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  1. DuchsLove

    POV- Week 8

    I can only hope this twist is rendered as useless as panties on a hooker.
  2. Not hardly. I just can't stand Jordan. Didn't think she should have won the first time and certainly don't think she should win now. I find her "simple" attitude annoying and would rather listen to Rachel talk than her. Shelly did what she needed to do for HER game, and if she did it to anyone else BUT Jordan, no one would be going all batshit over it. This is a game. It's not let me go to a house with my pompous ass of a boyfriend and meet a new BFF. It's time Jordan woke up and started acting like she's there to play, not just sit around.
  3. Me neither. Naive does NOT equal sweet to me...
  4. Precisely. And I'm sorry, but the attacks on her looks and/or sexuality/sexual preference are getting old and tired as well. People can say whatever they want about Shelly and it's "ok," but insult Jordan and see how quickly people go all batshit...
  5. DuchsLove

    Shelly - Week 7

    I think virtually EVERYONE that participates in a reality show is guilty of this in one way or the other. Shelly isn't reinventing the wheel here, folks!
  6. DuchsLove

    Jordan - Week 7

    "Poor Jordan" is trending on Twitter... *gag*
  7. DuchsLove

    Shelly - Week 7

    So did Dick, and with one exception, I can't think of someone who played the game better...
  8. DuchsLove

    Shelly - Week 7

    Am I the only Shelley fan here? I think she's playing a fairly decent game of manipulation. She has nothing to be scared of with Jordan. She won't win a comp, and besides...the newbies control the votes...
  9. DuchsLove

    Thursday's Live Show 9/13

    Pres is on after BB for those of us on the East/Central. GO DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. DuchsLove

    Who Should Daniele And Dick Get Out?

    If D/D are SMART they vote to evict Jessica. Jameka can't get HOH...can't seem to win the veto...Get her out as the first one of DE week. She's useless up to that point. Jessica is going to be out for blood if she gets the first HOH of DE week...they need to get her out of the house now.
  11. DuchsLove

    Eric Week 8 - America's Player

  12. DuchsLove

    Double Evictions

    If i remember correctly... Tonight's HOH would nom 2 ppl on the spot....Tomorrow play POV and POV ceremony...Sat eviction...New HOH (Sunday show...)
  13. Two reasons... He has been able to get people riled up in a way no other BB houseguest ever has. I think he's incredibly sexy...and yes, I am just that f'in shallow!
  14. Big Brother in and of itself is about "gang mentality." ED or no ED...it always has been. And yes, IMO destroying someone's property is "evil." It is not yours to mess with in any way.