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  1. RT @despaciitoremix: imagine being told by Selena Gomez that you can’t sing. I’d laugh in her face https://t.co/N5pUYMt3FW

  2. RT @mweeda123: Lower your voice https://t.co/XZ78hshznd

  3. petition for there to be a #bb19 reunion after the finale

  4. RT @Patron375: "Record me eating and dancing again" "Baby can we just enjoy our mea..." "FUCKING RECORD ME!!!" https://t.co/BE8G8Fiqkp

  5. RT @earth: Oahu, Hawaii https://t.co/wYew3LD2aK

  6. RT @Matabroski: This is inspirational https://t.co/qoZpolTHKu

  7. RT @____SAMO: they should do this at every bar or restaurant https://t.co/9ttSvY5h7P

  8. RT @colormymood: I thought you were unique but I quickly realized your story is just another cliché https://t.co/lJUVHivt5I

  9. RT @PostMalone: im gonna change my name to post orange so NONE OF YALL CAN RHYME IT

  10. RT @owillis: The sun never went out when Obama was president, is all I'm saying

  11. RT @thegreatkhalid: all hail, queen @sza https://t.co/6LvveHOIZI

  12. RT @TumblrIife: Such a disappointment when you defend someone thinking they are different and they turn out to be just what everyone said.

  13. RT @Liable: why do we try so hard for people who don't try for us

  14. RT @themattramirez: U better play baseball with him https://t.co/RPsXNSQRhC

  15. RT @Truman_Black: Music For Cars