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  1. crazydaze

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Now Natalie is controlling the game, by controlling James. Nicole and Corey will let her, it is to their advantage. YUK WAKE UP JAMES
  2. crazydaze

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Amen, This is like a soap opera. The right people do not talk to the relevant people. It is clear from any point of view that Nicole and Corey are walled off in their own little whining, self protecting world. Let them stay that way, but N,V,M,J, and N don't be blind to it, they are plotting BUT for only each other!!!! The only weak link to exploit in this duo is Nicole's covert hope that Corey is "the one", he's her hero, he's so engaged. She hasn't realized he's nothing but a fish, and a stinky brainless one at that. Vic, Paul, Michelle, Natalie, but especially James. are also cocooned and controlled by one of their own, Nat.. I am shocked James cannot see, he IS her PUPPET, and he is being diverted to spoon feed her "innocent victim" role. Foolishly playing her knight, he is in the dark about her need of attention from all the guys, and her machinations to get that attention. Natalie has a problem. Nat has seriously lived up to Paulie's one liner when he was evicted. "You(James) are being used by a JERSEY GIRL, you just don't get it". Paulie's mistake was trying to take the bait and labeling her a Jersey girl.. Natalie has cast that bait out to any man in the house. Someone should have told James weeks ago so he could use the brain in his BIG head, and really play his game. Unfortunately his little brain, his ego and heart is his weakness. Corey should have spoken up in front of all, in defense for his Bro Paulie, re her accusations, he was also put in the same position as Paulie, maybe not hiding under a bed or behind a door, but the invite was always there. Her MO is all about her. She has been trawling, with her bait, baby talking any and all of the boys, practically begging them for any inclination to "anything" and validate her ego. Sad but true, just like highschool, one of the girls, stopping at nothing to be desired.. She wasn't pulled under that bed, she was fishing to hear Paulie's proclamation. The attack" no one would know they could be kissing under there" was just him taking the bait. All should have seen Corey for the slug he was there and is then, when given the opportunity in the big reveal. Exposing that Natalie was fishing all over the BBH, all the while shouting out to James and America, "James(the hero) is her type". I am a Victor fan. He is so smart, sees everyone's motives and agendas and still remains above the pond with great integrity(as much as you can in this environment). HE IS THE HERO.
  3. crazydaze

    Pov - Week 8, Part 2

    will they tell Renny about the hurricaine.