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  1. Today is National HAPPY Day! Who's having a good day? http://t.co/CiazUpsuFB

  2. If this doesn’t trigger dramatic flashbacks to your childhood then i don’t trust you http://t.co/NHXGE4BDHA

  3. What are some cartoons you'd like to see more of here? Message me pictures of your favorite cartoons, I'd love to share!

  4. Shout out to those who went into work late and got out early http://t.co/ykScnX6nI2

  5. If she doesn't remember who says "That's all folks!" she's too young for you, bro! http://t.co/xQ8swdx7lw

  6. This ‘50s childhood icon was a bad boy who could make the ladies swoon and make the boys want to hang out with him http://t.co/m2uUIe2qAA

  7. It's a rainy Tuesday morning http://t.co/3DTlP0WqvH

  8. Happy St. Patty's day! Who's wearing green? http://t.co/uApPeXHabb