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    Eric - America's Player

    Good riddance
  2. cutiepie488


    Jen is so growing on me. Her spaciness and robotic qualities are adorable... with the whole "Can we get some white belts in here?" thing and the bunny ears in her face hiding from the Amber rage. <3 JenBunny
  3. cutiepie488

    Daniele - Hoh

    I was happy that Dani gained respect from BB viewers today with her treatment of Eric. Whether it will work against her (since it's obviously being used against her by Eric) or not, it was sweet of her to treat Eric with compassion and let him use her HOH room. This has been a fantastic HOH week. Dani is (hopefully) kicking out one of the strongest, if not the strongest player in the game. It wasn't boring and predictable. She was the first (and only for a while) one to figure Eric out, even though she got some of it wrong... she still got it. She's making new ties & alliances with other outcasts. And she is treating other people with compassion and respect. <3 Dani.
  4. cutiepie488

    Daniele - Hoh

    I'm loving the Jen/Dani agreement. Someone thought up a name for their potential alliance and I *looove* it! Betty & Veronica Alliance <3
  5. cutiepie488

    Friday 8/3 Feed Discussion

    Best case scenario: Zach wins HOH... takes Jen off. Dani says "Oh well I don't know what to do? Who shall I nominate?" She either lets them fight it out amongst themselves as to who should be nominated. Or she just lets them fret about it and splinter more and still pick Eric... bwaha.
  6. cutiepie488

    Daniele - Hoh

    ITA subtle... im hoping these girls team up since the rest of the house is against them. Then I may start to really like Jen. Honestly there aren't very many good people to choose from. Anyone against Dumber & their friends are my kind'a people!
  7. cutiepie488

    Daniele - Hoh

    Pretty much. The backdooring plan might be smart if they can get Jess to go along with them. Plus aligning with Jen might not be a bad mood for Dani, as much as I dislike her... Those 2 would be an unexpected alliance and might work well against the rest of them (Dumber + Jameka + Eric). I still think Dani is smart. Yeah the plane tipped them off, but it was mostly the vote and figuring all of that out, putting the puzzle together.
  8. cutiepie488

    Daniele - Hoh

    See? To all Daniele naysayers who said she's not smart look... she's the ONLY one who figured it out that it was Eric! She's brilliant, and I'm so proud of her. She should strike a deal with Jen, Kail & Zach and go after Amber and/or Eric. More Daniele love <3333
  9. cutiepie488

    Eric - America's Player

    Daniele is effing brilliant. She figured out that he's the one who is behind all of this stuff. Wow, Eric is screeeewed unless he can do some major damage control.
  10. cutiepie488

    Daniele - Hoh

    I'm so excited she's HOH. Goooo Daniele! <3
  11. cutiepie488

    Eric Week 4 - America's Player

    AC isn't "Who does America want Eric to vote to evict from the BB house" It's "Who does America want Eric to GET EVICTED from the BB house". Last week he even attempted to campaign to kick out Mike, but he's not even trying for Nick. In my own opinion he can't pick and choose which tasks to do or not do. He's "America's Player" which means what we say goes, even if it's to keep someone because they're popular and kick out someone cause we don't like them. If he didn't forsee that it would be a popularity contest and try to make a way to work for him anyways then he's not as bright as most think. Also, if he didn't want the burden he could have just said "No thanks" to the whole AP twist. Instead he keeps saying this stuff like "Oh I'm with YOU America!" and "You can't spell America without Eric!" and yet he's going in the complete opposite direction of our request. I just have a feeling a lot of casual BB fans in addition to some of the livefeeders who have already seen this, will be extremely annoyed with Eric. BB can't even string together 2 minutes of footage of Eric attempting to save Nick-- thats all he had to do, attempt-- and you know America won't be happy about Eric's selfish gameplay. Yes, this is Big Brother, and they're supposed to be selfish but Eric is also supposed to be America's player-- "I'm working FOR YOU America!" and he certainly isn't doing that.
  12. cutiepie488

    Next Hoh: Endurance?

    I'll be happy if Zach wins as long as he doesn't nominate Daniele or Dick.
  13. cutiepie488

    Ap Task #11

    exactly, which is why Kail is a moron for agreeing to it, and hopefully that will bite her and she'll go home. *positive vibes*
  14. cutiepie488

    Daniele Week 4

    Love Daniele <3 *sends her positive vibes to keep Nick and/or win HOH* Oh and her Livejournal made me love her more. Reading it you can see she's pretty emotionally fragile, but a very complex fascinating person. Plus she has hella great taste in music. If anyone's interested in checking her LJ out her username is 241dani. Plus those photo booth pictures with ED mentioned were from 2005 (as posted on the site).
  15. cutiepie488

    Amber Week 4

    Can't even remotely stand her. If she wins it will be the end of BB... seriously. If anyone... ANYONE, heck even Jen or Zach or Kail nominates her, they will have my undying support, devotion and love FOREVER.