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  1. Sunday is a recap show. Translation: Grodner's attempt to use editing so she can heavily influence who wins the $25,000. Expect lots of Enzo antics.
  2. The Brigade reveal just earned Britney the $25,000.
  3. Lol, so true. "We control the votes!" yet they joined the mob mentality. The irony being their voting majority was really only used to get rid of one of their own. They never actually used their vote dominance to counter another voting bloc. These guys just got lucky. Very lucky. In another group of people's hands, that voting dominance could have dropped bombs on the house every week. Instead we got a season of predictable mob voting. Grodner, get rid of the vote count. Just kick somebody out and don't tell them the results of the voting. And get rid of the three part HOH, just do an easy endurance intended to go on for the entire night. Not "smash into a wall on a rope", just keep it simple with "stand on a post and hop over the rabbit". That was the most even endurance ever. Houseguests of any size (be it foot size or height) and willpower level could have a fair shot at that.
  4. Yeah, this season's done for me now. It's turned into an Adam and Ryan season...only it's worse because there are THREE of them. The only way this would have been interesting is if Matt was still there and him and Enzo royally betrayed Hayden and Lane.
  5. Yeah, they damn sure better put a recording of the endurance on both the feeds and BBAD after screwing us over with this live-to-tape nonsense. CBS must have forgot that feed watchers and BBAD watchers are paying actual money to watch this sh*t.
  6. BBAD won't be worth watching from here on out. The finale probably won't either. Grodner screwed the pooch this season. It all went downhill from the start, when their saboteur twist imploded.
  7. Hayden's best plan would be to orchestrate a plan intended to fail. Ask Enzo to vote out Lane knowing Enzo would be too sh*t-scared to do it. Then say "How about I take Britney off if she she promises to vote out Lane?". Enzo says "Yo, thatsa great idea, boss." Then go to Lane and say "We gotta get Enzo out, but to be fair I'm going to make Britney do it so you don't look bad." Lane says "Golly, thatsa great idea, hoss." Britney goes against the deal and votes out Enzo. Hayden says "Sorry Enzo, my plan backfired!" And if she does stick with the deal and gets some payback, Lane does go home and Hayden says "Sorry Lane, my plan backfired!"
  8. I think the primary reason they got this far was the Saboteur. The first half of the game was squandered trying to get out the saboteur. The Brigade would have been wiped out in the first half of the season if not for the saboteur twist causing people to worry so much about one lousy person (who really couldn't "sabotage" anything to the point of being a threat) rather than the standard course of action: "Hey, all the alpha males hang out way too much and never talk trash about eachother, they might be in an alliance, let's get rid of a few just to be safe." The ACTIONS of the Saboteurs was a complete failure considering how much CBS touted the twist, but EXISTENCE of the Saboteur worked perfectly to disrupt the house enough for four bumbling idiots in a blatant alliance to get all the way to the end, sans one member. And right when it was revealed they successfully rid the house of the saboteur and they all should have gone back to playing the game with common sense, Rachel had to go and start the showmance witch hunt that she ignorantly didn't realize would declare it open season on her own showmance (doubling the odds they would go on the block, because people didn't like them to begin with). So yeah, the Brigade came out on top because of the Saboteur twist and dumbass Rachel.
  9. Ratings are strong, relatively speaking, it's easy to have decent ratings when a show is on during summer and there's nothing else on but reruns. So Grodner's job is pretty safe, unfortunately. I think CBS could get wise after the finale leads in to Survivor and next summer the viewership is strong for the BB13 premiere but nosedives in the weeks to follow after new viewers quickly tire of Grodner's stupid antics.
  10. It would be hilarious if there was a Pandora's Box tomorrow, to offer three Steamboat tickets to Hayden to give to whoever he chooses, and the one that doesn't get a ticket gets Coup d'etat.
  11. Nobody important enough to offer him a job even watches this show. He won't even be on All-Stars. Britney and Rachel are the only ones with a shot at that. And I think BB would probably pass on offering Rachel a spot.
  12. Enzo being afraid to make enemies will ensure Britney goes home. I think him and Hayden kinda wish they could vote out Lane, but for that to happen Enzo has to vote Lane out. He doesn't have the balls to do that though. None of those three guys are there to win. They'd be happy if Big Brother just gave them all Steamboat tickets.
  13. That all know he is. They're just too dumb to care. This whole season was tainted by the mob mentality bullsh*t that has existed since pretty much BB6. They need to keep the vote count from houseguests next season. So everybody votes for their best interests instead of fear.
  14. That was Susan Hawk, not Haynes. If that's her mom, Britney must be adopted.
  15. Brendon's not going to win. Editing is what determines who wins, and Britney was pure gold from a producer standpoint both inside and outside the DR. Haters better prepare.
  16. I might have voted for Brendon, except for the fact he actually wanted people to vote him out. When a houseguest does that, they're out of the running.
  17. Yeah, because he was hoping (like everyone) that it would be the picture competition, she would win it, vote out Enzo, and Lane takes no heat whatsoever. For him to win it and use it, it makes it more obvious than it already is his hope was to get rid of both Enzo and Hayden. After last night, Britney could easily throw him under the double decker bus out and nobody could blame her for it. I hope she pouts for a few days, wise up, and does exactly that. Lane's biggest mistake could be participating in that reveal last night. Hayden had the right idea by breaking it to her easy, but Enzo had to go and act like he was the George Washington of the alliance when he's really the George Jefferson.
  18. To be fair, Brendon hid under the covers and cried too.
  19. I think BB is just teasing us on the show tonight with Hayden and Enzo considering voting Lane out. But if they had any brains they'd do exactly that though. Because as of now this is shaping up to be another Adam and Ryan finale. One of those pathetic final endurances that lasts like 20 minutes.
  20. The guys told Enzo that Britney said they all would lose against Enzo. Enzo tells the guys he takes it as a compliment, that he's honored to be among the ranks of Dr. Will, etc. That guy is dumber than a bag of hammers.
  21. He didn't play her. All indication in his DRs (the only real truth in this game) was that he would take her to finals. He just got put in a position where he can't save her and avoid showing his cards to the rest of The Brigade (hence the posturing in the HOH, so the guys don't realize he had one foot out the door with them).
  22. Sorry, but Jessie and Ivette are the king and queen.
  23. They were not really a great alliance. They had no strategy, one member risked it all by playing both sides and not putting up the two housewide targets together, they sacrificed that same member for no good reason and risked losing their majority vote status, all of them had side alliances they were genuinely ready to hop to, and one of them threw everything because he was petrified of making enemies. They just stayed intact long enough to have majority votes by dumb luck, because people were too distracted by showmance rivalries. The only thing they did was have a bunch of people too stupid to figure out that the pool table was a clubhouse. As much as I hate Chilltown, those two guys back-to-back were more powerful than a brigade of Brigades.
  24. Nah, he's gotta take Lane out. Pull Britney off so she has a chance to stick it back to him and potentially lose his vote. Take advantage of her feeling of betrayal by Lane and roll the dice. Hayden could guarantee final two that way, because I think if Britney's gone Lane will try to get Hayden out. I think Britney truly believes she's playing for second place and would essentially choose the winner by who she took to the end if given the choice. She'd be more comfortable with Hayden beating her than that clownshoe, Enzo. Hayden just needs to decide if he wants to win or split up Brigade votes and have the vote results be too close for comfort.
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