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  1. RT @alovelynature: Rainbow Mountain, Peru https://t.co/pfVSRQ4FfW


  3. @SamHeughan Somebody....Get this man some pancakes!!

  4. RT @Pontifex: To serve human life is to serve God and life at every stage: from the womb of the mother, to the suffering and sickness of ol…

  5. Are we sure this is not an alien?? https://t.co/J1OPpXhzTp

  6. Good Lord! I have been squalling since the show started. Gotta push through to the end. #ThisIsUs

  7. RT @Pontifex: Goodness, together with love, justice and solidarity, are not achieved once and for all; they have to be realized each day.

  8. RT @cnalive: What’s the secret to happiness? The beatitudes, this priest says https://t.co/INk7yFRana

  9. RT @sqrlb8: 129 more tickets til they reach their $10,000 goal. Please support @Writer_DG charity choice Stable Influence. One ticket is…

  10. RT @ClanHeughan: Outlander is in three categories. Drama Series, Actor-Sam & Actress - Cait. Tap for each one and then scroll to the botto…

  11. RT @Pontifex: We are all beggars before the love of God, a love that gives meaning to our existence and that offers us eternal life.

  12. @SamHeughan How amazing is this?!!

  13. RT @OutlanderWriter: We are hard at work on Season 4 and have a lot of it already written. It's going to be a good one! #OutlanderALN htt…

  14. RT @thehumanxp: This deer's antlers https://t.co/gJLA6TJGCe