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  1. RT @vickto_willy: Watching Netflix with subtitles has really fucked with my senses. I’m at the theatre and I swear I can’t hear the movie.

  2. RT @ikenguyen_: She's 17. I'm 17. She won a gold medal. I'm trying to pass econ :/ https://t.co/IYARZRW3GS

  3. RT @swaveyyvic: if we used to talk i was just kidding

  4. RT @McDoogleToots: Snapchat ruined itself, Instagram is plastered with videos, Facebook is a 35 and above club, but you Twitter my friend,…

  5. RT @jesse21valona: Did you know that when you slow down Adele it’s actually Sam Smith https://t.co/SysXOoQgZY

  6. you know he ain't the one if he likes lil pumps insta pics

  7. RT @freedevo_: when iMessage don’t work and you gotta send texts https://t.co/VdDY8AhE4U

  8. RT @ArtfuIist: Immersive digital art installation in Tokyo by Teamlab https://t.co/23WhzAwj7v

  9. RT @ChanceHarbour: the year is 3000: only two holidays exist - toyotathon and happy honda days sale event. bitcoin is the only currency. wa…

  10. RT @dracomallfoys: when ur listening to that ONE song which has a noise in the background at some point that sounds Exactly like ur mom cal…

  11. RT @artfulIy: night sky lush https://t.co/eZuAGO821J

  12. RT @NickNBeauty: rest in peace miss Javer :( https://t.co/Sf6imQsP4H

  13. RT @IndieAltTunes: Mac DeMarco - “Ode to Viceroy” https://t.co/jVQowaGK9X

  14. RT @ItsTheSituation: You heard the People @MTV just bring back the Real #JerseyShore RT if u agree https://t.co/NGb15TvAKp

  15. RT @chinotheliar: So my sister who's pre-law sent me this convo she had with some fool who's trying to hollar at her,smfh fools really be e…