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    Lived in Indiana when I made this profile but am now back home in Texas :) My interests are: my family, especially my grandangels, watching BB, reading at Morty's, reading in general, knitting, any kind of volunteer work, especially that helps children. I believe that we can judge our society by how we treat the children and the elderly.
  1. BBinIndiana

    How will the jury vote? Dan vs Danielle

    If they actually showed the post eviction coversation to Shane, it gave Danielle an unfair advantage, although it probably would not have mattered. Shane will not blame himself, even 50%, for being dumb about letting Danielle put him up, which is human nature. Pawns can and do go home. It's a half a million dollars and Dan is playing to win it, not to give it away. Shane got played. It's happened how many times in BB? People get played. It's the game. Peeps in that house go back on their word all the time. Dan wasn't the first, he won't be the last. Most of them would have stepped over Dan in a heartbeat to get to the end. I would love to see Dan win, but it is probably not going to happen due to bitterness and emotions. I would probably be bitter too if I realized I had been outplayed and blindsided, I just hope I would be bitter at myself also.
  2. IMO, last night was a BB classic and the best episode I've ever seen. Dan has worked his butt off, whether with morals I agree with or not, to stay in this game. Again this is my personal opinion: I think that Dan is the #1 BB player of all time now. Sadly, he will probably not win it. I can't see how he would have jury votes unless they put their hurt feelings and emotions aside to see that they were played by a master of manipulation.
  3. BBinIndiana

    Danielle, Week 6

    Don't feel bad, I was wondering the same thing.
  4. BBinIndiana

    Joe, Week 6

    Thought Joe was so annoying in the beginning, but there seems to be more to him. I was mistaken about him and hope that he doesn't vote to keep Mike. Surely he won't?
  5. I agree that it is horrible. The first thing I thought, regarding his comments about Dan's wife, is that it sounds like a terrorist threat and they should be sending him out with the proper authorities waiting at the door to take him in. It is an awful line that he has crossed and speaks volumes about his moral character, or rather lack of. There should be a penalty vote, at the very least, for the admitted cheating. I've been quite disgusted by the reset that came before the eviction. No matter who had been on the block, it was clearly manipulation of the game by CBS. This is the first time ever that I DVR the live shows and don't watch them for days. Almost all of the BB After Dark shows are deleted without being watched. In the older days I would be waiting on the sofa with popcorn and a pop 30 minutes before it started, on pins and needles waiting to watch. Not anymore. The constant recycling of past houseguests has taken a lot of the enjoyment out of the game, IMO. Seeing the same people on multiple seasons is boring. They really need some fresh people running the show before it goes down the drain. The concept is too good to have it ruined this way. (Rant Over)
  6. BBinIndiana

    Joe Arvin, Week 2

    The rude goodbye message was uncalled for at this early point in the game.
  7. BBinIndiana

    After Party Feeds 9/14

    Hi LenRay I think it was because Rachel was so much better this season that there wasn't much hate for her. Last season, I admit, I could not stand the girl and thought some of her actions were disgusting. This year we saw a much more grown up, mature Rachel. Even at the first of the season she was better than last, then when Brendon left she sucked it up and really did play her heart out. She won me over and I would have sworn that was impossible when she walked through the doors this year. She deserved the win 100% and I even got a bit misty eyed when she won the final HOH and seeing her reaction to it. This all coming from a former Racher hater, lol. I wish her a happy marriage, lots of fat, healthy babies and a good life in whatever she wants. I don't care to see her on BB again but it isn't about her in particular, just tired of them bringing Vets back.
  8. BBinIndiana

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    My CBS channel went out during Porsche's speech, no other channel, just CBS... go figure. But I did get to see him show out when he was sent packing. Words fail me. Kind of. When he said he would have won it Julie's laugh sounded like she thought it was really, really funny that he thought that. Also saw Julie tell him thank you for sitting down in his chair, they were running out of time, something to that effect...he was acting worse than my 18 mth old toddler grandchild when she gets sugar. That guy went from okay to terrible to watch in the last week or so. I missed that Wildcat. Am so upset that my channel went out and I don't even have it on DVR to re-watch now. I do think that Adam has quite the temper though, it always seemed to be just below the surface.
  9. BBinIndiana

    Live Feed Updater Appreciation Thread

    A big thank you to the Live Updaters for giving your time and effort.
  10. BBinIndiana

    Morty Appreciation Thread

    This is my go to site during BB. The live updates are great, the forums are fun for seeing what other people think, and the chat is wonderful. Thank you for this site, Morty!
  11. BBinIndiana

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    I respectfully disagree that the post you are talking about was removed because you posted tough thoughts about a houseguest, but that they were removed because it talked about "the short bus". That is generally seen as a put down to mentally disabled people. I think it would have been removed no matter which housequest it was said about.
  12. LOL, Arrowhead. Not a chance. Hoping the rumors of her being evicted are real and that we've heard the last of her. Forever.