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  1. @Yates_Danielle oops sorry

  2. @mistercecil I don't mind her. Can't judge someone from this game. It's a petri dish for bad behaviour. Her energy… https://t.co/HgjUtKSNKB

  3. @alexkidwell he did well I thought - he came in the top on many challenges. There were many worse than him - did I miss something?

  4. @alexkidwell he did well I thought - he came in the top on many challenges. There were many worse than him - did I miss something?

  5. #cbb my timeline is full of people being mean just for sport!! wtf is wrong with your world that you have to bring ppl down?

  6. @delon03 I think Brandi is trash!!! and have not thought that of anyone else!

  7. It's today!!! Finally https://t.co/IuxOYDa5tk

  8. #cbb just got a chance to "catch up" on the finale and the winner is PERFECT!!! Couldn't agree more (although I wou… https://t.co/Q5WdO8xkEk

  9. @CBSBigBrother @BrandiGlanville Lets not forget she was on #cbbuk and #TheApprentice She like Donald Trump so her a… https://t.co/Jp02lpG90A

  10. RT @ErickaElizabth: What would it take to get @DavidKHarbour to be the Officiant at my wedding in September?!

  11. So we have bb alum complaining about the attention and asking to people to get perspective on what's important! Don… https://t.co/iem4jdbSks

  12. @theikawong I've been watching BB since S1 US and the feeds just about as long - and there are MANY players that es… https://t.co/l9EAxhgKzP

  13. the sad thing about this tweet is I believe they mean it - ppl harassing ppl for a part they PLAY on a show - Actin… https://t.co/JamI98cjAt

  14. The world is waiting: United States Senate special election in Alabama, Dec 12 - anyone with an ounce of decency kn… https://t.co/H7lU3LGRce

  15. Wait..What???? I finally agree with @realDonaldTrump if this is true!!! Go get 'em https://t.co/A0bxOROLri

  16. Why am I so invested in American Politics...maybe it's the ass in power but I can't look away - it's like a trainwreck!! #transfixed

  17. @Bethenny the most expeditious question would be - who doesn't!! https://t.co/SRCDNqWvwv

  18. @BMXTVnet So shocked and saddened by this! His support on the site was fantastic and the banter on chat was somethi… https://t.co/vY5Hp0WoOA

  19. @ChadawickJeremy Their stats are better for couples than the bachelor!!

  20. @AmandaJGenske @EvelDick am enjoying every minute of the game!!! Guess what...never watched before but giving it my tv time now!!

  21. @Catvanzyl too bad your in toronto chicky or I would be there!!! (live in Guelph)

  22. My husband has been diagnosed with prostate cancer - aggressive, advanced - gleason 9 - in his bones now (ribs) What now??? #fuckcancer

  23. #bb19 Why does it matter who the hg's voted for! Seriously we all make mistakes ;) Now...I didn't say which one I thought was the mistake!

  24. @theikawong @MsLove2Blog @iremide22 @DemetresBBCAN everybody is mad at somebody!!! lol

  25. @tnacgal @DevonJoelleG @elfitvic LOL - gofundme???? He did this to himself - it's called jury management - same mis… https://t.co/wKgA5pE4VO