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  1. RT @IndieAltTunes: Mac DeMarco - “Ode to Viceroy” https://t.co/jVQowaGK9X

  2. RT @ItsTheSituation: You heard the People @MTV just bring back the Real #JerseyShore RT if u agree https://t.co/NGb15TvAKp

  3. RT @chinotheliar: So my sister who's pre-law sent me this convo she had with some fool who's trying to hollar at her,smfh fools really be e…

  4. RT @earth: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park https://t.co/8AC8NakmMG

  5. RT @SusannaDW: New NYC rule: if an animal bound for slaughter makes a getaway, it gets immunity. #BrooklynCow

  6. RT @emrejique: bitch remember the rules https://t.co/wWI7VzTfS9

  7. RT @JackedYoTweets: The movie "It" would've ended in less than 5 min cause this is how REAL ppl react https://t.co/LVefgnsNQu

  8. RT @StephenKing: Tom Petty gone? That’s just so wrong. What a bad day this has been, in so many ways.

  9. RT @WellieBoyce: Damn... the president of the United States been slacking so hard that the world wide president had to step in. https://t.c…

  10. RT @TomCunliffe_: You’ve heard of elf on a shelf but have you heard of fuck off

  11. RT @despaciitoremix: imagine being told by Selena Gomez that you can’t sing. I’d laugh in her face https://t.co/N5pUYMt3FW

  12. RT @mweeda123: Lower your voice https://t.co/XZ78hshznd

  13. petition for there to be a #bb19 reunion after the finale

  14. RT @Patron375: "Record me eating and dancing again" "Baby can we just enjoy our mea..." "FUCKING RECORD ME!!!" https://t.co/BE8G8Fiqkp

  15. RT @earth: Oahu, Hawaii https://t.co/wYew3LD2aK