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  1. lorican

    8/12 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Shelly and Adam are nominated Dani and Adam in HOH: Dani is telling Adam her goal is to BD brendan. Play hard in POV Adam is ok with this idea, saying its a good game move on dani's part
  2. lorican

    8/25 - Live Feed Updates

    8:30PM BBT Ragan asked Lane to pass the balls back to him underhand. Lane said "You know you have balls" Lane then got the impression that Ragan was mad at him. He tells brit in the kitchen about it and he said that he didn't mean it in a bad way, Its like saying to britney she has sand in her vagina. Lane then goes to Cabana room to apologize to Ragan, ragan tells him that its alright. Lane says hes from texas so he is stupid and he doesn't think things through before he says them. Lane ask if the practice game threw him off the HoH, Ragan says yes. He ask Ragan if he still thinks there is a DE and Ragan says no because the practice is too big to set up for a DE. lane says yea but it could be 2 quizes and that set up could be for the pov, a little chit chat and Lane leaves. after he leaves ragan says this is so stupid
  3. lorican

    8/25 - Live Feed Updates

    7:50 PM BBT lane has left hoh and its still enzo and brit in hoh, brit is packing, brendon bashing goin on, they are hopin its DE tomorrow, brit is just ready to get more people out of the house quick. brit doesnt believe anything brendon says, he told her when she first became hoh that her friends were throwin her under the bus last week and she thought he was talkin about h/l/e but then she found out he was talkin about rag and mat so she doesnt really trust ragan anymore. she said but of course you cant believe anything brend says, more brendon bashing
  4. lorican

    8/25 - Live Feed Updates

    Enzo is worried he will vote Enzo out then comes to the conclusion that he wants matt out this week then to go after hayden enzo and lane...Lane tells Enzo that whatever they tell Brendon he tells to Brit then Brit tells Lane. Enzo dosnt know what Brendon is doing
  5. lorican

    8/25 - Live Feed Updates

    ok so now lane heads up to hoh to talk to enzo, he tells enzo that britney told him earlier when they were talkin that brendon approached brit about having an alliance with her and ragan to get the other 3 out. enzo says why is he doing that shit, lane said i dont know but we've been studying with him so we need to watch out for him. lane says that brit says brend has been up there like 3 times tryin to get her to understand that the other 3 guys are only lookin out for themselves and we not take her to final 4. lane tells enzo again to just be careful what he tells brend from now on. and if bren is tellin brit this stuff then he's probably already gotten in ragans ear too and ragan has been studying hard core and he probably saw this game outside and was like shit (cuz he's been studying for quiz comp) enzo is totally confused by what lane is saying, he keeps asking lane if brend is still wanting to send matty out, lane said yeah i guess so, so enzo says he's plannin on doing this AFTER we get rid of matty? lane says yeah i guess. enzo cant believe he went up there 3 times to throw them under the bus....now enzo thinks brend was the SAB (ok another enzo observation) brit comes up and lane says i bet ragan is pissed now because he knows it wont be a quiz tomorrow, she said if it DE tomorrow it could be for POV comp
  6. lorican

    8/25 - Live Feed Updates

    7:28 BBT enzo in kitchen now looks like he's fixing himself something to eat, brendon comes in complaining that he doesnt understand why britney is practicing, she's hoh now and can't compete tomorrow, enzo says maybe its not for hoh comp, maybe its for POV he says yeah maybe but still shes gettin like 40 balls, its like ok enough get off already and brendon heads back outside enzo was making a protein shake and heads to hoh room to listen to music (why is he not practicing) everyone else still outside, brendon now taking his turn practicing
  7. lorican

    8/25 - Live Feed Updates

    7:20PM BBT Hayden now taking his turn with the practice game, everyone else around just observing. Hayben says 2 more and he's done for now, ragan asks brendon if hed like to go next, he tells them to go ahead for now, he'll practice later. Now enzo taking a turn practicing
  8. lorican

    8/25 - Live Feed Updates

    4:35 PM BBT Brendon doing dishes and Matt made a motion for him to come here. They went into the Taj and Matt told Brendon if he makes it to the F2 he will have his vote for sure. Brendon tells him that he's played a great game and he really thinks he'll make all stars. Matt thanks him and Brendon tells him that if he ever needs anything, he'll be there to help support him and his wife with her medical condition. Matt says he appreciates that and he wanted to let him know that if he makes it to F2 he will definatley get his vote. Brendon tells him that he'll see in his GB message that it's all good. They shake hands and head back to the kitchen. Brendon says he cant believe they broke the badmiddon game in one night
  9. lorican

    8/24 - Live Feed Updates

    8:20 PM BBT BB told the hg's to check the storage room. There's a badmiddon (sp) set in there for them to play. All heading to the back yard to play. They also received alcohol, 6 beers and 2 bottles of wine.
  10. lorican

    8/21 - Live Feed Updates

    matts theory is he thinks that bb picked who they wanted to win what prizes and what punishments in the pov comp, ragan says then why am i playing this game, matt says, we're not playin, we are being played.....then it cut to bubbles
  11. lorican

    8/17 - Live Feed Updates

    8:10pm BBT lane and brit in hammock Lane asking Brit if she's going to vote against him. Brit says I don't know, are you going to take me to the final three? she said she would vote for him if he made it to the f2, then she says unless he's the reason she gets voted out. they are talkin about if she was against ragan, she thinks she's have the votes to stay he asked her not to tell anyone about what he is about to tell her, he says you have to promise you wont tell enzo or anybody, she says she will never tell him anything cuz he tells everybody everything. he says well you have to understand why i'd say that after people saying you repeat stuff, she replies "who rachel" he says well im just sayin he says what he can see and what he's heard is everybody wants her or kathy at least until f5 and he says thats good for you, she believes kathy will go right after brendan now they are talkin about how they are preceived by america
  12. lorican

    8/17 - Live Feed Updates

    7:31 PM BBT I see that no one has posted in about an hour so I wanted to let you all know that you have missed NOTHING.... there literally has been about 5 minutes with NO TALKING. some playing pool, others just laying around
  13. lorican

    8/16 - Live Feed Updates

    9PM BBT some hg's are wondering what tomorrow comp might be? they say it might just be the SAB trying to mess with them. the message said something about a comp (or something) coming tomrrow that can change the course of the game. so now everyone is speculating what it might be. wondering if they should go to bed early or not. they dont think it will be some phys comp cuz bb is not settin up anything in the back yard
  14. lorican

    8/14 - Live Feed Updates

    7:35 PM BBT Ragan, Brit and Rach in Taj and Rag gets called to DR. Brit stays and tells Rach that she wanted to clear the air about her GB message. Rach felt that it was mocking her, Brit says it was not mocking at all, it was all in good fun. Now they are beginning to have a heart to heart. Brit is telling Rach that it should make her feel good to know that Brend has been getting along with everyone these past couple of days. SHe said even with Rag, there has been no drama, just really calm. Brit says the bottom line is that it wasn't anything personal about gettin her out it's just that she is a fierce competitor. Rach says she totally understands that. Brit telling her that she has had some good conversations with Brend since she left and cleared the air and he apologized to her about his Nick remarks. Brit says she told Brend that she wants to stay here and compete and he ended up not nom her and then her and matt were the only 2 that did not play in POV.
  15. lorican

    8/13 - Live Feed Updates

    10:20bbt ragan cryin in CR, he just said that he got too cocky, too mean and this is definetly karma. he said "i hate me too america" he's in there alone WBBR