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    Survivor: Tocantins

    I think if JT wins immunity, Erinn leaves; if anybody else does, JT leaves. These four left seem to be the smartest ones standing. Doesn't really say much, considering the intelligence level of Timbura, but they all seem pretty shrewd. It's just JT/Stephen's Coach love that so freaking weird.
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    She referred to herself as a "trick of all trades", which is just stonking hilarious. I'd like to think that was intentional. Two, if you're a Whodini fan - and I assume a singer/rapper from Bed-Stuy would be - then you know the line as: The jack of all trades/the master of one/and the thing I'm at/is called havin' fun . No self-respecting Brooklynite would hear it any other way - ESPECIALLY a emcee. Probst stated in his last EW blog that Taj is JT's toughest competition in final two. That's very high praise. I see her beating Erinn and Stephen, and coming down to the wire with JT. Have you heard them ? They are so on point that it's unfair to be deprived of that kind of talent, especially in R&B. They've grown TREMENDOUSLY as a vocal group since snaggletoof Coko half sang, half whined her way through Weak. I'd argue that the only group that can touch them is En Vogue. Sisters with Voices gotcha weak in the kneeeees...