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  1. RT @KatrinaPierson: Why the media ignored @POTUS trip to Asia. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  2. RT @sportsjapan: @blazingblades Star Yuzuru Hanyu pulls out of NHK Trophy with injury https://t.co/hUND9YbeDX

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  4. RT @icenetwork: We understand Brian Orser is in the hospital in Regina undergoing emergency gallbladder surgery. We wish him the best. #SCI…

  5. RT @USFigureSkating: Not bad, #TeamUSA.

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  10. 2017 ISU JGP Croatia Cup - Jr. Men's SP Scores and Standings https://t.co/tjDDaHSV3I

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  12. RT @BluecosmosH: フィギュア三原舞依、SPは66・18点 上々滑りに笑顔/スポーツ/デイリースポーツ online https://t.co/KEbNc3GKAK @Daily_Onlineさんから https://t.co/hlumRV3FXq

  13. RT @3Lz_3T_3Lo: ひろさんの紹介ですごい!って思ったトゥルソワさんのやつ! スパイラル→2A→(ここから先着氷した足のまま)→チェエンジエッジ?→カウンター→スパイラル→ロッカー→カウンター→ツイズル→CCoSp 控えめに言って頭おかしい(褒めてる) https:…

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  15. RT @eissolomon11: Trump cuts offVisas for countries that refuse deported immigrants #TBT #ThursdayThoughts PromiseKept https://t.co/BzsWM1G…

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  18. RT @ChiqueSport: Our four-way stretch fabric lets you push the boundaries of your skating so you can perform your best. #wednesdaywisdom ht…

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  20. Figure Skating Articles for Friday, September 1, 2017 https://t.co/oMSW5SR3MV

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  22. RT @rockerskating: Love the #ChampsCamp team building compilation - theme was group dance choreography this year!… https://t.co/XGjRo9XfB8

  23. RT @USFigureSkating: So awesome to be joined by Peggy Fleming and Brian Boitano at #ChampsCamp17! https://t.co/4cJeHlGzLP

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  25. Where are you Figure Skating Fan Extraordinaire, Charlie A. Zaitsev? Gone from Social Media, 9 weeks today. https://t.co/8jr2umgQbj