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  1. JennyOndioline

    Missed las nights show...HELP!!!

    I'd like to add a thank you too. I totally flaked and missed last night's finale. I have no clue as to where my brain was, but at least now I know how to find the show! Many, many thanks.
  2. JennyOndioline

    EPISODE 14 - Thunder Storms and Sacrifice

    I can't believe it, I totally flaked on last night's Survivor. Completely missed it. Don't know what I was thinking! If anyone can send me a tape, please email me privately. Cheers.
  3. JennyOndioline

    Are Stephanie and Blake related?

    It could be a BIG advantage after the merge, if they both make it that far....
  4. JennyOndioline

    Hells Kitchen

    Hmm yeah, 'tis true the team is much weaker without Chris. However, IMHO Elsie has done a fabulous job, for someone who's not a professional chef. I also think Jess and Ralph still have a real liability with Andrew holding them back! :roll: Personally I think the teams are pretty evenly matched. Each team has a professional chef (Michael, Ralph), one good amateur (Elsie, Jess) and one liability (Jimmie, Andrew). I can't wait to see what happens next!
  5. JennyOndioline

    Hells Kitchen

  6. JennyOndioline

    Hells Kitchen

    I'm convinced that the restaurant patrons were planted "extras" and in on the whole scheme. I can't imagine any group of people waiting that long for a meal in real life. Nor can I imagine anyone taking the abuse that Ramsay handed out to the 3 women. I also can't imagine any legitimate restaurant opening with completely inexperienced chefs and an egomaniac at the helm. Although I guess Ramsay has worked at restaurants before.... I think his being an ass is a schtick, though. Not a very good one, he's definitely stealing from Simon Cowell or whoever that guy is on American Idol, but he's playing a type, the British Villain. :roll: So I actually watched the show to the end, I have to admit it. I'm interested in the opinions of those of you who also watched the show to the end: what was Elsie thinking?!?! There were WAY worse people than the 2 she nominated. And what's up with her stabbing Dewberry in the back?! Who wants to make an enemy on the very first day?! I liked her up until then!
  7. JennyOndioline


    I'll joing the Ian is an Idiot Club too. What was he thinking?! :roll:
  8. JennyOndioline

    What Luxury Item Would You Bring?

    And oh yeah, I'd definitely bring the toilettries. Sunblock, insect repellant, toothbrush, etc.
  9. JennyOndioline

    What Luxury Item Would You Bring?

    It was that crazy guy Robb Zbacnik, from Survivor Thailand. He got into it with Clay during a challenge and it appeared that he tried to hurt the guy. :roll:
  10. JennyOndioline

    Survivor: Palau spoilers

    Is that a spoiler, or your prediction? Sounds like a real possibility to me....
  11. JennyOndioline


    I thought she really deserved to win too. She played a great game, in my opinion. Oh well.....
  12. JennyOndioline

    Preemptions and Politics

    Geez, my DVR didn't figure out that Survivor and CSI were on an hour later...luckily we were home to record the shows anyway. I think my cable-company issued DVR is working for the dark side.... :twisted:
  13. JennyOndioline

    Preemptions and Politics

    Gee whoever this new Survivor is, someone needs to vote him off RIGHT NOW....
  14. JennyOndioline

    Preemptions and Politics

    Unfortunately, US gas prices are still miniscule compared to what Europeans and Canadians pay. We've travelled extensively in Europe and Canada, and have experienced the prices. In England it typically costs us about $50 to fill up the tank on a teeny, tiny car. Maybe 10 gallons' worth of gas. So while US gas prices are definitely rising and causing drivers to whince, for now I'm driving a small car and not complaining! Back on topic, here's hoping Survivor is on tonight! I don't feel like having any of my shows pre-empted..... :?
  15. JennyOndioline

    Non Elimination Legs (NEL)

    It would have been awesome to see Greg and Brian continue racing in those getups.... Too bad Phil couldn't bend the rules!