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    Awaking in the morning, breathing, seeing, hearing, touching (me and others!!)
  1. david91406

    Rachel and Jordan

    I can't think. Come on! "askance"?? (8/30 @ 6:04p.) That's the second word I've had to look up since BB13 started. Who's responsible for my having to go to "thefreedictionary.com"? This time to see what Rachel did. I know, I know, it's MY fault for not studying harder.
  2. david91406

    Live Feed Updater Appreciation Thread

    Thanks "ZuZuMamou" If that's the case, he accomplished his purpose!! I wonder if I'm the only one to look up "obsequious", or rather, the only one to admit it!?
  3. david91406

    Live Feed Updater Appreciation Thread

    Thank you all...you do a great job. The writings make it seem as if I'm rite there watching TV. However, who's responsible for making me look up the word "obsequious" at 10:20pm on 7/28 (Thur.)
  4. david91406

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I completely agree!! I can't believe that there are NO new people, who are just dieing to get on the show with NEW ideas on how they can win. Butt, to have 43% (originally) of the 14 represented in BB13 by past contestants, is lazy casting, and programming!! I think we have all expressed our displeasure about the casting of the last few BBs. Especially, when compared to the "Survivor" casting. I too am not into this season; however, as you-"bboop" has commented...I'm still watching. Altho, no more watching "BB After Dark" for me this season!!
  5. david91406

    America's Choice: Favorite Houseguest

    After reading all the comments, I'm reminded of a little ditty: "I have so much, to give to so many, with so little!" Perhaps BB should use this until....... I may have missed it, but who is the owner of the voice that states, among other things: "HGs, you are NOT allowed to sing".
  6. david91406

    What do you want to see in a house guest?

    It really is an art to pick 12-14 house guests who will interact in an entertaining way. Especially, seeing someone in an interview vs. how they'll come across as a HG with 12-14 others That being said, I would start with replacing Robyn Kass as the Casting Director, immediately, if not sooner! Get some new blood, new perspectives!
  7. david91406

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    He did win something...being able to stay for another week!! Just joking! You're rite
  8. david91406

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    Thanks for the correction about Chima. I agree with you about why the HOH or POV should have immunity; however, some might think that the HOH had his "power" diminished by Matt being able to pick his replacement rather than the HOH. And, you're rite again as Kathy was selected!! It did add some needed excitement(?). I just finished viewing on BBAD, some incredible video. The feeds alternated between showing Brendon, with his sleeping mask on, either arguing with himself, or talking in his sleep, and Britney's seemingly never ending soliloquy! Talk about boring TV!!!!
  9. david91406

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    But isn't that the idea of the D-POV.....to offset any other power in existence for one week? Just like in BB11 when Jeff used his Coup D Etat which offset the HOH's power for that one week! Having a "Sr. Moment", I can't remember the MMA Warrior's name who kept complaining that his winning HOH meant nothing that week!! However, it seems that the popular input here is that Matt won't be able to use it on the HOH (Brendon), nor the POV (Ragan). Of course he'd get rid of two if they let him put-up Ragan ( the POV and the Sab)!!
  10. david91406

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    Hello and Help! I read the following: "Matt opens the box to find that he now possesses the 'Diamond Power of Veto' which gives him safety from eviction for the next TWO weeks. He can use the 'Diamond Power of Veto' to save anyone he chooses, and he also gets to replace the nominee he takes off the block, with the houseguest of his choice." Question: The key words are, with the houseguest of his choice! Does he therefore have the "Power" to put Brendon up as the replacement....even tho Brendon is HOH???
  11. david91406

    Sunday, 8/15 Show

    Hi, I'm sorry to disagree with you. However, altho not "technically" a sport, but still a contest of sorts, I would have to put Big Brother 12 as #1. BORING!!!!!!! :sleep1:
  12. david91406

    Brendon - Week 5 Nominee

    I may have missed the answer to this. Are those "racks" God given (as THEY say), or doctor given? Also, am I the only one who has a small inkling that Rachel may be "transgendered"?
  13. david91406

    Live Feed and BBAD 8/11

    I sure hope Rachel goes as it'll start a few things in motion. 1) Rachel wants to stay. 2) Brendon, wants to go. 3) I think Brendon can handle being alone in the Jury "Palace" better than Rachel. 4) Brendon will be pi$$ed that Rachel was voted out when he (Brendon) campaigned all week to vote HIM out! 5) It'll give Ragan some time to play with Brendon's mind...especially when Brendon thinks that Lane is the Saboteur! 6) Maybe, at last, the boredom will be minimized!
  14. david91406

    Live Feed and BBAD 8/11

    Altho Britney isn't scared of Brendon as you say, she does wait for Lane to get close enuff so she can cry on his shoulder. When I first heard the "weepy" tears, I thought it must be Rachel making a dramatic entry!
  15. david91406

    Live Feed and BB After Dark 8/8

    Why? 'cause she has to be noticed. It actually works, she got you to notice her. She has "strange" mannerisms. Watch her eyes as she shows a little skin with a twirl of her robe. If she doesn't get enuff looks, she'll increase the time her robe stays open!