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  1. Cody is someone who I would be afraid to sleep in the same house with. He seems like a creeper who would stand over you while you slept and wish evil shit on you. His emotionless expression and just saying nothing when they ask him a question is just creepy AF.
  2. He needs to blow his damn nose! It is driving me crazy listening to him suck it up every five seconds!
  3. Mortys Shout Out

    Yes he does a recap of lots of reality shows the next morning. I really only call in about BB though.
  4. Mortys Shout Out

    This morning on my local radio station in Iowa I gave Morty's a shout out and the DJ went to the site live on air and was reading feed updates! I had to let him know about Dick going missing and it was a fun talk and I was on air for about five minutes. Yeah Mortystv!
  5. Rachel (HoH & Co-PoV) - Week 1

    I don't think I can take that laugh for long, please let her leave soon!
  6. Dan - Week 8

    I like Dan but if they are smart they will get rid of him this week. He turned into a beast in comps the last few weeks and they will have a hard time holding him off in the final 3 HOH.
  7. Renny - Week 9

    Renny and Jerry are ass kissers sometimes, but it has kept the 2 "old timers" in the game. I'm glad to see the final 5 is not all 20 somethings.
  8. Ollie - Week 8

    He showed he has no class by not saying goodbye to Jerry on his way out or wishing him luck or giving him any kind words. Even without all the April stuff he still would have been one of my least favorite HG of all time. He made no moves on his own and let his mouth show his true colors.
  9. Jerry - Week 8

    I thought it was sad that he felt he had to ask them to talk to him. Jerry winning this HOH is going to make for a better week then if one of the other 4 won and we knew all week Jerry was leaving. IMO
  10. Bb Top Ten List

    Don't talk about how the DR tries to steer the game the way they want it, or sing or try to amuse yourself in any way, it will only lead to a FOTH and many angry post.
  11. Bb10 Vs Bb9

    This season is no big winner but season 9 was so bad I could not bring myself to watch most of the time. I do like a few in this cast at least a bit, in season 9 I could not find even one to root for.
  12. Pov - Week 7

    I'll be on team Jerry with you YosemiteSam. He reminds me of my 80 year old dad. I feel bad how they all ignore him.
  13. Who Would You Evict?

    Camera crew who have the same thing on all 4 feeds at the same time! I want variety!
  14. Is April Pregnant???? Got a baby name???

    How fun for the baby! They can watch their own conception from the feeds.....lucky lucky child!
  15. Ap:who You Voting To Evict?

    I had to vote out Jessie his ego is taking up all the oxygen in the house, and I'm worried the others will die while his ego keeps growing like the blob! I hate that he is from Iowa! Why are all the HG I can't stand from my home state.