here. then who do i pick for the final? if they both didn't want me here but now they're saying they do. Dina: well, what else are they going to say? Lolo: let me ask you this- who's kandi taking to the final? have yall talked about that? Dina: since day one, I've always said.. TO GOD.. the person who needs to the most will win. and I've always thought you. since I've heard so much hardship with your stories. lolo: well you said you're going through it too. first and second get money though. Dina: i didn't know second gets money. all i remember is the extra 5. Lolo: Kandi doesn't care about that, that's like five dollars to her. they talk about how kandi doesn't care about the extra money they all get. Dina says she's always been a survivor. she mouths stuff to Lolo but i can't quite make it out. it's all stuff that's public record that she's writing about in her book. they couldn't release the book at one point because her ex husband tried to stop it. she says she still has pain that's there but she had to bury it and be strong for her kids. she says menopause doesn't help an d it's all new to her right now. she said she saw herself become different, not better or worse, just more emotional because she was always there to protect her kids and forgot about herself.
  7. 11:42AM BBT Feeds are back. Kandi is in her bed. Lolo, Rick and Tamar are in their beds. Dina's in their room talking to them about the fake Natalie in the bed. It was very loud on on the feeds, like noise from others outside of the HGs. now it's cleared up. Tamar, Dina, Lolo and Ricky talking about baggage and flights. Ricky asks Dina what kind of work does she do. Dina says a lot of marketing stuff will be happening when she gets out of the house with Allie and Dakota. She says Lindsay and herself are doing things overseas. 11:51 It's super clear that Lolo's trying to get Dina to leave their room. Earlier she said, "well Dina, can you tell me when you make coffee later" and just now it was, "alright.. dina, can you wake me up in like 40 minutes?" Dina says yes. and she's still standing their in their room.. talking about a girl helping her pack her bags before she came into the BB house. no one is responding. Ricky's playing with some type of string. 11:52AM BBT Lolo gets up to go to the bathroom. Dina's still standing in their room, saying the bathroom is far away from their room. Then she talks about not being so aware of the cameras at one point of the game. Then she says she it felt weird people watching her on pop tv/live feeds. She says now she feels ok about it. She says she feels freer. She says she always felt protected and guarding her kids. Now she feels like when she was a kid. Ricky tells Dina he would love to look at her chart. Dina says she would have to give him her birth time. He says he could do the year. She says she could have to tell him later. Then she says she's not sure what year she was born because of some type of mix up. It's one of two years and she's not sure which year. (I googled it- she was born Sept 15, 1962.. 56 years old). Dina says she doesn't even miss her phone. Lolo comes back into the bedroom and says twitter's down.
  8. 7:45AM BBT The HG are getting up for the day. 7:50AM BBT Lolo tells Tamar and Ricky good morning as she leaves the bedroom to go to the SR. Tamar says, "one more sleep." In the storage room, Lolo says to herself, "I do not feel good right now." She goes back to the bedroom and asks Tamar if she feels ok. Tamar says her ear hurts. Lolo says she doesn't feel good. Dina is upstairs in the HOH bathroom. Ricky and Tamar go into the SR to change their batteries. 7:53 AM BBT: Tamar and Kandi are in the washroom. Tamar: You need to tell people what they want to hear. Tamar leaves the washroom as Ricky's walking in. Ricky and Kandi tell each other good morning. Kandi asks Ricky how he's feeling. He says pretty good. Tamar and Lolo are back in their beds. Tamar asks Lolo why does she think she's nauseous. Lolo doesn't know. Tamar asks Lolo if she needs to get the medic. Lolo says no, it's only when she moves too fast. 7:57AM BBT Tamar is out of her room. She asks Dina and Kandi if they've ever had an ear infection. Dina gives her advice about her ear. Tamar's blowing her nose a lot and says her ear is killing her. Kandi and Tamar are whispering in the washroom. It's hard to hear but it sounds like Kandi says she has Ricky's vote and i THINK tamar says she has her vote to stay too. Before Kandi leaves the WR, Tamar says, "but don't tell them that." Tamar puts on her makeup in the washroom. Lolo gets out of bed. She tells Kandi and Dina "morning, guys". Kandi says good morning but Dina doesn't say anything. 8:19 Lolo's in her bed fixing her makeup. Ricky's sitting on his bed. Kandi's in the hall fixing her makeup at the mirror. Dina's at the mirror in front of her bed fixing her hair. Tamar is likely still putting her makeup on in the washroom. Not much talking going on. 8:31AM BBT Tamar's back in her bed. She complains that it's not even 9AM yet. 9:00AM BBT not a whole lot of talk has gone on this morning. Tamar asks Lolo and Ricky "have they talked to yall about doing press?" Lolo says yes. Tamar says no one has said anything to her about it. The feeds cut and then old episodes of CBB1 play. The HGs were told they'd be on lockdown at 9:30.
  9. 1:29PM BBT Lolo and Tamar get out of bed. Tamar goes to the bathroom. Lolo goes upstairs to the HOH where ricky is either in the shower or the tub. She leaves the HOH room once she realizes someone is in the HOH bathroom. Lolo thinks it's Dina in the HOH bathroom and thinks Ricky must be working out. (Dina's still in the bed sleeping in Kandi's room.. as is Kandi.) Lolo uses the bathroom and then runs water over her hands (so many HGs don't use soap!) Lolo checks Kandi's room. She goes back into her room and says she's going back to bed since everyone's asleep. Tamar and Lolo get back in their beds. Lolo: so Ricky's in the shower. I opened Kandi's door and said "you asleep?" and she just looked at me. Tamar says it's clear that Kandi and Dina are taking each other to the final. Lolo: well one of them isn't unless we get backdoored. One of them will be gone, and then one will be left. tamar: i think they don't realize what's going on. Lolo: of course they do. Tamar: you think so? Lolo: i'm trying to tell you, one of them will make it back to play in the final Tamar: the problem is we just don't know who's going to win lolo: what? the final game? Tamar: yeah Lolo: at least we know if it's kandi, she'll take you. after that conversation last night.. before i was on the same page as keeping her but not know. she thinks i got all these votes. the fact that she said she only has 3 votes.. has she lost her damn mind? i counted at least 5. Tamar: dina's more dangerous. Lolo: i didn't even know she was that cool w/ joey Tamar: she aint that cool w/ joey. I've been trying not to call people out- but i aint ever seen her and joey hang out. the only people i knew her to hang out w/ was Mooch, Ricky and Dina. Lolo: that's why ricky wants to keep her. so he has another option of someone keeping him. tamar: i think she would take Ricky to the end over me. Ricky walks in. Lolo: we were talking about if kandi wins the last challenge, she would take you. Ricky: me? Tamar: where did you go ricky? Lolo: he was taking a shower. i didn't know if it was you or not. Lolo: to be honest, it can be anything. if it's God's will then it's God's will. Tamar: Lolo don't worry, just play. Lolo: i know. I've had some genuine experience in here, and every time i have one it gets robbed. 1:42PM BBT Kandi's in the washroom fixing her hair. Dina asks Kandi to turn on the blow dryer while she poops. 1:48PM BBT Dina joins Kandi at the table to play cards. Dina says her mom must miss her a lot. Kandi asks if "they" checked on Dina's mom. Which causes the feeds to cut for a second and then all cameras on Ricky, Tamar and Lolo who were completely silent in their bedroom for a few seconds. The cameras return to Dina and Kandi. Not much talking going on so far today. 1:54PM BBT Dina shows Kandi a blue pearl she has stuck on her hand. Kandi's called to the DR downstairs. We get WBRB.
  10. 12:40PM BBT Dina went into Kandi's room (where Kandi is sleeping) to pray. Lolo, Ricky and Tamar are in their beds. Lolo is sleeping. Ricky and Tamar are talking about Tamar's son. She wonders where her ex husband is. Tamar says on the second date with her boyfriend, they were talking about having kids. 1:08PM BBT Everyone is in bed except Ricky. He just got up and he's looking all around the house for something/someone. Dina and Kandi are sleeping in Kandi's room. Ricky gets some towels from the storage room and heads up to the HOH room.
  11. 11:52AM BBT Tamar, Ricky and Lolo are sitting around the table talking about music they liked in high school and movies. Dina's making something to eat in the kitchen. 12:02PM BBT Lolo says she wants to be Tamar's bridesmaid. Lolo says Tamar will have to be her bridesmaid too. Lolo said she got sad a while back when she thought about how she wouldn't have that many girls to be her bridesmaids. 12:04PM BBT Tamar peeps into Kandi's room for a second. Tamar: wow you're really the last one in your room. What a success! Dina's alone in the kitchen. She says something about mean girls. She talks to the camera and says, "I miss you guys. Can't wait to see all of you."
  12. 9:18AM BBT The house guests just got up for the day. In the wash room, Lolo and Natalie are sitting and talking alone. They say today will be interesting. 9:20AM BBT Kandi and Dina are talking about Joey and laughing. Kandi says she misses ol Joey. Jamar hangs out near where Kandi does her makeup in front of the storage room. Ricky comes out of his bedroom and into the storage room. Then back out and into his room. Tamar goes to the kitchen alone to make her tea. Natalie leaves Lolo in the washroom and joins Tamar in the kitchen, Tamar goes into the washroom where Lolo is. Natalie follows. Tamar asks if anyone talked to Tom last night. Lolo says no, they all went to sleep. 9:26AM BBT Tamar says she hates when she doesn't wake up on the sunny side of the street. Dina's called to put on her mic. Tamar says EVERYBODY CALM DOWN (to BB). Natalie in their bedroom talking to Ricky- she asks how Ricky is feeling. They both say they're doing ok. Natalie says it's hard to predict what Tom's going to do. Back in the bathroom, Tamar asks Kandi why they're up so early. Kandi says so that they can have the veto ceremony early
  13. 10:25AM BBT: Natalie: One thing I know for sure, I do not like Tom Green. He's a prick. Tamar joins Ricky, Natalie and Lolo in their bedroom. Natalie: how was it (DR session)? Tamar: where is everybody Ricky: i feel calm and peaceful Natalie: i'm just really irritated agitated and i want to smack him Tamar: who Natalie: tom ricky to Tamar: what you got? Tamar: caffeine candy. you want some? Natalie: it's Tom's candy (He got from POPTV) Tamar: first of all, it's expired. Meanwhile, Tom is asleep in the HOH room. Not sure what Dina and Kandi are doing. 10:45AM BBT Tamar and Natalie are talking to Dina and asking if she would vote to keep Natalie over Ricky. Dina says yes. Tamar: Tom's playing to win Dina: he gets the last vote, right? Natalie and Tamar: If there's a tie (Dina really doesn't get the game) Ricky comes in. Dina's called to the DR. Natalie: Kandi left her (Dina) high and dry. Kandi's pump ass Ricky: that's strange to me that Kandi would- Natalie: well it's just good for her game Ricky: no it's not Tamar: no it's the dumbest s**t Ricky: kandi's not the target at the point Tamar: she is now Natalie: true. well to me i think she showed her true colors when he picked me in the comp Tamar: i don't know her like that. do yall think she's just being nice? Natalie: to tom? girl take a f**king seat ricky: she is nice, so that's part of it Tamar: that's what i'm saying Natalie: she doesn't need to be that close to tom. since yall have been friends for the past two decades. then for kandi to be that close to tom- Ricky: i'm proud of Kandi for starting to play the game. she's being more aggressive. Natalie: the numbers are not on her side Tamar: she doesn't realize that though Ricky: how can she not, though? Natalie: tom can't compete for the next HOH. If i'm still here depending on how the cards fall, I'm winning HOH. no question about it. Natalie: I just want to smack him so bad. Tamar: Why?? Natalie: Because he's an idiot Ricky: I just try not to take it personally. Tamar: he's definitely not like kato. Kato is rotten for what he said to her (Dina.. i think referring to Kato saying "thanks a lot, dina" as he was being evicted). Did Kato not want to leave this house? remember how he backed up? i don't think he wanted to go Natalie: i do have compassion for them. because they're in their older years. Ricky: tom is going home to his mom's. Natalie, Tamar and Ricky speculate that Tom's girlfriend broke up with him. All feeds cut to Tom in his HOH room, still sleeping.
  14. 10:05AM BBT Tom to Dina in the kitchen: the s**t disturber in me in showing so much restraint. Dina tells him to just chill. (Lolo got heated before she ever got out of bed this morning because of Tom "using the fact that winning BB would help her since she doesn't have health insurance and the fact that the money would help her train for the Olympics to mess with her head). She was talking very loud where at least Dina and Kandi could hear Lolo without even trying to outside of their room. Tom was in the kitchen. When Lolo finally came out, Lolo told Tom she was very irritated by him and he said let's talk out here. Feeds cut. Tom: If Natalie wins the veto and uses it on herself, she's basically using it on herself Dina: or she'll put up- Tom: no, no, i put the replacement up Lolo is in the bedroom telling Natalie, Ricky and Tamar that Tom said yesterday he wasn't going to put her up and now he wants to back door her. (that's not what happened. his intentions were to get out Ricky. the second option would be Natalie. Kandi told him to put both of his targets up to ensure at least one of them stays. Lolo is getting to her own head by thinking he's backdooring her.) 10:11AM BBT Tom to Dina: Ricky is the one who's organizing the whole thing Dina: he's a player Tom: Ricky will come to me if he's here and he'll end up trying to work with me. Dina: oh i know, he tried it once before Tom: i actually don't care who goes. that's the good thing. Tom to himself: i literally, LITERALLY, don't care. Well I care a little bit (laughs). 10:13AM BBT: Tom to Tamar who's talking fast past him in the kitchen- "What's up?" Tamar: Diary. 30 seconds later while Tamar's getting something out of her bedroom, Tom goes to try to get into the DR. Tamar goes back to the DR door and asks Tom if he's going in there. Tom says he just has a question but moves out of the way so Tamar can go in. Tamar says it's interview time. Tom tells her to have fun. He goes to his HOH room. 10:15AM BBT: Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are talking in their bedroom. Lolo asks Ricky why does Tom have it out for him, just because of the patio conversation? (referring to where Ricky was giving him a hard time for not being able to do his stand up right there on the spot. Ricky says it's that and a while back when they were in the bathroom when ricky told Tom that everyone changed when the cameras came on, including Tom for becoming a prick.
  15. 12:30PM BBT Tom and Kato are alone in the kitchen. Kato talks about the DR and says to Tom, "The only thing I'm going to say is they're good people" (Talking about production). Kato says he's going to win the next HOH. Kato:" If you see anything out of my frame, tell me." while pointing to his glasses, meaning if he can't see anything well in the HOH comp, for Tom to help him by talking to him about what he needs to do. [I could be totally wrong here, but if the next comp is something where they're doing something that requires them to look for something, I can't help but wonder if someone in production tipped Kato off about what kind of HOH comp it would be and that's why Kato knew he might need help seeing stuff... I mean he just said twice that production people are good people referring to his recent DR session]. 12:43PM BBT Lolo, Natalie and Tamar are hoping they won't show the fight from this morning on the show. Tamar says no one wants to see that. We get WBRB. 12:50PM BBT Dina's laying down in her room. Joey complains to her about Tom playing pool at 4:15 this morning and how selfish it was of Tom. In the gym, Natalie tells Tamar that Tom and Kato are going to try to talk to her (Tamar). Tamar tells Natalie they need to keep their eye on Dina to make sure she doesn't get sucked back in by Tom and Kato. Tom and Kato are in the kitchen talking about breakfast foods and about what's unhealthy to eat.
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