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  1. dude i haven’t even seen moana but how far i’ll go is literally one of the best disney songs i’ve ever heard

  2. RT @xcx_mario: Jhene Aiko & Ariana Grande on their way to the studio to record a diss track about Big Sean https://t.co/vnDrg2IM1D

  3. RT @sosadtoday: if i have to watch my whole life flash before my eyes when i die i'm going to be so annoyed

  4. RT @billyeichner: But until that day comes, Happy International Women's Day, especially to all the incredible ladies I've had the privilege…

  5. I AHVE TO GO I HAVE TO GO I HAVE TO GO OMFG https://t.co/sAnB4RSK0o

  6. @TheGCBand You should follow @March4LivesKC to support the March in KC on March 24th! You can buy a t-shirt or donate to the event!

  7. RT @ChauncySmartt: Personally I feel Romeo and Juliet could have handled the situation better. https://t.co/0Zr2hUe1zq


  9. #MarchForOurLives cant wait to participate

  10. RT @TheDweck: Sorry for using dead children to advance my controversial political agenda of wanting fewer dead children

  11. RT @brokeangeI: https://t.co/r6uDFyq2A4

  12. RT @DemetriMartin: I just got a private jet. It’s very small. I guess you could say it’s a toy jet, but it’s private.

  13. RT @chanelpuke: Cop: Do you know how fast you were going? Me: My snapchat selfie says 45 Cop: LMAO ADD ME https://t.co/1RjK1ExvrZ

  14. RT @chandlerriggs: https://t.co/IX2tiOi5NK

  15. crying https://t.co/lmesTdCWgy

  16. remember when the walking dead was my favorite show HA

  17. Black Mirror season 4 episode ranking: 6. Metalhead 5. Crocodile 4. Arkangel 3. Hang the DJ 2. Black Museum 1. USS Callister

  18. @MarGar_24 Yes haha that’s a good prank

  19. RT @djsantero: This is utterly insane https://t.co/Jk59SQB9fU

  20. RT @MuslimIQ: BREAKING: 319 days later: Refugees: •0 Attacks •0 Deaths •4 Travel Bans Americans: •56,863 Shootings •14,335 Deaths •326 Ma…

  21. RT @softstenbrough: “that chicken better be thawed out by the time i get home” https://t.co/csCi9RS96F

  22. RT @lindsaylohan: @kendricklamar DM me

  23. RT @Call_Me_Hanky: It’s actually a message to Whataburger telling them to come to Kansas https://t.co/Uakmv9WQkE

  24. RT @BlacknMld: Captain America don’t even fuck with America https://t.co/yC5bubM3GZ

  25. RT @Stranger_Things: 5 days. #StrangerThings https://t.co/2Qo5okOJgm