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  1. Started reading this and smiled right off glad someone has a sense of humor lol ty for the laugh lol
  2. I surely dont look at these people as my FRIENDS lol Well gesh you win your top 3 picked made it and mine didnt oh woo is me its not like this has been the first time people I thought would go far and didnt. And yes I root for the people I enjoy and like to see playing its not often I go out of my way to trash talk people anyhow. Looks to me you cant take a joke then again maybe you can since BB19 was nothing but a BIG JOKE. No tally needed ty I didnt realize Id have to compete along with the house guest gesh get a grip.
  3. OMG that is just to dam funny a go fund me page oh pleaseeeee LMAO
  4. I agree Id so watch BB again with Jessica in it and Id much rather watch Cody over Paul again any day of the week.
  5. I agree in the back of my mind I kept thinking maybe (big MAYBE) this is a smart game move on his part....but emotionally crippled sums it up better as to why he did it.
  6. When Julie asked Paul what he thought about Josh and what he said in the diary room gave me a laugh as well saying he felt it was a cowardly act on Josh's part. Paul was probably pissed at himself for not thinking about doing the same thing that alone could have made him look a little humble.
  7. I agree CBS im sure is very aware of what the public is saying and or was posting. Once they got wind of it they had to make a switch in their own plans.
  8. I was hoping also that she would have asked that very ? of the jury guess she wasted that one on Xmas. Im sure many of them will be asked that in interviews. Im not so sure the outcome would have been different though.
  9. Well men as well as the woman in the military are human as well and in their own way they are above many of us they are willing to give their lives for their country so they should be able to boast about it. He is a highly decorated young man and proud of it so I feel he has reason to tell the world about that alone. Ive 3 sons all military Army, Marine and now Air Force I boast for them. And when they come home in one peace heck yeah they can boast all they want. Because not only did they make it home they protected us here as well. OK Im off my rant now.
  10. You might be right its possible its been canceled. It wasnt a show I watched faithfully like BB. But I did enjoy it the year Jeff and Jordan where on it together.
  11. Your right peoples actions are their own. However, when you have someone pushing you over and over on what to do especially when you are whispering in their ears that this will be good for your game etc you probably will be more prone to do what the person is telling you to do. As far as Jess and Cody lets not forget she could have said NOOO so blaming the man over the woman is typical of what most of society would say.
  12. Id like to see them on something like the amazing race to see how strong of a duo they really can be.
  13. It did seem in Xmas exit interview with Julie she as well as puppet master Raven is very delusional as how she came off to the public eye. When she said her Mom told her to kill them with kindness I laughed thinking you should have taken her advice lol. Maybe she thought the cams went off at night and no one could hear her lol who knows. As far as the rape comment though YES it was in very poor judgement on Jasons part to say such a thing please dont get me wrong. BUT Jason being Jason I really dont think it was something he meant he would ever do or condone. Im sure once he sees it replayed himself he will be on the phone with Kevin doing nothing more then saying how sorry he is.