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  1. 10:30 still general chit chat talking about the wirlwind in the past 3 days Dani says it's been like 2 weeks rolled into 3 days, talk turns to Survivor. Kinda bring..they've basically been discussing the same thing for about 6 hrs now... (I think I'm out for the night if someone doen't mind taking over )
  2. 10:20 bbt Dani & Jameka in the kitchen talking about the Nick eviction (I will save you all since we've heard it a million & one times) Dick is in the BY smoking and talking to himself (I have the quad feeds on so I can't tell what he's saying because Jameka and Dani are drowning him out Zach is in the HOH room with the lights off (I'm asuming he's sleeping) 10:24 bbt Dick is in the BY still talking to himself "oh shit oh shit mutha fucka" we fuckin' won" "Oh my god...we'll I guess I should listen to Dani" "we didn't win yet, all we have to do is get rid of him" Dick returns to the kitchen to join J & D and their dicussion of the jury house
  3. short Foth and Dick is back in the kitchen after going to the DR and is telling Dani & Jameka that he got some things approved, CD player, CD's, cookies, etc. Jameka asked if they said anything about the ball (I'm asuming the blue ball fiasco) Dick telling Dani to go into the DR and request things saying "I think they are pretty bored in there and would like the company" Jameka tells Dani that Joe told her right before he left that whatever Jameka did not to trust Nick & Dani 10:15 bbt Dani is now telling Jameka that Nick told her that in Week one Amber was definatly Kails target for eviction to get the single mother out in week one and make it easier
  4. 9:55 bbt bbt Not much going on just general chit chat about the past few evictions and the different deals and alliances going on the past few weeks (Jameka & Dani) in the kitchen. Zach in HOH room trying to sleep. BB just called for an ID LD and asked Dick to go to the diary room. Short Foth and feeds return with Dick joining Jameka and Dani in the kitchen 10:00 bbt Zach bashing going on Jameka says "all those elbows he's talking about throwing he's gonna catch one from me" (about Zach)...missed exactly what was said by Dick or Dani to get that reaction Now Eric bashing, alittle bit of Jen bashing and now onto Amber bashing 10:06 bbt Dick saying how the live feed watchers probably have no idea what look down means talking about prodution and when we get FOTH and what do we get...FOTH (LOL) Dani says "are you kidding me the live feed watchers know what LD and everything is" "Those feed watchers are OBSSES" (Yes we most certainly are...LMAO) 10:08 bt BB "Dick...Please go to the DR" (It's been alomost 10 mins since they asked him the first time and he finally goes)
  5. 10:21 bbbt lots of Jedi training in the HOH room with Jameka & Zach. Discussing days of all bb events this season. Jameka telling Zach that he won't have to worry if it's an elimination comp because he (Zach) is already in the final 3 they will work on eliminating her (Jameka). Zach tells her he will be defending her. Zach is now saying the final four will be known as Good vs. Evil (LOL...ok Amber). Back to more Jedi training. (Both sounding extremely excited nervous and a tad bit stressed)
  6. 4:26 bbt Just a quick update we have foth with trivia and have had it for a little while now (I'm assuming it's nomination time)
  7. still foth with trivia this HOH outcome better be good!!
  8. Jessy

    Eric - Week 10 Evicted

    I think Eric was an AMAZING player and I am SOOOOOOOO bummed that he was evicted tonight!!!! Eric, if you happen to see this theard at some point I want you to know that I (being part of America) had your back through this entire experience and I am so saddened to see you leave you were my whole reason for watching BB8!!! But if things don't work out with Jessica (who I think you were PERFECT for) you can always give be a call (LOL). Men as sincere and loving as you don't come around but once in a lifetime and i wish you all the best for all your endevors in the future!!! Jessica
  9. 12:50 bbt All HG's still sound asleep... Dick just farted a couple of times (so attractive...lol) The only other thing is occasional snores that seem to be coming from Dick and Amber (I think)
  10. 8:41 bbt all HG's still sleeping on all other feeds
  11. After another kiss.. J: Oh no what have we started?? E: This is bad! More kissing...
  12. I just tyrned on the feeds and I hear Eric & Jess in a long, wet, sloppy kis!!! (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!)
  13. 11:04 bbt BB "HG's it's time to get up for the day" and FOTH
  14. 10:18 bbt Jen is now awake (Dick and Jen now only ones awake) this should be interestingJen uses the BR then goes right back into bed
  15. 9:57bbt Jen comes out of the DR and tells the other HG's that BB told her that IF she stays she will get a penality nom and not be allowed to play POV (ok I think i'm out for the night..thanks for letting me post, sorry me updates aren't longer but I'm not a great typer..lol)