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  1. FISH... Back, M talking about strange foods that her grandma fixed, olives and cream cheese sandwiches. M starts whistling. FISH again... Back from FISH, still in HOH BR, M is putting lotion on her arms and Iv is sitting at the table playing cards. M: Do you think that they purposely lie to us about time estimates or do you think they really just don't know? Iv thinks they have an idea but doesn't know sometimes. Iv says she is very antsy. M said she didn't think she was until she got the overwhelming urge to puke and 'that's not normal.' She says how funny it would be if they saw their family and just puked. FISH HOH lockdown over. FISH
  2. M looks in a drawer and see condoms. Iv tells her to take some. M said she will stop at the store and get some. Iv questions her about using condoms. M said not all the time but she went off birth control right before she came in and she doesn't want a 'creepy crawler getting in there.' Now talking about how they dislike authority but they signed that away when they came in.
  3. Iv asks M if A promised to vote for her at the end. M said "a promise, no." and kept saying no. She did finally say that "April told me that if I made it to the end that she would vote for me." Iv: If you were against me? M: She never mentioned who I would be against for her to vote for me. Iv: What about Jennifer? M: Jennifer never said anything to me about it, jenn was 6 weeks ago. Iv is pouting and M says "I don't have a partner in sequester so consider April's one vote to be like my parnter." Iv is still not saying much. M said she is getting jittery from the coffee and needs something on her stomach. She stands up and says she thinks she is going to throw up. She goes in the BR and Iv covers her ears. M says it is harder than she thought.
  4. M and Iv recapping the whole game. M said that the DR told her at the beginning that she would look back and love this game and the house because she was miserable at first in there. Iv wishes she could have talked about Maggie (tush) from the beginning. M told her she could have and nothing would have changed. Eric saw how close Iv and B were so they knew, just like Iv knew that Howie and Rachel because he was always up in the HOH room week one and she talked about him behind his back. Iv asks M why she got off the surfboard so quickly and M said because she knew R liked Eric because she overheard R say that she liked him. M asked Iv if she told Jan that she was going to pass on the throwing the HOH offer. Iv told M that she told jan 'thanks but no thanks but I pass.' M is going over what would have happened if Jan would have won the HOH and took Iv and ending up winning the whole thing. IV :People probably think I am dumb." M: What you did was great, besides the fact that we are friends. Our alliance was great, it protected all of us. M said she is so shaky because she has nothing on her stomach but so much coffee. Iv and M talking about how they will sleep when they get out. M said she will have nightmares when she gets out from all the stress. She said this stress is so different then her every day life stress. The house is very noisy with whatever they are doing.
  5. Iv said that she really is going to miss M that she is sorry that she did not beat her up but she really is going to miss her. M said thank you (for not beating her up) and that she really is going to miss her too. That she has had alot of fun with her. Iv agrees. FISH... Back from FISH, I guess an HOH lockdown b/c Maggie and Iv are making their way to the HOH room. M asks BB for some music. Now card game has moved to HOH table.
  6. Iv said her stomach is jacked up. M said her will be soon too because hers always is the day of a live show. Iv said she picked at her face yesterday like she never has before. M said she will be able to cover it up easy. M said she is going to eat breakfast and not eat anything else because she doesn't want to faint.
  7. M is telling Iv about driving in Boston and when you hit someone you just pull over and say sorry and then go on. She tells Iv about her 'silver bullet' car that she sold for $200. and the day they sold it she came out in her pj's and she realized that she didn't have a picture of the car so she had the guy who was buying it take a picture of she and Dave right before he took it. Then she told a story about getting Dave to work and then getting to school in a snowstorm. She got pulled over and the cop was going to arrest her for driving dangerously but instead took to her to the subway to get to school because she had to get there because it was a zero tolerance school because they saw it as if you are going to work to save people's lives and you don't go to class then you aren't taking it seriously. M said she learned she needed a class the day before it was required so she went to the bookstore and bought the book, read 600 pages and went and clepped the course the next day. M said she memorizes what she reads despite popular opinion that she is dumb. Iv: Last Day Here! M: "I know, it is so exciting, I started getting those nervous feelings last night so I started counting, I got to 1600 by counting 1-1000, 2-1000, like that and everytime I started thinking about the game again, I would focus on the numbers" Iv came out of the bathroom and asked M why she doesn't digest corn. Iv said, you guys don't learn that? M said they don't give a f*** why corn doesn't break down. Now they are playing cards.
  8. Iv feeding fish. M tells her to get a piece in the back for "jenn-jenn because she is up and kicking.' m and iv are talking to the fish and cheering them on. Now just sitting and looking at the tank. M says "yeah, it rained on our last day here." She says the fish "all of them have been feisty" M apologizes to Iv because Iv didn't sleep. M is doing the play-by-play of the fishes actions. Telling Iv that they are vomitting and being greedy. Iv is cleaning the table and counters. Iv says, "coffee.' M says "yeah" Iv is busy cleaning the windows. M asks about the set being outside. She said 7 hours and then she asks Iv if she is already starting her cleaning mode. Iv said she 'has to keep busy Maggie.' M said that's fine. Iv said if her family flew in today then they should already be here. Maggie sais everyone's family should be there as well as the other HG. Iv is calling M her "maggie may, mags to riches, maggie-licious." M and Iv are going to the DR to ask some questions. Back from DR, Iv goes to Storage room to get the vacuum and asks M if she wants a banana. M said it stopped raining. Iv seems to have a short temper today, like M is getting on her nerves. M said only "6 1/2 more hours, can you believe it? That's nothing." She talks about the thousands of scars and bruises and emotional scars that are on her. She said it is going to take hours of psychologcal help to recover from this house. M told Iv that when she has long nails, Dave tells her that she is not working hard enough. Maggie said her thumb is still numb and her only request is when she leaves she would like the feeling back in her thumb. Iv said she is so full of humor this morning. M said she is happy that she is leaving the house.
  9. 9:55 AM BBT Iv is up. M wakes up and asks her if she is okay. She said something "6:30 or 7" and walked to the back door and then to BR. M went back to sleep.
  10. 9:39 AM BBT M and Iv still asleep. Cam 2 is still on the sky.
  11. 8:30 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house. (It probably will be for awhile)
  12. It looks like they are making progress on the puzzle. M just called it "Great Fun"
  13. kkelley

    September 16th Live Feed Updates

    1:22 BBT Back from FISH and it was like it was before except Jan is up in the HOH br drying her hair. M and Iv are still up at the HOH table playing cards.
  14. kkelley

    September 16th Live Feed Updates

    1:05 PM BBT STILL FISH (this is ridiculous!!!!)
  15. kkelley

    September 16th Live Feed Updates

    11:01 AM BBT Still FISH, going on now over 25 minutes.