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  1. 11:07pm Feed 1 & 2 are on Karen and Demetres in the WA. Demetres says that being on the block on week 1 kick started his game. The talk then switches to Ika being upset with Demetres. She asked him to throw the comp to her and he told her that he would't do it. Dem thinks that Ika is trying to end things before the show ends. It doesn't look like he really cares, or maybe he's just acting. He said "something about that girl just drives me mental". The conversation changes as Kevin walks in. Feeds 3 & 4 are on Ika in the BR. She has a cookie try with foil on it with a line of Cheerios (?) I'm not sure what she's doing, but she's barely moved or said a word
  2. 11:10pm BBT Raul, locked outside for stealing food, is having a full conversation with himself. At first I thought that someone was out there with him, but he's just a mental patient, rambling on. Maddie, Ramsey, Joel, Cass, Phil and Tim are in the HOH discussing Michael Jackson and his child molestation cases. They all feel that he did not really abuse these kids, but that he slept with them in his bed, like a parent. Kelsey is by herself in the pink room and Jared was called to the DR.
  3. 8:53pm BBT Phil walks out of the bathroom saying that it's a quarantine area and no one should go in. Nick makes him spray the bathroom as he needs to go in. Nick runs in the stall as Phil comes back out to talk to Joel. Nick says that the cream in the alfredo really did a number on him since he's lactose intolerant. He walks over to the sink to FINALLY wash his nasty hands, and then just runs water over his hands. No soap or anything. [If I was his mother I would find my way into the house to smack him}
  4. 8:34pm BBT I'm really trying to pay attention, but it's like watching paint dry. Feeds 1 and 2 are in the dining room and you have Cass, Tim, Maddy and Ramsey. General chit chat that always comes back around to penises. Tim is average size and clean, but pretty looking according to Maddy and Cass. Feeds 3 and 4 are in the hot tub with Raul, Kelsey and Jared. Phil doesn't seem to have friends so he keeps going out there and then leaving. The trio are talking about places they would like to visit. Jared has never left Canada, but would like to backpack at some point. [Morty, I have some running around to do, but I'll try to pitch in before I go to bed]
  5. 6:10pm BBT Maddie and Cass are in the HOH room gossiping. Raul must have made a fool of himself ranting and raving as they are rehashing the situation. They are mocking him and saying that no matter how much he campaigns, he will be going home this week. Cass fears that people will start to think that her and Maddie are in an alliance. Maddie said that she doesn't care because Raul thinks that she's in an alliance with the brothers so eff him. {Maddie really needs to start using a toothpick or a waterpik. That girl is forever digging something out of her teeth.} Tim comes in and asks if they are having a D&M (deep and meaningful) and they said that no, they are talking about the fact that Raul is a diva and ruined his own chances of staying this week. Maddie is telling them that Raul wants Kelsey gone so that he could be alone with Jared. He apparently told her that he wants to work with her, but she doesn't trust it since he only says this when his back is against the wall
  6. 10:04pm BBT They are all licquored up so playing spin the bottle/truth or dare seems like a good idea. Kisses went to: Tim and Cass Kelsey and Raul Tim and Nikki Maddie and Tim Phil and Cass Tim and Cass again Kelsey and Nick Joel and Kelsey Jared and Raul Maddie and Nick Kelsey and Cass Nikki and Joel Joel and Tim Raul and Maddie Truth: Joel, have you ever done anal? Answer NO Jared, have you jerked off?: yes because he has too much testosterone. *why the hell do we need to know this? Isn't it assumed? Nick, since kissing Nikki do you want to do it again? Yes Phil, when you jerk off, who do you think about in the house? No one from the house, but he thinks of someone from home Nikki's admits to having a threesome Raul, if you had your choice of guys in the house, who would you choose? Tim Tim, if you could go on a night out on the town, who would you choose Phil, Nikki and Raul Joel, if you had to pick one woman in this house to be the last person on Earth and repopulate the Earth, who would you choose? Nikki cause her lips tastes nice This is probably the most boring game I've watched. I'm off to bed and will try to help more tomorrow after work
  7. 6:20pm BBT The house was just tasked with cleaning the whole house in 20 minutes for a reward. They are running around like crazy trying to complete the task, which is difficult since no one ever cleans up in that cesspool, but Cass ensures that she checks herself out every time she passes a shiny object.
  8. 4:26pm BBT Feed 3 and 4 are on Tim and Nikki who are talking about someone Tim knows back how, who thinks that she is a mermaid, even though she never goes into the water, as far as he knows.. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Cass and Nick. Nick things that he's messing up. Cass tells him that he is fine. He's the brains of the operation and Phil is the face. Nick feels like he has hit bottom but now that he's spoken to Cass, he feels much better. Cass wants to know what Nick has gone through in life, but Nick said he will tell her once they are out of the house.
  9. [Sorry I'm off to bed, but I'll try to get on tomorrow. Hope you have coverage]
  10. 10:56pm BBT Maddie and Phil are talking about pirating movies and music so we get FOTH
  11. 7:21pm BBT Raul and Maddy are in the HOH, planning to turn Jared to their team once Kelsey is gone. Maddy is afraid to put Raul up because she's sure that Raul would go home over Kelsey. They are hoping that it's another double eviction so that Maddy could be HOH again next week
  12. 7:02pm BBT Kelsey and Cassandra are strategizing different ways for her to stay, now that Jared won the POV. They are thinking that Raul going on the block as a replacement would be her best bet to stay, but Nikki or Tim may also work.
  13. 5:00pm BBT News on the web is that they are redoing the HOH competition. Apparently the last question saw 5 people answer incorrecly, which allowed Maddy to win. The HGs are complaining that the question was worded weirdly and they understood the meaning to be something else. Shortly after all the complaining we got FOH. Are they redoing the competition? See a clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_24y9pc7SA