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  1. Joey618

    Big Brother 8

    Why doesnt BB add some crazy twists each week. For Example Week 1- Julie tells us there our two houses and in each house there are 8 people, each house thinks they our the only house. Each house has an hoh, veto,and food compations. Each show would switch between the two houses. 1 person is evicated from each house. Week 2- Now the there are 14 people on BB. Julie reveals to the houses that they are not the only house and that this time next week the two houses will be reunited. But there will only be one HOH for the both houses and that HOH will have to nominate someone from their own house and somenone from the other house based just at looking at them. Week 3- Now there are 13 people on bb. The houses are reunited and it is a Co-HOH week. Week 4- Now there are 12 people on BB and it is a weird week because the Hoh will not be the only person nominating but the whole house will nominate two. So the Hoh picks 2 people to be up on the block, and the houseguests vote one out, But also the whole house has to nominate 2 people on the block and AMERICA votes one out. Week 5- Now there are 10 people in the house and is the first normal week. Week 6- Now there are 9 people in the house. Two houseguest are given phones to comminucate with Big Brother voice, the voice gives these people secret tasks, if these two people keep the phones a secret they get a special power but if they dont they will get punished. Some of the tasks will be like start a fight between two people. The special power is exactley like the Coup d Tat except you cant tell anyone. Week 7- Now there are 8 people in the house.Its a normal week except BB throws a huge party with a popular music artist and presents. They get thrown this party because they made it halfway through the game Week 8- Now there are 7 people in the house it is a Double Evication week like the one week when Marcellas and Howie got evicated. Also an Ameicas choice and the winner get a phone call home. Week 9- Now there are 5 people in the house. It is a week of pain for the house as the tempature of the house changes from very cold to very hot, also there is no Hot water, also the Whole house is on slop for the week, and there are alarms going of every 30 min. Week 10- There are 4 people left Final week- There are 3-2-1 persons left and BB8 winner is crowned. Would that be a good Big Brother Season.
  2. Is it good? How is differnt from regular bbuk? How long does it last?
  3. I have been watching BB7 uk since day one and have loved. I downloaded it via torrents and was wondering where I can get my hands on previous seasons.
  4. Joey618

    Twist Possibilities

    I was thinking about what bb could do to shake the house up and I have an idea: After the fourth Evication it is revealed to us that there is a secret room in the bb house that has 6 all star houseguests: Drew, Jun, Amy, and three previouley evicated houseguests Jase, Nakomis, and Alison. We are told then that 3 of the people in the secret room will move into the house. The first Hg from the secret room will be one of the bb winners and they will be voted in by the people in the secret room, the second person brought into the house will be by winning a compation and the third and last person from the secret room will be brought into the house by Americas choice. The people in the secret room are able to spy on the HG and play with their minds by changing the tempature of the house and playing previousley recorded messages. When the 3 people from the secret room move in to the house they are stunned to learn they will be co hoh's and must uninamousley nominate two people and if they dont they will face evication. After the three Hoh's nominate or get nominated. It is reveled that this is a double evication week and that there will be an hoh compation. Whoever wins it has 10 mins to nominate two people. Then BB annonces to us that America will have to vote out one of the people nominated by the sole hoh. The house votes out someone the three Hoh's nominated. Wouldn it be a good twist? This would all happen in a span of 2 weeks.
  5. Very interesting could the underground thing come into play? hmm
  6. Joey618

    BB7 UK Torrents

    Dreamgirl and Angelo Joe know a lot about it they helped me a week ago. That forum link I sent is very helpful.
  7. Joey618

    BBUK: Latest Updates!

    It is being said that Shabazz and Dawn will be replaced by Ex-houseguests for 7 days.
  8. Joey618

    BB7 UK Torrents

    It just slows down Your Internet a bit while downloading somthing. This link is to another topic on these boards and there is help in this link with how to get Azerus and stuff http://s134005998.onlinehome.us/forums/ind...pic=12692&st=40
  9. Joey618

    BB7 UK Torrents

    Yes you can download Torrents. If you have a torrent downloading thing like Azerus. If you dont have a torrent downloader thing then tell me so I can give you directions.
  10. Joey618

    BBUK: Latest Updates!

    First and for most Big Brother Uk is better then the USA verison. This is my first UK season. I liked Shabaz at first but then he started to get weird. He became imature and rude. Also he would not listin to anybody. I wish he stayed for 3 more days though. Here are my favorite people 1. Nikki 2. Lea 3. Pete 4. Sezar 5. Grace 7. Richard 8. Lisa
  11. Joey618

    BB7 UK Torrents

    I sent you my email. Thank YOU SO MUCH
  12. Joey618

    BB7 UK Torrents

    can someone send me an Invation to Demonoid? Also what is the differnce between Little Brother, big mouth, daily show. Ime watching the first episode and loving it.
  13. Joey618

    BB7 UK Torrents

    Thank you both Dream angel and angelo joe. It works now thank you sooooo much!!!
  14. Joey618

    BB7 UK Torrents

    That link works. But no torrents I Download do they only play audio I downloaded 4 and all only play audio