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  1. Dan is my all time favorite player as I have said before. I have always admired Dan's game. I am very sad that Dan didn't pull off this win. He certainly deserved it, but unfortunately the jury was unable to look past their bitterness and Dan's speech wasn't as great as it could have been (which is shocking since Dan is such a great speaker). Some seasons the jury is bitter (season 3 big time) and sometimes they aren't (season 10,season 8). If everything was based on gameplay, Russell Hantz would have won Survivor. Unfortuantely, every action has a consequence. I'm not saying that I agree with the jury at all, but it is what it is. Janelle was right. Dan not winning was a travesty. The look on the jury's faces was very funny during that part. Her and Wil spoke truth. I had Ian as my pick to win before and I like being right Ian deserved 2nd place. a 6-1 vote wasn't deserved, but better him than Danielle. And besides, this made Ian's life. I am happy for him. Dan won his first season and got 2nd this season. A big accomplishment that not even Dr. Will can boast. Dan should be very proud of himself for this. Excellent game Dan! You won regardless!
  2. nataliarm

    Frank, Week 8 (Nominee) Evicted 9/6

    Frank is so gullible. That's his downfall in the game. He truly believes and buys everything and since he's a fan he should know that people lie and backstab back and forth. He's a great competitor, but it's not just about winning competitions. That's why he's 95% leaving on Thursday,
  3. nataliarm

    Dan, Week 8 (PoV)

    Dan FTW! He really is in a great position. So happy that hes the last coach standing.
  4. nataliarm

    Dan, Week 7 (Nominee/Off the Block)

    It's true. Dan has won when he wanted to and when he needed to.
  5. nataliarm

    Dan, Week 7 (Nominee/Off the Block)

    Dan made one of the best moves I've ever seen. I can't believe that it worked...I was just ready to attend his funeral. Now I remember why he's my favorite player! The others are just mad that Dan outplayed them, and they've even admitted it. I'm hoping for a Dan HOH next week. He won HOH the same week during his season. I really hope that Dan beats Dr. Will and Jordan's record of winning and then placing 4th the second time. Hope he gets 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. It's deserved at this point.
  6. nataliarm

    Ian, Week 7 (Golden Veto-Ball)

    I loved Ian, but I'm liking him less and less. I guess this verifies that I like Dan much more than Ian...I wasn't sure before. I would still like to see him go further than Frank, Joe, and Jenn though.
  7. nataliarm

    Frank, Week 7 - HoH

    Frank still has a very tiny chance in winning...not that he dosen't deserve to. His winning streak will end and the fact that he cant play for two HOHs may have ruined his game. He's still #1 on everyone's list...even after Dan's brilliant move.
  8. nataliarm

    Jenn, Week 7 (PoV)

    I'm glad that she's atleast trying to play now...still the least deserving person there.
  9. Dan for the win! Loving him this week! Still hating Frank. He will be gone in the next couple weeks since he can't compete for 2 weeks. His days are FINALLY numbered!
  10. nataliarm

    Ian, Week 6

    I'm still loving Ian and the Quackpack. I am really really really REALLY excited for Ian's goodbye message to Boogie bascially saying"hey...I played you". Hilarious!
  11. He actually was only chosen because Will said he wouldn't do AllStars without him. Dr. Will carried him and Boogie got lucky and won the final HoH. Will deserved to win Allstars. I can't wait for Boogie to be evicted. I can just hear Janelle saying "Bye Bye Boogie".
  12. nataliarm

    Ian, Week 6

    It's so funny to me that it was Ian who betrayed Boogie and Boogie thinks it's Dan.
  13. nataliarm

    Jenn, Week 6 - Replacement Nominee

    On the bright side, if she's the replacement nom, she'll finally get some air time and a way to promote her band.