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  1. jennabee

    9/3 - Live Feed Updates

    10:32 Jeff called to DR and comes back out to get Jordan "I want to show you something" Once out of Michele's earshot he tells her BB wants broth of them in the DR. Mich still in BY, N/K playing chess in HoH.
  2. jennabee

    9/2 - Live Feed Updates

    3:13 BBT Everyone asleep. K in HoH everyone else in SSR.
  3. jennabee

    Michele - PoV

    AND if she doesn't it's because she "threw it" and she will tell everyone HoH doesn't matter this week, it's PoV, which she will probably also "throw".
  4. jennabee

    8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    1:37 BBT Someone is snoring, Jordan is in DR, K/N/Jeff are sleeping. Kevin is chosing to sleep in RR instead of HoH. No sign of Michele. 1:39 BBT Kevin is the one who is snoring.
  5. jennabee

    8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    12:56 BBT Jordan just said she will be mad if anyone votes to keep her. They are going to go lay around and not do anything.
  6. jennabee

    8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    12:53 BBT No sign of Michele, N talking game to K as usual, J/J eating. (Based on the vibe, Michele must have saved herself and J/J are on the block.) Jordan and Jeff say they feel like laying around and Jordan says, maybe we are depressed. Jeff says he is f*ing pissed off. Jordan says he is not going anywhere.
  7. jennabee

    Michele - PoV

    I have a TV love/hate for Michele. Overall, I want to see her get to the F2. I LOVED when she found Kevin and Natalie's calendar, looked at it and then switched a few pieces around. I am hoping she was switching right ones around so they were then wrong, and not the other way around. Although it would be HUGE for her to use the veto on Jeff, I hope she realizes Kevin won't put Natalie up and Jordan going up would = Michele going home She is playing this game hard! Much better than Natalie's way of playing. (N can't do/win anything so she spreads lies and tries to control whoever is HoH.)
  8. jennabee

    8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    12:35 BBT Still Trivia! (This is a long PoV, if that's what they are really doing, I am hopeful a twist is being set in motion! Make these feeds more fun to watch this week!)
  9. jennabee

    8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    12:25 Jeff plucking his eyebrows and Jordan impatient to go to bed. (I thought this was funny! I had to jump in quick to add it.)
  10. jennabee

    8/29 - Live Feed Updates

    8:29 BBT Jordan has broken the silence asking Jeff a cooking question. (She is wearing her blanket like a dress and cooking, interesting.) (I am out for the night. I don't predict much else happening. BB needs to throw out some twists!)
  11. jennabee

    8/29 - Live Feed Updates

    8:23 BBT J/J now up in kitchen, K has moved to hot tub and twirling beach ball in his hands. No talking. (They could really use this footage instead of FotH for the rest of the season.)
  12. jennabee

    8/29 - Live Feed Updates

    8:07 BBT NOTHING has changed, except Kevin is awake sitting outside staring into oblivion. He said 5 words when he sat down. "This house is so empty." Jeff has moved, and I think he might be awake. Michelle is restless under the covers (based on what the HG's have said in the past, she is probably asleep. Kicking her legs about)
  13. jennabee


    I am 100% with you in this! Now all the feeds are going to be is Natalie walking around knowing everything and keeping all the blood off her hands as she plays both Jordan and Kevin/Michelle. Not that this isn't good game play spreading lies and keeping her hands clean, I just don't see how the HG's can stand her attitude, she is always right and won't step down until you agree she is right. <--- Natalie. Let's hope for a BIG twist. Even if it does make it look like the show is rigged for Jeff. He really is a favorite, and most of America doesn't like to see bad behavior rewarded.
  14. jennabee


    Last night on Live Feeds, Jordan was all talk about how she was going to campaign to keep Jeff because he was the only reason she got this far and she wanted him to stay over her!
  15. jennabee

    If BB Survives..

    This season all of Nat's know-it-all talk about past seasons (which has not all been very accurate as people have pointed out) has driven me up the wall. I was disappointed that the feeds were all the HG's laying around or scheming until I was driven insane! I also don't like how all the competitions and things they do that are actually interesting are FotH'd! Maybe earlier in the season this isn't true, and I know it's all about the ratings, but I am seriously going to watch the show anyway! As for activities, I think this is a great idea! Maybe an on-going project, the first thing that came to mind was a Habitat for Humanity house, something like that where they spend time working with each other for the good of others. Maybe assembling smaller things? Anything to get the group working together and not 100% against one another based on catty bs. I also think casting should be done a little more in-depth. They should research enough to know that people like Chima and Russell are not good for the show, as Chima threw a tantrum and wanted to quit over Have-Nots, Coup deTat and being nominated, yes drama adds spice, but she was too much. Russell shouldnt have been allowed to terrorize people to much, he crossed the line many times which caused other HG's to also cross the line. I also think all whispering should be called out and stopped as well. Rebuilding the house is also a good plan! As for evictions, maybe they shouldn't have ab eviction until week 2 or 3, then we can really see the personalities flow and people can have motive for why they evict whomever. Even better, instead of the HG's evicting, they should have America pick which nominee is evicted, that would flip everything around! I also think they need to have a huge brainstorming session with some new faces for ideas on competitions. I am done rambling Just my thoughts on it all.