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    This is the best series right now!
  2. KalEl

    Smallville (includes SPOILERS)

    Yes, it's Friday at 7PM central on the CW. It should be good! Now it's going to be more like the Superman show!
  3. KalEl


    I love this show!
  4. Thanks for the spoilers!
  5. KalEl

    Season Premiere

    I love this show and it does inspire me. I lost 40lbs already!
  6. KalEl

    Carol Channing.

    Thanks for the info!
  7. KalEl

    Adam Lambert

    I love this guy. Best contestant ever.
  8. KalEl

    New fourth judge?

    Ellen would be cool.
  9. KalEl

    Amazing Race 15: When will it air?

    Great! I can't wait!