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  1. 4:00AM BBT -- The HGs are sleeping.
  2. 2:50PM BBT -- Feeds come back to Sharon talking about someone she's known for her whole life who used to play soccer with her brother... FotH... Sharon: "Why, you haven't done anything wrong? This guy coaches my sister..."... more FotH! Back again and Sheila gets something from the bathroom and sits down in the spa room to rub it on her feet. She is now walking to the kitchen to throw something away. She tells someone that it's now 2:53. Sheila curls up in the bathroom chair and starts talking to herself.
  3. 2:46PM BBT -- All 4 feeds are on Sheila. She just got a glass of water and is staring at the memory wall. All feeds still on Sheila as she looks at the GPs. She walks towards the couch/bedroom to talk to Sharon and we get FotH. Feeds show Sharon and Sheila are laying on the bed and Adam is sitting in a chair. Adam says something and then FotH again. Sheila says "Looks like something you'd see at a water park" and then FotH yet again.
  4. 6:46PM BBT -- Everyone is now in the kitchen. Natalie says she is going to go grill as soon as her nails are dry. Sharon is talking to the beebies. Nat tells her she should go ask BB if they can hold the GPs, Ryan says "you should ask if we can grill them." Nat is showing the guys how to put on two birthday hats so they look like horns. (*Oooook...*) Mostly dinner prep and dish washing going on in the kitchen. Sheila's off doing her nails. Natalie said BB can dye her hair tomorrow. Sheila wonders why she can't do it today. Nat is sitting at the daisy table reading the 10 commandments out loud from the Bible. (*I'm out for now--feeds are seriously lagging and it's driving me crazy!*)
  5. 6:32PM BBT -- Sheila and Sharon still in HOH. Sharon saying how she used to feel really bad for Nat for all of the problems she's had. Sheila's saying how nobody should have to go through what Nat went through with her mom at her graduation. Sharon said she hadn't heard that one and Sheila said she wouldn't want to because then she'd feel even worse for Nat. Sheila is talking about poverty and how it's a state of mind. Sharon is sitting, nodding, and chewing the inside of her mouth. Sharon says her grandpa grew up in a foster home with his siblings. Sheila talking about how she told Nat that her life is blessed despite her hardships because at least her mom is alive and she knows her father. Sheila thinks that Nat will be really depressed with her life by the time she's 30 if she keeps going down the path she's going down with her life. Sharon's talking about how Nat wants all or nothing, she thinks if she isn't first she's last. She thinks that if Nat walked out of the house and someone offered her a porn deal that she'd take it. Ryan and Adam come up to the HOH with a sampling of the pasta salad. Sharon tries it and says it's very good. Sheila says "wow, it's great. It's like a party in your mouth." All are gushing over the pasta salad. Nat joins them in HOH.
  6. 5:53PM BBT -- Ryan and Adam in the kitchen making pasta salad. Nat cut up a carrot and fed it to the GPs. Sharon and Sheila are in the HOH snacking, watching the spy screen, and talking. Sharon wonders if Nat would call her a mole on national TV and she'd laugh her ass off if she did. Sheila says Nat doesn't have the guts to do that. Sharon got up to change the spy screen view since Nat moved. Sharon is talking about her alter ego, "Hoops." Says "Hoops" comes out when she's feeling attacked like when Allison called her a liar. Sheila's worried that the guys are going to conspire to give Nat a pity vote so they'll get jury votes. BB-Adam, stop that! (*I'm not sure what he was doing, I was on the HOH feed*)
  7. 3:11PM BBT -- Nat is obsessing about the "old timers" thing. She denies saying it like that. Ryan is admiring the coffee cup Sheila got. The coffee cup has the pictures in it like what you can buy at Starbucks. Ryan points out that Mick has his ear pierced. Sheila says he doesn't. Sharon points it out to her and Sheila says "when did he do that?" and laughs. 3:18PM BBT -- Party's over already. Nat and Sharon go back to lounging in the BY. Ryan and Adam in SR getting stuff to make BLTs. Nat still obsessing over Sheila's letter... "that means they're watching eeeeeverything." No real interesting convos going on. 3:30PM BBT -- Sheila has joined the guys in the kitchen. Ryan asks her "what's Natalie's deal?" Sheila tells him that Sharon told her that Nat thinks Sheila is turning on the girls and how she dropped to give Sheila HOH and now she's turning on them and that's why she's so pissy with her (Sheila). She's telling Ryan how Nat also said that Ryan needs to go up not one of the girls. She says she's telling him so he knows where his vote should go. Ryan said he didn't even need to hear that to know how he is voting. 3:50PM BBT -- Sharon's talking about her car accident and Jacob. Adam and Ryan playing chess. Adam won. Ryan goes to the BR. Adam starts singing. FotH. (*off for a little while to make dinner--probably be back later*)
  8. (Feeds froze for a second) 3:03PM BBT -- Sheila opened a gift and it's coffee with a picture of Mick, Sheila's dog (Kitty), and Sheila's ex and some body lotion. She's holding up the letter she got and says it's the best present ever. I guess GG told her in the letter to remember that the asparagus hat [from the asparagus comp] added 5 pounds. We get Trivia and then FotH for a second. Sheila's sister mentions Nat's "old timers" mix-up. Says "finally you got to hear from your family especially Mick, and I know how important that is to you. Even if you ever developed Alzheimer's, not old timers, you will never forget this one. My family and our family wishes you a happy birthday." Everyone eating cake.
  9. (*First time poster... bear with me*) 2:48PM BBT - Sharon and Sheila in the HOH. Sheila just dyed her hair and took a shower. Other HG's are in the BY where they have decorated for a surprise party for Sheila. Sharon told Sheila that BB told her there's a LD and she needs to hurry and get dressed to go to the BY. Sheila and Sharon came down and everyone yelled "surprise!" and sang "For She's A Jolly Good Fellow." Sheila seems happy (*not sure how surprised she was*). She's admiring her cake all lit up with candles. Adam puts on a clown nose. Sheila blows out her candles. She has gifts to open. Sheila's gift is from her son. She reads it and starts crying. (*I couldn't catch the letter, my feeds reset when I hit the rewind button--stupid RP!*)