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  1. Black Mirror season 4 episode ranking: 6. Metalhead 5. Crocodile 4. Arkangel 3. Hang the DJ 2. Black Museum 1. USS Callister

  2. @MarGar_24 Yes haha that’s a good prank

  3. RT @djsantero: This is utterly insane https://t.co/Jk59SQB9fU

  4. RT @MuslimIQ: BREAKING: 319 days later: Refugees: •0 Attacks •0 Deaths •4 Travel Bans Americans: •56,863 Shootings •14,335 Deaths •326 Ma…

  5. RT @softstenbrough: “that chicken better be thawed out by the time i get home” https://t.co/csCi9RS96F

  6. RT @lindsaylohan: @kendricklamar DM me

  7. RT @Call_Me_Hanky: It’s actually a message to Whataburger telling them to come to Kansas https://t.co/Uakmv9WQkE

  8. RT @BlacknMld: Captain America don’t even fuck with America https://t.co/yC5bubM3GZ

  9. RT @Stranger_Things: 5 days. #StrangerThings https://t.co/2Qo5okOJgm

  10. @BQQuinn Friend goals

  11. DANG SO TRUE https://t.co/NhVzM2Pz91

  12. RT @JamieDMJ: maybe if we put 2016 in rice?

  13. RT @Kagarise18: When people from Kansas City leave Kansas City they never stop reppin Kansas City

  14. RT @feytastic: Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Que…

  15. RT @csydelko: my half birthday is on Wednesday and if no one wishes me a “hap birt” I will be extremely disappointed

  16. I love bill hader more than you probably

  17. RT @LebaenesePapi: my divorced parents https://t.co/BGKapl6pu7

  18. RT @Dory: Y'all ever been so late that you just took yo time

  19. RT @_ihateyall: Ask him what bills he paying to be slamming doors in my fuckin house https://t.co/MC9OWNIsLy

  20. RT @shanedawson: A youtuber making an apology video for not liking "IT" is my favorite thing to happen in 2017. https://t.co/MzMwH7asv0

  21. RT @sofritolocito: me overthinking how I said "here" during attendance https://t.co/YEx9saFzqz

  22. RT @IamIanJacob: Retweet if you're not a seatbelt. https://t.co/vjdhsUeRQJ

  23. RT @BananaKarenina: Are we not even pretending anymore https://t.co/DtD2ek6LyD

  24. RT @BB_Updates: Kevin's goodbye- Matt, take care. Goodbye #BB19

  25. RT @xgiacoppox126: Taylor Swift could write a series longer than Harry Potter solely based off of hidden context in the Look What You Made…