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  1. 6:52 AM BBT Libra is up cleaning 1 place setting from the feast last night and cleaning 1 spot at the table (I'm assuming it's hers). She bags up some trash and takes it to the SR. The rest of the table (and counter) is still covered with plates etc from the feast. (earlier approx 1 1/2 hours ago Keesha got up for a few and went back to bed and about 1 hour ago Jerry was up and using BR) Everyone else seems to be sleeping..............
  2. 11:43AM BBT (Earthquake) Memphis, Jesse and Michelle on the BY couch discussing game plan strategies and talking about putting Jerry up and suddenly Michelle gasps and I heard "did you just feel that?" and feeds went FOTH and then back on just for a second and I saw Jesse and Michelle crouching on the ground in BY and he said "get outside, earthquake." Then back to FOTH. 11:53AM BBT Feeds back Michelle says, "Now I know why I don't want to live in California. At least I get a warning when there's a hurricane or a blizzard coming". Michelle, Jesse and Memphis in BY on couches are discussing some comment Jerry made regarding the shaking (I didn't hear it--must have been during the FOTH). Apparently Jerry speculated that someone ran into the house with a car or truck or possibly that Big Brother shook the house and they are laughing about it saying to eachother, "Come on Jerry, really." Now talking about natural disasters and how scary the earthquake was. They seem to be pretty rattled about it.
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    Who knows what makes these people tick. Seems James, Chelsia and Josh all threw Sharon under the bus. All of them were mad that they were going out the door against the girl who did nothing but read the bible and talked to the GPs. But she was from their side........... If Sheila goes to sequester she may remember that Sharon watched her do the dishes and watched her clean the bathroom and watched and watched but didn't contribute too much. (and she has a slug for a pet) I'm glad the people that are still in the house are there (I guess) but overall this has been a pretty disappointing season for me. I hope BB10 has a better line-up.
  4. 9:20 pm BBT: Josh tells Matt and Ryan that he wants to confront Sheila. He says if you think the first 3 blow ups (on girls) were bad this 4th one will be an explosion. Matt tells him to chill out / calm down and starts to massage Josh's shoulder for a sec.
  5. Josh is asking Sharon if she wants him to confront Sheila. Sharon is telling Josh to lay low.
  6. (From a few minutes ago approx 8:59 Josh walked over to Sheila a few minutes ago and said " I think you were thinking it was gonna be 4-2 and that I was gonna fuck my partner? Very interesting" Sheila says, "The fact you were even thinking about it.......if that's what you're upset about...don't get mad at me" As he walks away he calls her a bitch.)
  7. 6:43 Feeds switch to Sheila and Sharon in sauna/spa room talking about Sharon and Jacob's relationship and a girl he dated for nearly a year. (They have been in here discussing this for quite a while) BB: (female voice) The lock down is about to start and you need to get all your stuff from outside because once it starts you won't be able to go back out.
  8. 6:35BBT Chelsia in HT Josh sitting next to HT. Josh asks Chelsia if she thinks what he is doing to Sharon is wrong. She says no. He says, "I just have more in common with you and James and I talk to you guys more than I talk to her."
  9. 4:00PM BBT: Matt leaves sauna room and Sharon who is taking a shower says something to him. (It seemed kinda confrontational but I couldn't hear what was said---I keep having to take my headphones off and on) He leaves BR and meets up with Adam in the kitchen and as he's trying to tell him what's going on, James walks in from outside and tries to confront Matt. He says, "Matt, why do you want me out so bad?" Matt says, I'll catch up with you in a sec I'm talking to him (Adam) right now. A few seconds later he walks outside to talk with James. Cam 1 and 2 are Sheila in BR talking to Sharon ...."wait until you can talk to Matt later etc" Cam's 3 and 4 are James and Matt playing pool and discussing. (Need to make dinner.......hope someone is catching this)
  10. 3:52BBT Matt and Sheila talking in the sauna/spa. Sheila is very agitated and upset with Natalie---so is Matt for that matter. She says Natalie is fucking up her (Natalies) game. She is very jealous of every woman in this house Matt. Sheila tells Matt that she (Sheila) almost switched to the other side because Natalie almost talked her into it. It was close Sheila says, but now she knows James has to go. Now Matt is saying he might stay nice to her (Natalie) until after HOH then he is done with her and will not talk to her again after that.
  11. 3:40BBT Sharon and Josh now in hammock. Sharon is saying I can't believe that this might go down regarding James staying and her leaving. She says, "It should be 5 to 1 no question". She says she can't believe it. Now she says she actually thinks that they will keep her they're all just trying to scare her to get a deal out of her. Josh "everyone is getting paranoid now.............HOH does mean everything"
  12. 3:20BBT Natalie and Matt having a conversation/confrontation about keeping James instead of Sharon. Natalie is adamant about Sharon staying. She is stumbling over her words. Natalie is trying to plead her case by saying Sharon will put you (Matt) and Ryan up this week if she gets HOH. She says Sharon is very mentally strong and HOH is all mental. Natalie has now moved onto how dumb Matt makes her feel and how he always tries to make it look like she's chasing his nut sack and she's not. Feeds switched to Sharon and Josh in the sauna/spa room whispering. (She is really good at whispering). (About all I could catch of this was the wrap up of the convo because I had to help the boys with homework) Josh is looking more than anxious to leave this conversation and basically agreeing with all she has been saying. Sharon is saying, "why are they now believing the kid with pink hair that threw pickle juice?" They both leave and go outside.
  13. 2:20PM BBT Sheila and Chelsia in sauna/spa room bonding and talking about the $10,000. she won.
  14. 12:55BBT Just popped in and Josh and Natalie are having a heart to heart in the sauna/spa room. Natalie is talking about the make out session between Sharon and Matt and how she (Natalie) is going to look like a hard core idiot on the show because of the nice things she said about Matt and how he wouldn't do that etc, etc in the DR and then the show will cut to Matt and Sharon making out in the HOH and it will make her look like a dumb ass. 1PMish Josh is trying to steer the convo to saving James instead of Sharon and striking a two week deal between he and Natalie.
  15. 11:43BBT BB: Adam please go to the diary room. Chelsia and Matt in the kitchen. Chelsia says she needs something to EAT! Matt says why don't you make some slop? Chelsia says because she fuckin' hates it. Feeds switch to Sheila and Natalie in the spa/sauna room talking about fitness. Natalie says a trainer had her eating white fish and sweet potatoes 3 or 4 times per week because they are a good combination to eat together and that they do amazing things to your body. She also says asparagus, garbanzo beans and blueberries are very good for your body too. She says she was down to 13% body fat. Sheila is quizzing her on what's good and what to avoid food wise. 11:50 (I need to take off)