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  1. Yeah to Carrie!!! I''m sure Bo will have a good album also. And thanks for posting for us that lag behind by an hour or more.
  2. Bo must be doing okay with his band. I found this tidbit in a TV Guide article on the final 5 (will be in the next issue I think). "11 am: If there's one thing Bo loves more than singing, it's shopping. That would explain why he's out scouring the stores on Sunset Boulevard while the competition is back rehearsing. Intrigued by a boutique filled with all sorts of cowboy clothing, he wanders in and drops more than $1,000 of his own money on a new outfit for next week's show. He laughs when he imagines what animal-lover Carrie will think. "She is going to kick my ass," he says."
  3. Yeah!!! Doing a happy dance and I haven't even gotten the joy of seeing it yet! It's on right now. Thanks for posting. I was so afraid to look here!
  4. I'm rooting for Vonzell to be in the top 3 (with Bo and Carrie), but she didn't do so great last night. I hope one bad week isn't enough to send her home yet. Scott probably did okay enough to stay again. Maybe we can use reverse psychology and start pegging Scott as the next American Idol. I'm starting to give up on him ever going home.
  5. From TV Guide: American Idol That's it. I'm done. I don't care who wins now. Honestly, I think I'm gonna be ill. If Constantine can get the boot before "He Who Shall Not Be Named," there's evidently either the dark arts or flat-out blackmail at play here. Did any of you even watch last night? With the sound on? The guy who should have been sent home stank so bad, even Paula had a hard time finding something to say. And bless her goofy, sympathic-reflexive heart, those tears tonight were all too real. Not to mention warranted. No. It's not supposed to be like this. The final five is ruined. The apocalypse is nigh! And poor Con. He was so damn entertaining. Fine, he wasn't the best vocalist, but he was fun and cute and could bring it. Far more than... ugh. You know what, that's it. You people voting for phone-throwing crud can have him. Complete with that inexplicable gangsta accent and heinous facial hair-trosity. Seriously, dude. You're from Shaker Heights, OK? Let it go. Better yet, just go.
  6. I am so disappointed in the American public! The sympathy crud is actually working. Tabitha - We are going to need more of your Ears Across America campaign!
  7. Carrie did a good job with vocals, but it wasn't a good song choice. I'm afraid we could see her in the bottom 3. I think Constantine and Scott were the worst, but not sure who should join them. I hope Scott FINALLY goes, but I'm giving up on expecting that to happen. I can't blame his family, but it was pretty sad going for the "average guy" angle and the whole push to save him based on that and his son. If he had the talent, he wouldn't need the sympathy vote. I think his song choice was to give him more sympathy too, but he could have chosen a song much better suited to his voice and might have gained him another week. If Scott goes tonight, it will be harder to pick the final 3 next week. Someone will have to take his permanant spot. :wink:
  8. Carrie was drowned out and I thought Bo was overwhelmed by the band too. I listened to Carrie again and it sounded better when I concentrated on the vocals. I think she did great, but it was harder to tell since I wasn't familiar with her song choice. Bo was good too, aside from the background music. Other than that, I was pretty disappointed with the performances last night. Vonzell and Anthony did pretty good also. Edited by moderator to add the above quote.
  9. I heard Jeff say she would be on the jury, but I like your idea.
  10. I thought she did a good job too last night, but she didn't stand out. I hope she will get some help on the dancing. She tries, but doesn't seem to do much. She did admit she couldn't dance last night. But I was surprised to see her not move at all.
  11. I am not a big Scott fan, but I'm not sure he did bad enough to be voted off this week. It was boring, but not so bad as last week. I thought Bo, Carrie and Vonzell were the top three last night. Vonzell has grown on me, so I hope she doesn't go home tonight. Tougher call this week though on the bottom three. I wish we knew how the votes have been so we'd have an idea of who has the bigger fan bases to get an idea how it will go tonight. And I will miss the show due to work. I was looking forward to jumping on Morty's to see who was booted off an hour sooner than I get to see it.
  12. I LOVED the look on Tana's face when Kendra did that! Priceless. It looks like Kendra has a harder time next week. This task was her field, so they should have listened to her and it did make it easier for her since she knew what she was doing (like the bridal shop task and the girl (?) in the last season). I wasn't rooting for Kendra, but I am now. I like how she was doing better in the basketball reward too. I think Tana just assumes she's better than Kendra.
  13. I posted an interview with Trump (from TV Guide) in a new thread and it answers the question about him watching the tapes. I also have a possible spoiler for the final 4. I was watching the commercial for the upcoming Apprentice and it showed 4 people sitting in a row of chairs waiting (I thought it looked like the final 4 job interview time period). The people in the chairs were - Tana, Kendra, Alex and Craig. I did not see Bren in the shot. I also was dissapointed in Tana last night. I was rooting for her, but the way she and Craig were smiling away when they won, even though they did very little, was just horrible. I sure hope Trump sees that tape before choosing his winner.
  14. (From TV Guide Insider 4/11/05) Your Apprentice Questions Answered! by Ali Gazan and Linda Holmes Ask Donald Trump how the third season of The Apprentice is going and he'll cry, "People love it!" He'll also point out that it won its time slot a few episodes back with a mere clip show. Yet while it's true that millions are still tuning in, many of those fans have issues with the show (see, we do read your e-mails). So we presented your questions to Trump, face-to-face. Here's what he had to say. Why are we seeing less of the tasks this season? They are more complex. Remember, we started off selling lemonade and things like that. But suddenly, because of the success of the show, we've had Burger King, Pepsi, Crest. Pontiac is coming in shortly. They're launching a car on the show. We like that, because it's corporate America, which is great. [Also], people love the boardroom interaction better than the tasks. So we've shortened the tasks and lengthened the boardroom. Do you watch footage of the tasks, or do you make your decisions strictly in the boardroom? I watch as much footage of the tasks as I can; and of course I rely very much on George and Carolyn, since they've seen it all. Do you take into account a person's overall performance or just how they performed that week? When we started out, it was supposed to be week to week. But as we went through the season, I felt like it was unfair to go, "Gee, you're a star, and then you have a bad week, so you're fired." Bren had a couple of great weeks, and then he had that horrible week with the Dove commercial, but I didn't get rid of him. The past now has a much greater influence than it did at the beginning. It also seems that people are more intent on sabotaging their own teams rather than beating the other group. Why aren't they reprimanded for that? They're pretty strongly reprimanded. You see some of that in the boardroom, and [it happens] beyond the boardroom, with George and Carolyn. You fired several project managers in a row. Don't you think that's been making the show too predictable? If a project fails, generally speaking, the team leader is responsible. The project manager has a huge advantage, too
  15. Amber is only smart when it comes to riding the coat tails of the so-called "evil" person. First it was Jerri on her first run of Survivor, then Rob on the second. But she was lost and had no strategy once Jerri was voted off. She's not the brightest bulb. She's just lucky to latch on to Rob the second time because he was smarter, and more clever, appealling, etc., than Jerri had been. So Rob got her to the end. She would have been just as lost if he'd been voted off, as she had been when Jerri was voted off. She and Rob get along great though, and in this show the relationship of teammates counts about as much as the other skills (but not always). I think she has to contribute a little more here than in Survivor. They seem to be doing quite well so far. I attribute the wins to Rob more than her though. He's great at manipulating people. Fun to watch too.
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