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  1. Tried...switched back & she was gone. Had a DUH moment--->change channels if she starts up again.
  2. CECIMOM ...THANK YOU!! for the video!
  3. BBAD viewers opportunity to switch to another channel. Example: option to exit Danielle's diatribes
  4. BBAD returned tonight...with Danielle talking about how jealous JoJo is of her ....wah wah ....so guess I'm done with BBAD until either danielle is gone or finale. Ian rocking is so much more entertaining.
  5. Too much Danielle already......BBAD just started. Done ...live feed update 'til she's gone or finale.
  6. Allison time to lose Jesse's number.
  7. Same here..until remembering other night's BBAD when Shane & Dani returned from luxury trip. Dani describing limo full with BB staff/cameras ...the producers were asking for the two to act like a couple and for kisses. Shane was agreeing with Dani.
  8. Saucy thanks for the jordan/shelly video.
  9. That was Danielle voting for herself.
  10. Thanks Saucy. That's a showmance!
  11. Drats...not a SuperPass Member. Do love Jordan. Right up there with Britney and the former Janelle.
  12. Also...left with children too young for adult conversation. ...Dan's work revolves interacting with children. Sorry Jenn :/
  13. I saw Shane on the perfect vacation all summer. Relaxing & posing for the camera.
  14. Possibility of backdooring Shane ? ....Can only hope.
  15. LOL !! So true Who do you think? I'll go with Ian and Dan. Which would not be my nominations.
  16. She'll only be frazzled if there is possibility of an audience.
  17. I believe the jury would respect Dan's game move sending Dani out this week. Jury usually goes on who plays the smartest game.
  18. Stick a fork in it. It's done. Hoping Dani is out on Wednesday.
  19. youtube danielle putting on makeup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrELC48holU
  20. Can't remember Danielle cooking or cleaning up kitchen this season. "Princess"
  21. uvp^^ ..i tried to delete the entire comment. only able to delete my comment. sorry.
  22. Remaining weeks will be boring with Danielle. She controls all the energy on her.
  23. kansas

    Danielle, Week 8

    She repeatedly comments she is the last girl in the house. :/