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  1. 11:04AM BBT Kaitlyn and Sam talk. Kaitlyn asks Sam if she's going to use her power. Kaitlyn says she would be really hurt if Sam used it to save Brett because Brett really hurt her. Sam says she doesn't plan on using it. Kaitlyn says they (Sam and Kaitlyn) haven't talked about it so she didn't know. Sam says, "yeah because you don't talk to me anymore." 11:06AM BBT Kaitlyn's telling Sam about when Scottie told Kaitlyn about Brett and Winston's deal they tried to get Scottie to go for about replacing one of them and putting Kaitlyn on the block. Kaitlyn says Brett made a very personal attack on her with his veto speech about saying he had a vision. Kaitlyn: "like please don't make fun of something i can't control". Kaitlyn: Haleigh, bayleigh, rockstar, tyler, fessy and i are all voting to send brett home. Sam: the most fair thing i can do is to just not use my power. it expires and i won't have to use it. this is why I don't want to win HOH because I don't want to make decisions.
  2. 12:23PM BBT: Back in the have not room, Rockstar tells Sam that she wasn't telling her about "JC's power" to piss her off (Sam doesn't like knowing secrets because she doesn't want to lie). Sam says she's not mad, she just wishes she never even had a power. and it makes her angry that people know about her power because people were talking about it.
  3. 12:18PM BBT: Sam and Rockstar are in their bedroom. Rockstar tells her how JC was half asleep one day and she asked him about his power. He was talking about "his power" so Rockstar thinks JC has one and thinks he accidentally told her because he was half asleep. Sam tells Rockstar: "I have a power. i've had it forever. it expires this week and i'm not going to use it because it's not fair." Rockstar: what is it? Sam: i'm not going to say. but it's not a fair thing. If i would have had to use it on myself, then I would have. 12:21PM BBT: in HOH bed, Kaitlyn and Scottie are talking. Kaitlyn says Sam is going to float her way to the end. Scottie says that seems to be the plan. Kaitlyn says she thinks Sam got the power app because she plays dumb. Scottie and Kaitlyn say that Sam says to everyone, "i don't understand the game". We get WBRB because Kaitlyn complains about casting.
  4. 11:07AM BBT (after having non-game talk) Brett to Sam: well hey, i didn't want to freak you out. if you do have it (the power app) my motive of our talk wasn't to try to get you to confirm it. Then they go back to trying to figure out how to make the have not room more comfortable.
  5. 11:03AM BBT: Sam and Brett are talking in the have not room. Sam tells Brett not to worry because of what she's hearing, every is voting for Winston to stay. Sam tells him not to worry, not to worry about rumors, it's all stupid and she wants Brett to enjoy his day.
  6. 10:30AM BBT: Rockstar is also in the PBR w/ Kaitlyn, Bayleigh and JC. Talking about shows. No game talk. 10:40AM BBT: Haleigh's talking about how she told her boyfriend to make sure to have a place for them to live when she gets out. She wanted him to find a place for them together and she didn't want to have to deal with it-she wants him to do it all. [little does she know...] 10:41AM BBT: Kaitlyn says she's going to take a poopie. JC says one of his main goals when he gets out is to live by himself.
  7. 10:25AM BBT Tyler says as of last night, Sam says she's voting to keep Brett. Brett: that's good but if she could use her power app, we would have the numbers. Someone comes in and says something and leaves the room. Tyler leaves too. 10:26AM BBT Angela is watching dishes. in the PBR, Kaitlyn, Bayleigh and JC are laying in bed. Fessy comes in. No game talk. Fessy leaves. Kaitlyn says she was called to the DR at 2:30 and we get WBRB.
  8. 10:10AM BBT Scottie and Brett talk in the storage room. Scottie asks Brett about Sam's power app. Brett says he doesn't know anything about it. Scottie tells Brett that the reason Kaitlyn voted to keep Sam was because she was worried about Sam's power app being used and one of them going home instead. Scottie asks Brett to swear he didn't know about it and tells Brett that his name was brought up. Brett says, "no that power doesn't even make sense." 10:15AM BBT Scottie is up in the HOH room pacing back and forth. "If he didn't know about it.. that means they..." and "this is bullshit after bullshit". He's breathing heavy and seems to be worked up. Scottie brushes his teeth and goes down to the kitchen and acts normal. 10:18AM BBT: Scottie looks in the fridge then walks into the storage room to look for food. He's pacing the floor and seems to punch the air. Talks to himself some but can't make it out. Camera switches to have not room with Brett and Tyler. 10:19AM BBT: Brett: So freaking weird. tyler comes up to me and says, 'so i found out people voted to keep sam because of her power app. she threatened to have the vote flipped and that's the reason they voted the way they did.' Tyler says that he told kaitlyn that if he used Sam's power to get Kaitlyn to vote to keep Sam. Brett: he said my name was tossed around a lot. Tyler: because everyone thought you had the power app. They talk about this week being Sam's last week to use the power. Tyler says Sam is scared now because Kaitlyn's telling everyone about Sam's power. Brett says Sam needs to use her power app because it saves numbers on their side. Brett says he thinks Scottie thinks Brett has a power app. 10:23AM BBT: Tyler: Scottie's scared as F that you're both going to stay and then come for him.
  9. 1:27PM BBT: Winston, Rachel and Brett meet in the have-not room. Winston and Brett confirm neither of them got the power app. Of course Rachel doesn't have it because she isn't eligible. Bayleigh snapped on Rockstar earlier (Brett is telling Winston about it). They leave the have no room. Rachel and Brett lay together in the blue bedroom, wondering who got the power app. They speculate Rockstar, Bayleigh or Tyler. 1:29PM BBT: Haleigh walks in and again says America hates her.
  10. 1:23PM BBT feeds are back. the HG just did the power app thing. It's unclear who has what yet but Winston said he's so glad he didn't get the crap app. Hayleigh says, "America hates me." so I assume she has it. Confirms she has the crap app. Fessy and Bayleigh were whispering. It was hard to hear them but before they split up, Bayleigh says, "hopefully no one will find out"
  11. 10:03AM BBT Swaggy is awake but still in bed. Kaycee gets called to the DR. Most HGs are in the kitchen. No game talk. Winston's brushing his teeth in the WA next to Brett. Bayleigh's getting ready to take a shower. 10:06AM BBT Kaitlyn says she's going to check the storage room for food and asks someone if they want to come but we get fish.
  12. 10:20AM BBT: All feeds are on the couch in the back yard where Winston, Rachel, Sam and Kaycee are talking. Winston: I can't believe JC got away with not sleeping in the have-not room already." people agree and we immediately get fish. [seriously Big Brother? Everyone should follow the same rules] 10:22 AM BBT: Winston's talking to Sam about what he wants done to his hair for Thursday. He says not to go too short because he looks like a doofus when his hair is too short. 10:24AM BBT: Kaycee gets up to go inside. Sam is saying she never met real Winston, she's only met Bro-Winston. Rachel and Sam are telling Winston that when he's with Brett, he's bro-Winston. Rachel: "another reason why I like real Winston is-" and right on cue, Brett walks out. Winston: BRO, come sit BRO. 10:26 AM BBT Winston: "I told them we thrive off of each other. When we're together, we come off as jerks." 10:27AM BBT: In the HoH room, Kaitlyn is laying in bed. I'm not sure if someone is in there with her because the camera immediately goes to the kitchen. Kaycee is talking to Rockstar in the kitchen. Angela walks through the kitchen and heads outside.
  13. 12:07PM BBT Brett is telling Kaitlyn that they'll eventually understand this is a game, it's not personal. They're just reacting in the moment. JC says she was doing it to save her game and JC says he would have done it too. Brett says Kaitlyn probably is going to be the most trending house guest next.
  14. 12:05PM BBT Swaggy tells Bayleigh, "it's ok. we'll get through this." Bayleigh says, "oh for sure". Swaggy counts his votes. Back in the HOH room, Kaitlyn is still crying. Kaitlyn says she told Rockstar right before veto, "i hope you can forgive me for what i'm about to do when we weren't allowed to be speaking because i couldn't just do it without giving rockstar a heads up." Kaitlyn says she told Rockstar she was putting Swaggy up.
  15. 12:03PM BBT Feeds are back. Bayleigh, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Brett, JC and others are in the hoh room talking to a crying Kaitlyn. Bayleigh says she's going to check on Swaggy. Swaggy was talking to fessy in the have not room. When bayleigh goes in to talk to her, he asks everyone else to leave so he can talk to bayleigh. Bayleigh tells Swaggy that Tyler was being sweet to Kaitlyn to help her feel better. She said Kaitlyn was saying that Fessy hates her now but she'd rather go home on week 3 rather than take getting bullied by someone (Swaggy)