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  1. 9:59AM BBT: tell us you're a live feeder if you see us in the streets. Kaycee and JC wants the live feeders to sing "the real tyler" to him if we see him and he tells us not to. Live feeds are down. :(
  2. 9:45AM BBT The final 3 wake up and JC throws a pillow at Tyler. Tyler tells JC to go make him breakfast. JC asks if they want eggs. They said the wakeup song was "Closing Time". They talk about how it was there last time waking up in the BB house. 9:55AM BBT Kaycee tells the livefeeds she loves us all and they're ready to get out of here. JC says he hopes we're happy with the top 3. Kaycee asks us to be nice to them. JC tells us to follow them on instagram. Jc says thanks for following their craziness and they all say it was their best summer of their lives. Tyler: live feeders- we know that you guys are the real MVPs. Tyler says we're a part of their lives. Kaycee says they love all the lovers and the haters. JC: Thank you so much for supporting my relationship with Tyler. Kaycee tells us to keep watching BB. JC: we'll be watching BB21 with all of you. Tyler: try out for BB. it'll be the best summer of your life. Kaycee: we're actually out of here today, guys! JC: in less than 10 hours! Tyler: and you guys have been here the whole time and you're still here for like 2 more minutes. they talk about the live feeds are going down at 10am. they give more thanks to the live feeders. Tyler: hamster watch- deuces
  3. 1:16PM BBT: Angela and Kaycee are talking alone in the BBR and complaining about Sam. They say Sam is faker than Haleigh and it's crazy. Angela says she was annoyed that Sam asked her how to vote (Hayleigh or Fessy). They say they don't believe the reason she voted out Haleigh was because of Fessy's speech. Kaycee says it's pissing her off how Sam is acting. Angela says it'll be easy to put Sam up if Angela is every HOH again because she'll tell Sam that both times Angela was HOH, Sam voted against the house. Meanwhile, in the HOH room, JC, Brett and Tyler are also talking about Sam lol. Then they say Fessy didn't even try to stay in the house this week once he lost the veto. He threw a temper tantrum and acted like a child. They talk about how Fessy would leave a mess in the kitchen. Tyler says he felt so bad for Angela because the day before she had told the DR her life story and that's why she was so emotional and then Fessy did that to her (his speech). Brett asks Tyler if Fessy tried to campaign at all to him and Tyler says no, not once. Brett, "it was weird because Fessy was all about hanging out. and sometimes, when it was just fessy and me, he'd want to boys it up with me. but when someone else was around, he wouldn't talk to me." 1:23 PM BBT: Brett asks Tyler what Sam said to him. Tyler says that Sam just told him she was so happy he won and she couldn't help but to cheer for him over Haleigh. Brett says he was happy too but he was also too busy trying not to throw up.
  4. 11:41AM BBT JC tells Sam when she finds out where he was born, she's gonna die. He doesn't say where. 11:47AM BBT: In the HOH room, Angela, Tyler and Haleigh are talking about Sam. Haleigh says is pissed her off during the HOH comp because when it was down to Haleigh and Tyler, Sam kept cheering on Tyler. Haleigh said it didn't make her mad that Sam was cheering for Tyler but it made her made that she was cheering against Haleigh. They talk about how it makes no sense how some days Sam is incredibly rude to them and then the next day she's taking care of them. Haleigh says she think when Sam is bitching and rude, that's who she really is. Then Sam realizes she has to be nicer so she snaps out of it. 11:50AM BBT: Angela says she knows Sam hates that they're (Angela and Haleigh) up in the HOH room. Angela thinks Sam doesn't like girls. Haleigh says the way Sam treats girls is way different than the way she treats guys. Haleigh says she's ready to get today over with. They talk about getting food restocked today.
  5. 11:34AM BBT: In the HOH room Angela, Tyler and Brett are complaining about JC and Sam. They talk about how JC hates Sam. Haleigh comes into the HOH room. Haleigh asks how Angela slept while Tyler and Brett talk about making eggs. Brett leaves the HOH room. Tyler asks how Haleigh feels. Haleigh's neck area feels the worst. She says she feels like she's been in a really bad car wreck. Angela can't believe JC's out of bed but Haleigh says it's because he was called to the DR room a little while ago. Haleigh sas JC is a wet sleeper (he gets sweaty). Haleigh says it's so weird seeing Scottie walk around the house. 11:39AM BBT: Sam and JC are in the kitchen making breakfast.
  6. 10:40AM BBT Big Brother accidentally gave us a glimpse of what they're building int he BY.
  7. 1:19PM BBT: Haleigh burst into the HOH room to talk to Angela and tells her she's sorry for being up in the HOH room so much she just wanted to talk to her. Haleigh tells her she knows everyone keeps staying up in the HOH room. Angela says yea she just likes to be alone. Haleigh doesn't take the hint and stays on the bed. Haleigh says that she saw JC and Angela talking just now and hinted that she wanted to know what it was about but Angela doesn't tell her anything about it. Silence for a few seconds. Haleigh asks Angela if she wants to bounce anything off of her (Angela's thought on who to nominate) Angela says she's just thinking about her speech. Haleigh still just sits there. Haleigh asks if Angela has talked to Sam yet. Angela says no but she thinks Sam will lose her s**t. More silence then Haleigh makes herself comfortable and lays on the HOH bed next to Angela and says, "don't stress about it." Haleigh: above all of it though, i just want you to know that you can trust me. i know that's hard to understand. Angela: thank you Haleigh: i'll leave you alone w/ your thoughts. Angela: thank you when haleigh leaves, angela looks at the camera and shakes her head and looks to be annoyed. Kaycee comes into the HOH room and she's laughing, "they make the announcement and then Haleigh immediately follows you to the HOH room." Angela: Haleigh says, 'i want you to know that you can trust me.' like get the F out of here. Angela tells Kaycee that she was hoping someone would come save her from the convos with Haleigh and Fessy. Angela: "they (Haleigh and Fessy) literally think that tyler and i are going to work with them. they took the speculation about the double eviction and have turned it into an alliance. i'm just going to say in my speech- a day late and a dollar short." 1:27PM BBT: Angela tells Kaycee her speech will explain to fessy and Haleigh that they're deal they tried to offer does nothing for Angela. and that Angela is has been loyal to the people she's been loyal to and that's it. She thinks history would have repeated itself if Haleigh or Fessy would have won HOH. Kaycee and Angela can't believe how stupid Fessy and Haleigh are for thinking they can offer a final 4 this far along after just recently nominating them. 1:29PM BBT: Tyler goes into the HOH room, Kaycee tries to scare him and we get WBRB then clips from old episodes.
  8. 10:03AM BBT Sam trying to get in good with the HOH.
  9. (Technically Wednesday morning but Thursday night) 12:01AM BBT: In the Have-Not Room, JC is telling Tyler that Haleigh hates Sam. JC tells Tyler once Scottie is out, JC will talk to Fessy and convince him Brett is coming for him so that Fessy doesn't try to come after Tyler. 12:02AM BBT: Haleigh is setting in the hammock talking to Brett, who's laying on the ground. Haleigh tells Brett the good thing for him is she's made herself a target. 12:11 JC tells Tyler that Sam won't make it to top 5. Tyler says he knows but he's still concerned because if she does make it to the finals, there are jury members who will vote for Sam to win because Rockstar and Bayleigh hate Tyler. JC: if you did a better job than whoever is sitting next to you, you will win. You know when Rockstar walks into the Jury House, they will have to show Bayleigh the competitions and Bay will be like WTF Tyler laughs and says, "Yeah they're going to show Rockstar giving me the answer." JC: My heart stopped. You just don't understand. Tyler: i know. i wouldn't even be here (if rockstar hadn't given him the answer at the veto comp) 12:16 AM BBT: JC tells Tyler that Haleigh told Fessy that she doesn't think Fessy did the right thing (about who he put on the block). JC: Fessy told me in the HOH room that his game move was the best game move of the season and i was like, 'f yea" they laugh. Tyler tells JC: You can claim this one. I got the Swaggy one. Tyler and JC seem to be disputing over which one of them was the one gets credit for the moves. JC: Yeah but you have to give me credit, almost of the flipped votes have been because of me getting people to vote that way. Tyler: Me too! JC: I know, i said almost. 12:42AM BBT JC tells Brett to come hang out with him in the have not room (it's just them two in there). JC and Brett talk about how they're good no matter what Scottie tries to say. Tyler walks into the Have-not room. They wonder if Scottie will start pitching tomorrow as to why he should stay or if he's just waiting until his speech. Tyler says Scottie told him that he knows he's going. Tyler says Scottie's probably just banking on a battle back at this point. Brett: i just don't think he's even going to campaign at all. jc: i wasn't expecting his veto speech at all. to say that stuff about Sam. Brett: i get his logic as to why he can stay over haleigh if she was on the block. but then i think he felt so guilty about it because he has a crush on Haleigh, so he blammed Sam for hyping up. That was his way of reconciling what he did to Haleigh. Tyler: yea but it didn't work, because with Fessy it didn't work. (Tyler trying to get Fes to put Sam or Haleigh up.) They laugh about Haleigh saying she likes guys with big arms and big fingers. they laugh because fessy doesn't have big fingers. JC: fessy has big fingers but his peepee isn't that big. Brett: how do you know JC says he can tell because of the clothes fessy wears. They laugh about the 40 sexual partners JC has had. Brett says, "alright Kaitlyn"
  10. 12:20PM BBT: in the PBR, Haleigh asks Bayleigh if she's gonna talk to others to get their vote. Bayleigh says, "no i don't wanna stay here with you white people." In HOH: Sam's talking to Angela. Angela's explaining to Sam why she put Bay on the block. Angela says she knows Bay is the hacker. Then she tells Sam about how Bayleigh makes people put their hand on the bible and swear stuff to her. She said Bay's been doing Scottie wrong. Sam tells Angela she did the right thing. Back in the PBR: Bayleigh, "I think Kaycee knew the entire time and that's why she's acting weird to me."
  11. 12:01 PM BBT: Fessy goes back inside. Tyler goes upstairs. Outside, Rachel tells Brett "it's a shitty situation." Tyler to Bayleigh in HOH: i told you. bay: thank you!!! how do you feel? are you so happy? tyler: i feel good. i feel so good. bay: now i have no questions about you. i trust you completely. Tyler and Bayleigh talk about how excited they are.
  12. 11:58AM BBT: Brett is sitting alone on the BY couch. Kaycee and Sam hug happily in the kitchen. Rachel is out of the bathroom and goes outside to join Brett. Rachel: are you ok? Brett: no, not really. *silence.* Sam heads outside, she comes out whistling. Fessy comes outside too. Brett asks Fessy if he's lifting. Fessy says he's thinking about it. They talk about working out.
  13. 11:57AM BBT Feeds are back up from Veto meeting. It looks like Rachel went into the bathroom and is crying.
  14. 12:31PM BBT: Kaitlyn's telling bayleigh that tyler told her yesterday that fessy and haleigh might not be voting to keep her. Kaitlyn says it's a weird feeling but it's humbling. Kaitlyn: there's so much that you don't know that i can't tell you." bayleigh: well that's smart. and yall can talk later and he can tell you. Kaitlyn: it's a lose lose situation. no matter what, i'm losing a friend. bayleigh: it's not that you're losing a friend. it's just game related. this week has been an interesting week because it's been all of my friends on the block. so I've been trying to hang back.
  15. 12:26PM BBT: Haleigh's telling Angela about the same stuff she (Haleigh) told Rachel last night. Angela agrees w/ Haleigh that kaitlyn is full of BS.