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  1. I know this is a stretch but does anyone think porshe is telling Rachel she is safe so she doesn't get the "Rachel" treatment and to throw jordan off her game when it comes time to play for hoh. Just a thought because last week porshe said in the diary room that if she wins this week she is getting rid of Rachel!
  2. Watching Shoshone and want to throw something through the tv....is she kidding me right now ughh kalia please shut the ****up!! Showtime sorry spell check..lol
  3. Bbjj

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I a surprised that no one has said this yet...even if pandoras box was not opened and Rachel won the pov herself and took herself off. Porshe was putting Adam up as a replacement nominee. So that left Rachel kalia and shelly to vote. Rachel would have voted Adam out and I also believe shelly would have voted Adam out as well, Jordan would have been safe either way. Shelly would never have voted Jordan out after their talk!!!
  4. Is it me or does porshe have a secret obsession with Jeff!! Every time she speaks about anything Jeff's name always comes up!!