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  1. I am not accusing the game of being fixed or anyone of cheating, but Liz has said Big Brother gave her an answer in the competition. Also Vanessa has signed a contract with CBS after the show ends for her own TV show. Plus Vanessa has offered people money for voting for her. Big Brother claims it is her own money but if she wins she will replace it with her winnings, Both Liz and Vanessa should have been disqualified. In the first few years Big Brother was much stricter. Talk about the game was not allowed but production has teased Liz all season and laughed when they told her not to talk about production, when she was talking about production. Also hated the twin twist. It automatically helped one side. But by breaking rules about splitting the money and helping Liz with a competition, Steve's chances are really slim to win. I guess Big Brother has decided. They need to go back and play the way the game played in season 2