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  1. Final Big Brother in 2 Minutes Speed Recap! Thanks for all your support this summer - Ronnie
  2. Latest Big Brother in 2 Minutes! Only one more week! Enjoy!
  3. New Big Brother in 2 Minutes! Defeat of the One Piece Enjoy!
  4. In this week's Big Brother in 2 Minutes Speed Recap, it's the anniversary of the Martin Luther King I Had a Dream Speech, which is a good time to get rid of the head racist bony assed bi**h! Enjoy and share!
  5. Latest Big Brother in 2 Minutes!
  6. Latest Big Brother in 2 Minutes Speed Recap! Week 6: Clowns, Fleas, and Karma Showers. Enjoy, and share if you like! It's Big Brother Speed Recap time!! GinaMarie got some power this week, and Amanda got a well deserved shower. Lots of racism, clownism, and fleaism. FUN!
  7. New episode up!! Hope you like! In this speed recap, the Frog Hunter takes control, Aaryn's still an a hole, and Elissa gets disses by OMGAMERRRRICAAAAA!! Enjoy! And please share if you can!!
  8. Hey guys! I'm Ronnie from TrashTalkTV and formerly TVgasm.com. I'm working on a full series of Big Brother 15 speed recap parodies, and I thought I'd share them with you here. This is a crazy season, and I want as many people in on it as possible! Hope you enjoy the latest! This is the speedcap for Week Three and it's called "Pretty is a Race."
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    BB15 General Discussion

    Hey guys I've made a Video Speed Recap of Big Brother: Week 2 in 2 Min: Relay Racist Hope it's cool that I'm posting a link to it here. I've been reading these forums forever and have never signed up! Thanks and I hope you like it!