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  1. she deserved it? So it is okay that a man assaults any women if she deserves it? Last I checked it was never okay to blow smoke in someones face, purposely burn someone with a lit cigarette, destroy their property, or bully someone by poring ice tea on their head, but I guess since Dick found a way for you all to justify it there is nothing wrong with it? By the way I am still trying to figure out how a guy like Willie got expelled this season, and Dick did all he did to jen and never had any real penalties. There are much worse things you can do to people outside of lying to them about them getting what they want.
  2. they are all adults, and each have their own quirks, stirring the pot and then laughing while it gets you closer to what should have been $500,000 is just fine with me. In fact I am getting king of tired of everybody acting as if Dan is the only one who did anything to anybody. Let's look at their games. Frank continually cut deals and then was outside trashing that person and talking to people about how to get them out of the house within minutes. Hell he cut a deal with Shane and Brittany and then proceeded to put Brittany on the block 24 hours later. Not to mention the only people who could actually get along with were Boogie, Ashley, and Jenn the rest of the entire house could not stand him. Joe was constantly switching loyalty to whoever had the power in the house, and was constantly making up lies about every single person in the house. Shane and Brittany did the exact same thing as Frank, constantly making deals and then trying to get them evicted, including allowing Dan to take the blame for Ian and working to get Dan out of the house. Ashley had 2 showmances going in the house at the same time and kept it covered from Ian. jenn had a final 2 deal with half the house, Danielle had a final 2 deal with 4 of the final 5 player in the house as well, constantly did Dan's bidding, turned on everybody on a whim, making it personal often. Ian sold out boogie and Frank, then evicted his showmance, tried to allow Dan to take the fall for Boogie's eviction while trying to get Dan evicted, tried to get Shane evicted on Dan's HOh, Yet they all played a clean game? While Dan is an asshole for doing exactly what they all knew he would do? There is an old fable, about the scorpion and the frog. In the story the scorpion convinces the frog to help him cross the river even though the frog is afraid of being stung, The Scorpion convinces the frog that he will not sting the frog as it would kill the frog and he would likely drown. Half way across the river the scorpion stings and kills the frog. As the frog lies there dieing he asked the scorpion how he could sting him knowing that he will more then likely drown. The scorpions answer is to say I am sorry but it is my nature to sting you. Everybody knew that Dan was the scorpion, the problem is that the jury and Ian as well all thought they were scorpions too, when in reality they were the frogs. They all knew what Dan was capable, his team was the number one target from the 1st day because they knew he would sting them, but they all felt they were better off working with him then against him. In the end they are bitter because not only did Dan get them, but in their minds they still think they were the ones who should have won it. Danielle was far from the only delusional houseguest in this season, every interview I see with the houseguests make me believe that each and every one of the jury still believe they were the best big brother players this season. they do not understand how they lost, and need to blame someone, the easiest target was the real scorpion, the guy who they knew what he would do, and they allowed him to do it, and so it must be his fault.
  3. Evel Dick assaulted Jenn both verbally and physically, Dan used his mouth to convince people that they were better off working with him eventhough they knew up front exactly what would happen to them. I have a hard time seeing how Dan was even close to as bad as Dick.
  4. I can't believe how many people are ignoring all theses reports on how bitter the jury was, and that the newbies all agreed early in the season that there was no way they would let a coach win, especially one that had already won big brother. Ian played a good game, but there is no way someone can honestly say that Ian played the best game. Oh and for some of you others saying how horrible Dan was to the Jury, Ian was just as bad, he screwed over every one of them outside of Brittany.
  5. Please post an unedited clip of Dan lying while he was swearing on the bible. While the show edited it to look as if he swore to a final 2 deal when he was swearing on the bible, watching it live on After Dark he was swearing that the Quack Pack alliance and Ian's part in boogie's eviction was true. he never swore on the bible that he would take frank to the final 2.
  6. I'm guessing you have never played sports, trash talk is not only common but constant, especially the higher level you get to. Look into the NBA, Jordan, Reggie Miller, Isiah Thomas, and Larry Bird were all known as some of the worst in the history of the game, and all 4 are hall of famers.
  7. I don't see how anybody would think differently, Dan has an ego, and imagine the ego boost of not only winning big brother twice, but also taking your student to the end as well. Dan knows that if he does that it will be hard to argue that he is not the greatest player in big brother history.
  8. Im sorry but it took me 3 weeks of watching bb8 to figure out being the pawn is a bad idea, yet shane continually volunteered to be the pawn even as everybody was telling him how dumb that was, so what do you call that? constantly letting everybody else take the fall for your decisions is being a tool, while it makes you the secondary target for the other side of your house, your own alliance knows that you let them take the fall and will use that against you when the time comes. say what you will about Dan but at least he took responsibility for his actions.
  9. Caffeine actually helps control Adhd, drinking the diet coke actually helps him relax believe it or not.
  10. therebel

    How will the jury vote? Dan vs Ian

    I think Shane will vote for who Brittany and Danielle tell him to vote for.
  11. Look at how bad Ian cried after he caused Boogie's eviction, danielle had a thing for Shane from day 1, I don't think it was out of the realm of possibilities that she wanted shane out on a game level but felt horrible personally.
  12. I don't see Ian winning. Frank is bitter enough to not vote for Ian if Dan is evicted, meaning I see Ian getting Brittany, Joe, and maybe Ashley, with Dani getting Dan, Frank, Shane, and jenn.
  13. Of course he was hurt, he just lost $500,000 and he did nothing to prevent it from happening letting Danielle put him on the block. Shane especially was dumb this season, you never volunteer to go on the block, and he did it all season. Agree with both of you, everybody knew what Dan was up to, yet they all still went along with him thinking it would further their own game. One other thing I would like to add, while swearing on the bible and all helped sway Frank, everybody forgets that Frank was making it personal, and he was trying to avenge Boogie's eviction. When he found out that Ian and Brittany were the ones behind Boogie's demise he went at them and pulled Dan off the block, the whole time talking about getting Dan out the next week. Now Frank wants to play the victim because of the agreement between them, but that is far from the only reason he had Jenn save Dan, in fact I think it was just a secondary factor..
  14. Agreed, she is very good at playing dumb, but some of her conversations with Jenn and others shows she is not as clueless as she appears. I think she knew that she likely could not win against Shane, and that she could not win against Ian, but she has a solid chance against Dan, and Dan has protected her the whole game even when she did not understand how he did it. Also I am not so sure Ian will not take Danielle to the final 2, much easier to convince the jury he is the better pick then Dan when Dan has so much blood on his hands.
  15. If they vote on gameplay then Dan should win 7-0 but it would not surprise me if it is more personal in the vote and Danielle wins 4-3 with Danielle getting Jenn, Shane, Frank, and Ashley's votes.