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  1. i got an alert from BBaddicts.com on my cell phone, it said that adam had been kicked off the show for "mental and illness problems". then went on to say it was because of him being so gross, sticking his hands down his pants and touching food-and that he had gotten the others players sick(easy to believe!!). so it said the live feeds were going crazy, so i went here to the live feeds and Nothing...so i went to their website and saw that i had gotten punked!! good one!
  2. i think this will get better as it goes on, no one breaking down yet!! hard to watch chyna and bridgette, again.
  3. i really like this show, but it's sooo hard to listen to omarosa!!
  4. I'm glad, i think you see a lot more of the personalities.
  5. it will be on MYNetwork AND Fox reality. the fox one will be mature audience!! sooo excited!
  6. I don't think kate's a bitch, I have 2 kids and about lose my mind-so if she can handle 8 that well... I think she only gets so stressed with the cups, because she is trying to keep ALL color coded(pottys, clothes, ...) I loved the one where they went to Disneyworld!
  7. wickedclown--my point is that people are saying "oooh, i like that song" like it's new...it's not.
  8. the commercial was good, can't wait til feb.!! but the song is from years ago, should've found one newer.
  9. you can see that dick has abusive tendencies! he freaks out on people for usually a small thing, then waits for the person to cry, then kisses their butts. he was sooo bad to jen cuz he couldn't crack her as easily as amber and dani. and nick is just looking for an excuse to yell at someone-doesn't care who, just someone, and dick set up an easy target. zack, such a loser, got in on it to be in the "boy's club" since no one willing talks to his stale *ss! i don't like jen either, but she sure didn't start any of that craziness. it's funny that dani cries about her dad treating HER like that, but is the first one to laugh when he turns his attention on someone else. ans she deserves what jen said about her cheating on her boyfriend-we all saw it!!
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