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  1. RT @MOONLlTBOY: jessica walking to deposit cody’s AFP check into her bank account tomorrow after getting dicked down by him tonight https:/…

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  3. RT @yaboy_neutron: Raven: "Me and Paul were the puppet masters" Everyone else: #BB19 https://t.co/GRKI1p5nk5

  4. RT @TechNavvi: Reason To buy New iPhone X over Samsung Galaxy note 8 and Vise versa #iPhoneX #Apple #SamsungNote8 #Samsung https://t.co/7YI…

  5. RT @McClouty: *tries to shit quietly in a public restroom* my ass: https://t.co/xnmvFqfvnG

  6. RT @gallymero: #bb19 Me: "BBUS is crap now, I'm done" Julie: "This winter we're doing a celeb BB" Me: https://t.co/6TfbPCG7CW

  7. @AdrianXpression Irma: Dragging me won't stop me from snatching your wig

  8. https://t.co/dfu7gp0Zce @theikawong runs this account, you can't convince me she's not, no one is this petty

  9. My late ass class is gonna make me miss Matt's Eviction

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  12. RT @hamsterwatch: excuse me narrator, yes Alex is petty and has a PETTY hat, but there is only one QUEEN OF PETTY https://t.co/gNHM0tp0qo

  13. Blewwwwwwwp https://t.co/HkBLZUpipD

  14. RT @aleksandroeim: me to shameless until i see noel at a table read https://t.co/B8Qujykj5K

  15. Happy 56th to the best President of this millennium @BarackObama!!!!. @realDonaldTrump could NEVA!!!!