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  1. Shocking - @ABC posted incorrect news. Way to go messing up at mistakenly naming Tom Hanks as a nominee. #btwhewasrobbed

  2. RT @PhillyD: Regarding some of the hate I'm getting around my Jimmy Fallon comments today :) https://t.co/LuR1Wa4vtE

  3. "Your long lunch won't be nearly long enough" predicts @OpenTable. #Appiversary8Contest https://t.co/B4J6mS5vbl https://t.co/JxF4MmwfgP

  4. @gossmakeupartis what about all the recent drama related to BP drama???

  5. @DestinyJewell13 @PhillyD I would luv for some1 to research this. I read it's a false story.

  6. RT @LakeNormanLynda:

  7. Great collection of FREE Office Calendar Templates: https://t.co/76YbRtDHpL #OfficeTemplates via @calendarlabs

  8. @GadSaad - oh, as in San Diego, not South Dakota LOL

  9. RT @PhillyD: NEW SHOW IS LIVE!!! It's a secret though. If you retweet this and/or watch it I'm going to punch yo momma... https://t.co/WvZL…

  10. @WhatCrappens you guys mentioned a Shahs poll on the latest episode - I never saw the poll and I still don't see it :-(

  11. #Philip DeFranco Fan Nomination Confirmation https://t.co/hJ7Sp83O9j via @streamys

  12. RT @carlking: PETITION: Zappa Family Trust Should Assign Control To Independent Third-Party. https://t.co/plsfgLaaZf https://t.co/gzscDjgWq0

  13. @LakeNormanLynda she looks like a mermaid...so pretty. I look disgusting when I swim.

  14. RT @RuPaul: This is Cash. He escaped from Pooch Hotel in Hollywood. Call 310-738-9837 if you’ve seen him @MichaelLevitt_1 https://t.co/DkKG…

  15. RT @Nero: How Long Did Facebook Allow Omar Mateen's Terrorist Threat To Remain Published? - Breitbart https://t.co/2S81xIeJyh

  16. RT @scrowder: Okay this is weird. I was following @Nero until today. #FreeMilo

  17. @AmeerahAltaweeL @realDonaldTrump He doesn't brainwash us - that's left to mainstream media. Some of us just get it now.

  18. RT @RubinReport: Such bravery by massive gang attacking a random girl. Any feminists wanna get on this? https://t.co/OMBQsvpkLD

  19. RT @KChenoweth: https://t.co/kGIQukAY0h

  20. @BasedJon22 @Nero this is exactly what I was picturing when he said it

  21. RT @GadSaad: Hey @DePaulU, if you do not severely punish the fascists who shut down @nero's right to speak, you are enablers of all that is…

  22. @PhillyD @Boogie2988 - I'm pretty new to watching Boogie and I've enjoyed his vids. This was a fun watch. :-)

  23. @Bethenny do you have a response to this? https://t.co/jLbMyHhllF

  24. RT @OneManArmy23: .@JukeKartel are back with a brand new single and it's awesome! Download #WeAreNotAlone now! https://t.co/kFOw9eU7iG #Mus…

  25. RT @aroymb: I agree with @Pataltschul theory of choosing whom to invite. Life is too short to endure certain people. #SouthernCharm @Taylah…