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  1. We (The Resistance) could use a good song. Have a feeling we're gonna need it. A song that everyone could sing?


  3. WH aides exposed to scrutiny over Russia meeting response

  4. RT @RWPUSA: When a Russian agent calls to offer dirt on a political opponent, a loyal American will call the FBI.

  5. RT @thehill: Poll: Americans have more confidence in Merkel than Trump

  6. RT @williamlegate: @realDonaldTrump Presidents don’t harass & bully women publicly… except you.

  7. RT @Lawrence: Trump is a pathological liar, not a logical liar

  8. RT @funder: #MAGA now stands for "Making Attorneys Get Attorneys" via @grantstern #TrumpRussia

  9. RT @PalmerReport: Devin Nunes digs himself an even deeper hole in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

  10. Wth is wrong with them?


  12. @maddow You're greatly missed. Sending you love and well wishes. Take your time for a full recovery! You deserve the rest & quiet peace. <3

  13. Omg.

  14. RT @ZaibatsuNews: Ex-CIA chief John Brennan feared Trump campaign was heading onto ‘treasonous path’ with Russia #p…

  15. I'd like to know if & what kind of communication trump's had with Robert Mueller?? And for what what reason