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  1. So many happy miserable people

  2. Education is important.

  3. RT @buffalobills: Your Buffalo Bills and fans around the world are all with you today as you undergo surgery, Jim! #KellyTough https://t.co…

  4. RT @Sunkiss_flower: https://t.co/v3WTkfku8O

  5. @bakeddozen It’s the same as how a rapist still wins an Oscar.

  6. @SocialRepose @YouTube Please, escort yourself to the nearest dumpster and jump in. https://t.co/gMPXsl2CAk

  7. @fmarion_1 Twitter is awesome

  8. @Elizabe33766616 @AmandaEnsing She got called out for stealing the designs for her merch

  9. @__s4kura__ @SocialRepose OMG. I HAVENT THOUGHT ABOUT THAT SONG IN YEARS.

  10. @CentralNYGuy @JaclynGlenn https://t.co/bTeJDenwcX

  11. @amazingatheist https://t.co/IYb5nwbPOT

  12. @KathleenLights1 hey, did you know your photo is being used to sell fake Modern Renaissance palettes on amazon?!?!?… https://t.co/8cPL6ob37w

  13. RT @formoftherapy: Logan Paul: I truly learned my lesson *Uploads videos of him tasing a dead rat and poking at a fish struggling to brea…

  14. @PerezHilton Yet she was more than willing to be in a Woody Allen movie. #MoneyTalks

  15. @JaclynGlenn @MsBlaireWhite 2 of my favorite people ❤️❤️❤️❤️