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    2015 Cast

    I guess I got spoiled through the years with the same typecasting every year - you know, a couple hunks, a beauty or two, active, peppy girls, funny boys, a gay person who usually stole the show, an older person, serious personalities. Even though this year's cast has a touch of those characteristics, they come off silly at times. Maybe I'm getting old and set in my expectations, but I am still grinding it out trying to watch this mostly young, over acting group .
  2. Suzanne26

    2015 Cast

    Is anyone else dissatisfied with this years cast and other things? I am a Big Brother fan from 1st show but cannot get into this years people and decor of house. I wait all year for opening night and now I have to force myself to watch hoping to get interested. I do not even watch Big Brother After Dark which in the past I never missed. I am so disappointed.