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  1. Do you think when America was MVP and put Elissa up the fans just didn't understand? #BBLiveChat

  2. RT @BB16FeedUpdates: The top 2 targets for the DE are Frankie and Christine. RETWEET if you want Frankie to go. FAVORITE if you want Christ…

  3. RT @EvelDick: Frankie's sister is telling all the 12 year old girls to vote 4 him 4 America's fav.

    Come together, vote for Zach, don't gi…

  4. RT @MarqueeMarc: Voting is open for America's Favorite! Let's vote for #TeamDonny #DonnyforAFP #BB16 http://t.co/Nxzn6hvnJR

  5. RT @NBCBlacklist: RETWEET if you're already hooked on #TheBlacklist and counting down the seconds until next Monday at 10/9c!

  6. Tell Elissa she had her own fans-she got mvp b/c of how she handled all the drama #BBLiveChat

  7. @Aggie_Baseball @LevyRestaurants Bring that to the Toyota Center! Looks good!
  8. @chelseahandler I got married for the first time at 40! Then got pregnant immediately and wasn't even trying!u never know
  9. @ChronBrianSmith Just now reading today's paper-love the article!
  10. @DonatasMot We're gonna miss you!!
  11. @PattiSmithFSSW Thanks! My niece Landyn came in 2nd and I couldn't go!
  12. @PattiSmithFSSW voted!
  13. @00rocketgirl @reliantenergy https://t.co/7TVQGINyfL

  14. @00rocketgirl I like Pizza Hut better! Now I want coke!

  15. @AnnCurry Am watching We’ll Meet Again and am So ashamed that as a 66 year old American I never knew Japanese in so… https://t.co/6xapLASW6T

  16. @ATT As a 37 year retiree- the ad with Mark W. is awesome !

  17. @BB19KEVIN I love your Dad! He's doing great!

  18. @beardforthree You guys have the moves! Love it!

  19. @Bethenny If that's all you have to gripe about-consider yourself lucky! Could be worse!

  20. @BigBrotherLeak No way Natalie! Paul!!

  21. @BrandiGlanville I’m voting you my fav player so you get the money! You were the most entertaining!

  22. @BullCBS FYI-love the show but hard to find on Facebook for some reason.

  23. @BullCBS love this show!

  24. @ca_rockets Doing the happy dance!! You are a favorite and will be great!! Congrats!!